Acupuncture appointment

Purrkins went for his acupuncture appointment today. He was not happy with the needle acupuncture he squirmed all around. I took a bag full of bonito flakes thinking that would help. Nope, not today.

Dr. Matt said this isn’t helping him and decided to try the laser acupuncture.

Purrkins didn’t mind that in fact, he started to purr.

In the photos, he still has some needles in. Most he squirmed right off. There were Lots of bonito flakes everywhere. 😉

IMG_0987 IMG_0985

Dr. Matt would like him to have 2-4 sessions. We go again next week and will keep you posted on how this goes and what improvement we see.

*Purrkins pain medication and gabapentin will be done tomorrow. Hoping this will help him be off the meds without any pain.

He came home and ate supper and is now sleeping soundly.

Thank you, Dr. Matt!



Purrkins meds & duration ended up being

  • 14 days Gabapentin 100 mg capsule – one capsule by mouth every 8 hours
  • 12 days Buprenorphine 0.3 mg 0.25 ml every 8-12 hours

Spaced the Gabapentin and Buprenorphine 1 hour apart per our instructions.

I opened the Gabapentin capsule into a little bowl (pestle)
I added a small amount of sardine water or tuna water, mixed the Gabapentin, used a syringe and sucked the mixture back up into the syringe to syringe to Purrkins.


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Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

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