Happy FOUR Year Ampuversary PURRKINS!

Happy FOUR-Year Ampuvesary Purrkins!

Four years on 3

Today is all about MEEEE.


We invite you all to our virtual pawty. WHOO HOO!

Grab your furmily and a bowl, fork, or spoon and celebrate with us, please.

Tuna Steaks for Everyone!

Mum made Tuna steaks for our celebration.  Whoa, they are the best.  No comparison to a canned tuna! We ate every ounce of our one ounce lol.

Tuna Steaks Pan-seared 1.5 minutes each side in olive oil

Two steaks made 7 ounces a ton FYI if anyone else decides to try tuna steaks. I got them from Whole Foods and pan-seared them in olive oil for 1.5 minutes each side.

The boys highly suggest that you do they devoured it. YUM


We got prizes too!

Saxton gets rewards for being the best brother!
I celebrate my brother
I had the best pawty!

Four years ago

Was in no way a celebration day; it was terrifying. Purrkins was having surgery to remove a limb that we said to take off. UGH!  Waiting, wondering if we were doing what was best for Purrkins! I was sewing Purrkins baby onesies anxiously waiting to hear that surgery went well!  I second-guessed our decision once a couple of days later when I brought Purrkins home. & never since.

Eternally grateful for Tripawds!

My heart goes out to anyone going thru this journey anytime, let alone in a pandemic. (hugs) We are eternally grateful for Tripawds, the community the love, support, ongoing education thru all these years. A former dog site who graciously gave us cats a home, a platform, and a much-needed handbook. Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats

None of us know what we are going to get as in time/calendar days when we receive that C diagnosis and make that horrible decision to take a limb off! We make the best-informed decision out of LOVE and HOPE and Pray for quality of life and, of course, time!

We have been blessed beyond measure and do not take one day for granted & we hope for many more!

Enjoying outdoor time in our tents

Purrkins is our inspiration every day! Mark calls him superman & I made him a little cape for today.

My survivor cape

Purrkins says, what is this, Mum? I  need no costume or cape; everyone can see I’m a super kitty on three.

super kitties don’t need costumes

Nothing stops this boy like it or not Purrkins says, what missing leg Mom? I’m fine. Stop worrying about me. (If only i could;)

The boys also celebrated double digits; they turned 10 on June 30th!

Happy Birthday to us!

We do our best not concentrating on and reading about C every day; it began to steal our joy and dim our light.  I made us all a promise when Purrkins was diagnosed to slow down and enjoy every day. Removing Purrkins from my laptop was not keeping that promise!

I can now say I am keeping that promise.

What laptop? No laptop here:)

We are living in the now no matter what the now looks like! The boys see this virus as a good thing; they now have their Dad home full-time (early retirement), and they are missing out on vet appts;) Win-win for them. (I can’t find a way to pass them off curbside yet. UGH)

We hope you are all staying safe and well! Thanks for joining us!

Over and out here from Purrkins Palace. Until next time.

If you need our help you know how to find us.









Three YEARS On Three

Please join us in celebrating Purrkins


Purrkins lights our world up every day!
CANCER FREE – no metastatic disease! 🎗 3 ON 3

The video below is 9 minutes long — a CELEBRATION of Purrkins and a special tribute to tripawds.com, tripawds here today and ones of yesterday. We included as many HEROS as possible!  We hope you will celebrate with us and salute our CHAMPION TRIPAWDS of the world! I know 9 minutes is a lot to ask but we HOPE you will watch. Thank you!

We made MegaWheels Liver Cake for the boys in molds.

Meg’s Tripawd Treat Training Liver Cake Recipe

Megastar’s FAMOUS Liver cakes! THANKS, CLARE & MEG
Three-year celebration platter Mum baked for us.
My candle is not lit because my fur would catch on fire! See it lights up safely;) All different colors too. We like yellow the best!🎗

We made Pooch Creamery Ice Cream and poured into kitty molds. It’s a ton of ice cream for cats we have it froze for more celebrations. The boys split a kitty cube;) It is lactose-free. We are hard-pressed to find kitty celebration items we have to be creative in most things kitty;)

Kitty ice cream cubes

We love BOTH our boys and would not trade them for the world!  Saxton’s included in everything expect so many vet visits, and Saxton is thankful he prefers to stay home!

Waiting on our prizes
I got real mail from Super Stu and his peeps💝😘 It says I rule Today and every day😻
I am sharing my bonito flakes with Sexy Saxton but not my q-tips:)
Happy Kitty
Time for a snooze I am pawtied out

The boys are our borrowed angels, and we are honored to be their humans!

We are hopping into another year and HOPE and PRAY we can slowly jump into old age and never see the likes 💩 of you know what again!

Mr. Fahrenheit


Over and Out

Eternally grateful & loads of love to you all!💝🎗