Supplements and Diet

Purrkins Daily Supplements

  • Standard Process Immune Support crushed– AM & PM.
  • Standard Process Musculoskeletal Support AM and PM
  • Caneva Pet-powder (elk antler powder) AM
  • Bluebird Botanicals Companion CBD for cats and dogs. 4 drops A.M & P.M
  • Dr. Mercola Whole Food Digestive Probiotic 1/2 scoop AM
  • Dr. Mercola Digestive Enzymes 1/2 scoop AM
  • Dr. Mercola Krill Oil AM
  • Dr. Mercola Ubiquinol AM
  • Milk Thistle 0.5 ML AM & PM
  • Boiron Hypericum Perforatum 30c


  •   Darwins raw lightly warmed 


Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

6 thoughts on “Supplements and Diet”

    1. Christopher,
      The Buprenorphine was $86.22 that was a 3 day supply and we had to go get another one. The Gabapentin was $15.40 2 week supply.
      Hope that helps!

  1. Hi Holly, your blog is wonderful. Purrkins is SO CUTE. Jeez. What a baby face!

    It also sounds like Purrkins is a very food-oriented kind of guy, so that’s great for getting him to eat supplements.

    Maceo used to be the most food-oriented cat I’ve ever seen — wreaking all sorts of havoc on Primal bags. Once, 10 years ago when Primal only made the fresh-frozen product, I came home to an open freezer and a half-eaten bag of frozen nuggets torn and destroyed on the kitchen floor. Apparently, he figured out how to open the freezer by jumping on top of the fridge and pushing it from above, then figured out how to pull out the Primal bag onto the floor and attack it…

    but now he is a lot less food oriented, so I have to be very choosy about which supplements — for fear of turning him off of his food.

    So, I have a couple of questions about your supplements.

    1. Standard Process Immune Support

    I saw this one on their website and was wondering how effective it is? Since it’s not sold on Amazon, there are no reviews to pore over.

    As you probably know, we have to be smart about the supplements, since there’s only so much we can hide per day. We have to optimize for maximum impact in that baby food!

    2. Vitality Science

    I purchased the Vitality Science complete kit (it was three different things), and Maceo will not take any of it. So, it’s completely unused, and it wasn’t cheap 🙁

    3. Canna Companion

    Do you like this product? Considering trying it. Here in California, medical marijuana is legal, and so I purchased a human-grade CBD formulation by TreatWell, that has a 20:1 CBD:thc ratio. Our holistic vet recommended human-grade products NOT made from hemp, despite what some online sources say, because she said the quality is higher and since it’s medical marijuana, there’s much more quality control and regulation. They also make a pet product with salmon oil, which I haven’t been able to obtain (you cannot buy online), but looks great

    4. Baby food

    Finally, what baby food are you using? I’ve tried Beech-Nut brand, which has no grain additives, but the texture is not smooth enough so he doesn’t go for it. He will only eat Gerber, which has corn starch (no idea how much). This is not ideal, but he likes it and it does the job of delivering the powders. I would love to switch to a cornstarch-free variety that is still smooth, but not sure if that exists?

    The other thing we use is raw pureed chicken liver, which is a huge hit. The only issue is I fear for vitamin A toxicity, but I figure since Maceo is an adult cat, it’s perhaps less of a risk — and definitely less of a threat than the cancer.

    5. Primal raw.

    It’s great that you’ve been able to keep Purrkins on raw. I used to feed Maceo and his brother homemade raw blends, but they’ve gotten pickier and pickier. I then switched to Primal freeze-dried, which used to only be a special “topper.” Now Maceo is even too picky for that, so I have to go for a grain-free canned food to mix with his Primal.

    Maceo also used to be overweight, and we had to deliberately diet him, but now it’s a struggle to keep the weight on.

    Anyway, I greatly appreciate your blog and all the ideas and support here. I look forward to the updates!

