Happy FOUR Year Ampuversary PURRKINS!

Happy FOUR-Year Ampuvesary Purrkins!

Four years on 3

Today is all about MEEEE.


We invite you all to our virtual pawty. WHOO HOO!

Grab your furmily and a bowl, fork, or spoon and celebrate with us, please.

Tuna Steaks for Everyone!

Mum made Tuna steaks for our celebration.  Whoa, they are the best.  No comparison to a canned tuna! We ate every ounce of our one ounce lol.

Tuna Steaks Pan-seared 1.5 minutes each side in olive oil

Two steaks made 7 ounces a ton FYI if anyone else decides to try tuna steaks. I got them from Whole Foods and pan-seared them in olive oil for 1.5 minutes each side.

The boys highly suggest that you do they devoured it. YUM


We got prizes too!

Saxton gets rewards for being the best brother!
I celebrate my brother
I had the best pawty!

Four years ago

Was in no way a celebration day; it was terrifying. Purrkins was having surgery to remove a limb that we said to take off. UGH!  Waiting, wondering if we were doing what was best for Purrkins! I was sewing Purrkins baby onesies anxiously waiting to hear that surgery went well!  I second-guessed our decision once a couple of days later when I brought Purrkins home. & never since.

Eternally grateful for Tripawds!

My heart goes out to anyone going thru this journey anytime, let alone in a pandemic. (hugs) We are eternally grateful for Tripawds, the community the love, support, ongoing education thru all these years. A former dog site who graciously gave us cats a home, a platform, and a much-needed handbook. Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats

None of us know what we are going to get as in time/calendar days when we receive that C diagnosis and make that horrible decision to take a limb off! We make the best-informed decision out of LOVE and HOPE and Pray for quality of life and, of course, time!

We have been blessed beyond measure and do not take one day for granted & we hope for many more!

Enjoying outdoor time in our tents

Purrkins is our inspiration every day! Mark calls him superman & I made him a little cape for today.

My survivor cape

Purrkins says, what is this, Mum? I  need no costume or cape; everyone can see I’m a super kitty on three.

super kitties don’t need costumes

Nothing stops this boy like it or not Purrkins says, what missing leg Mom? I’m fine. Stop worrying about me. (If only i could;)

The boys also celebrated double digits; they turned 10 on June 30th!

Happy Birthday to us!

We do our best not concentrating on and reading about C every day; it began to steal our joy and dim our light.  I made us all a promise when Purrkins was diagnosed to slow down and enjoy every day. Removing Purrkins from my laptop was not keeping that promise!

I can now say I am keeping that promise.

What laptop? No laptop here:)

We are living in the now no matter what the now looks like! The boys see this virus as a good thing; they now have their Dad home full-time (early retirement), and they are missing out on vet appts;) Win-win for them. (I can’t find a way to pass them off curbside yet. UGH)

We hope you are all staying safe and well! Thanks for joining us!

Over and out here from Purrkins Palace. Until next time.

If you need our help you know how to find us.









Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

21 thoughts on “Happy FOUR Year Ampuversary PURRKINS!”

  1. Ohhh Purrkins and furrmily, I have waited for this!♥️
    I’m thrilled that your are all doing well. You are a total force to be reckoned with Purrkins, and a true example of why you never give up.
    Huck didn’t have💩 but… he had to have that limb amputated and you were a huge help in getting us over that horrible rollercoaster of life. ZI can never thank you enough.

    Happy Ampuversary dear Purrkins ♥️♥️ Sending love, hugs to mama, and ear scritches to the boys.
    Jackie and Huck♥️♥️♥️

    1. Thanks, Jackie
      We know you were, and we appreciate you caring and checking in!
      Exactly we hope and pray, and what we get is a crapshoot. Amputation is amputation, but yes, with the C, it is ongoing fear & rechecks! You are fortunate. Huck gets to hop on, and you guys get to have a near-normal life! Let’s keep it that way!