    1. Thank you and Purrkins is very food oriented;)
      Maceo appetite might change after the amputation? Possibly and hope so for you both !!

      1.Standard Process Immune Support is actually a chewable tablet for most cats;) Purrkins does not like his Immune Support I grind it up with a mortar and pestle and add a little water to syringe him the supplements he does not like;) It is a very quality product our Holistic Vet has prescribed this. Do I notice a difference? Really hard to say since we cut the cancer off. I notice a huge difference in Purrkins is it the supplements or that he cancer is gone? I don’t know but will continue to give him this, it is one of those things that can’t hurt them to try and can benefit them!! If you google it you may find reviews other then on Amazon.

      2. Vitality Science is not cheap! I agree and Purrkins again will not voluntarily eat this for me. I do supplements in AM & PM syringed or in baby food or you can do both whatever you are comfortable with. Another trick to try is tuna water in a can or salmon water Maceo might love one or the other and lick it right up! It masks a lot of things;) Just a thought .

      3.Canna Companion I do see a differnce with Purrkins more in his mood & appetite he seems more at ease, but he is always hungry for food. We are still on diets here. But the begging has increased since we started the Canna Companion. We tried a CBD oil prior to this also prescribed from our vet and it was terrible to administer to Purrkins. He hated it and I could not hide it! That is when the Vet suggested the capsule. For me it’s easy I open the capsule and add water. Its a tiny capsule if you are ok with pilling Maceo.

      4.We have tried Beech-Nut too and totally agree and they did not care for it. We used to use a organic store brand Meijer then they discontinued the product we were sick! We are using Gerbers baby food now turkey & gravy is the favorite. If you find one let me know ok! I will do the same and I would really prefer organic, But we have no choice at this time. Should change !! Hope so

      5. We do have a tip to share on Primal Freeze Dried Raw – We use a chicken liver powder from Feline Instincts , Just a tiny amount on top does the trick for Purrkins! He would eat the bag of powder if he could! Really? Loves the powder!

      I think right now what is most important is to just get Maceo eating!! I know we have beliefs and wish for them to eat certain foods! When kitty isn't eating well try anything, just to make sure you are getting the calories in! Baby food is high in calories too! That is good in your case;) Our case we have to watch and deduct the baby food from the total intake for the day! But really if Maceo wont eat or doesn't like his food. Think about bending your wishes! I have done this ok ! I do not like to feed any fish products ! With Purrkins amp. what did I buy to get him to eat Tuna & salmon , chicken & herring etc. Sometimes the strong smells do the trick they did with us! I didn't have a problem with Purrkins eating after the amp. he loves Tuna!
      I hope Purrkins can help Maceo! We will follow your forum too;)
      Thank you!!
      Holly & Purrkins

  2. Thank you so much for the kind response Holly. I’m going to start a blog here (already have a bunch of posts drafted), so that can be a good way to share.

    Great tip about the liver powder. I have chicken heart powder (smells terrible!), and that sometimes helps, plus nutritional yeast and bonito.

    He is not a big fish eater, but will try the salmon or tuna water.

    I wish I could pill him, it would make it so much easier to use the expensive supplements I’ve bought 🙂 but for now I have to stick with edible supplements. Luckily, the mushroom powders must taste pretty good to him because he will eat those without much issue.

    amazing that you can syringe stuff for Purrkins. What a cooperative patient! He looks very sweet and lively. Thank you for your reply, and please keep posting on how he’s doing!

    1. I was going to suggest you start a blog!! Great look forward to it! Oh yes and bonito flakes as you may have seen Purrkins loves bonitos!

      Yes the liver powder is not that terrible smell I know what you mean, UGH

      We kitty people have to pull out all the stops for supplements !

      Purrkins has a brother and he is very cooperative in taking anything or syringing him! Purrkins is not what I would say cooperative 😉 He has no choice in the matter, I don’t mean to sound harsh by saying that! I want him to have his supplements and I get them in him out of Love!!

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