      Huck will be celebrating soon as well! Whoo-hoo 3 on 3, it is a big to do. Make your crew tuna steaks;)
      Scratches and rubs to all of your crew! A special cuddle for the Prince!
      Hugs & Loads of Love

  2. Wow, 10 years old and a 4 year ampuversary! Congratulations Purrkins. What a great pawdy and I’ll try the tuna steak recipe. Tripawd Kitty Mona has always reminds me that you have the best litter box with an iphone. Hers is not so posh. Thanks from all Tripawd kitties for your great advice and experience.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    1. Hi Kerren,
      So good to see you and Miss Mona hehe 😁on the posh litter box;) I will have to get you a new photo of the facilities it has changed a tad since you saw it last. We have added too;)

      Mona has to be going on 6 or 7 th ampuversary by now, Right? She is an inspiration and a super kitty! We are gratefully hopping behind her. Long live tripawd survivors whoo hoo.

      We will never forget the lifeline you threw us when we joined, recovery & afterward! I remember reading Mona’s blog, and seeing life goes on, on three! Cats adapt and can do all things on three good and evil:) hehe

      We are Furever grateful life does go on beautifully! We need a picture of Mona celebrating with her tuna steaks, please. She will love it.

      Loads of love and scratches and smooches & ear scratches to Miss Mona


    SUPER BIG CONGRATS Purrkins, you made the last four years look so easy. HOPPY AMPUVERSARY!!!!

    It’s been an honor and a joy to watch you hop into the 3-legged life with such grace and strength. You AND Saxton and your hoomans have been so good to this community in a hundred different ways I can’t even begin to list here. Just know that we are furever grateful for all that you do for the Tripawds of the world. THANK YOU!

    I’m just smiling and even tearing up a little on this hoppy occasion. This is the best day EVER. If the boys were here I know they would wonder “Why is that crazy lady crying and smiling? Sheesh!” But I gotta say, that I am just so in love with their personalities and charm. These photos of the big day are priceless. And that tuna steak is practically scratch-and-sniff….I think I hear Wyatt coming to have some!

    A very big big 3-paws up to all of you for sharing this great occasion, and your amazing journey with us. We love you to the moon and beyond!

    1. Thanks, Rene, Jim & Wyatt Ray
      I know, right? Crazy four glorious years have zipped by, and we could not be more thankful! Purrkins exceeded Any & ALL hopes for a quality life on three. He does make three look easy peasy. He is such a joy, and we could not love these guys more! 💝

      Only hoppy tears K, and they get me too honestly. So proud of Purrkins and so thankful to have him hopping on, he is part of my soul. We are furever grateful for all you guys have done and do for the site. I have no idea how we would have got on w/o finding tripawds. I will never forget Mark saying he found a website all about three-leg animals. It was our sign! And the journey began scouring the site—a lifeline at the worst time in our life. So as always, THANK YOU & JIM, JERRY, WYATT RAY the COMMUNITY for staying the course. Honestly, I don’t know how you stay afloat with so much C, sadness & losses. We are ALL thankful you know how to compartmentalize! We need a course on that! 💔❣️

      I am confident to say the boys could change anyone’s view on kitties;) They are one of a kind, glad you can see a glimpse of their purrsonalities. We are blessed to be their hoomans.

      We love you guys too.

  4. Way to go!!!! Happy 4th ampuversary you handsome feline. Loved all the pictures – that tuna steak looks tasty. I have a feeling my 3 boys would love some. Keep on keepin’on!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

    1. Thanks, Paula,
      I think your gang would love the tuna steaks too. Simple to make! Give it a go and let us know, please.

      God willing, we plan on hopping on into old age as gracefully as we can.
      Love and belly rubs to your tiny tots! Spirit kisses to Nitro!

  5. Oh this is such a fantastic post, and such a joyful day! Congratulations, Purrkins. I LOVE your super kitty cape, but of course it’s obvious what a super kitty you are, cape or no cape, it’s plain for all to see. It must be said you have a pretty super Mum and Dad as well. And congratulations Saxton on being such a super brother. Every superhero needs their wingman and it’s always good to know how much you are appreciated. That Tuna looks super delicious, and those prizes are certainly well earned. You have delighted and inspired us all these past four years. Nothing holds you back, and nothing stops you living life to the absolute full. We love you Mr P, and here’s to making the most of every single day.
    Lots of love to your lovely brother, and to your Mum and Dad too ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Meg, Clare and Angel Pie

    1. Thank you, Clare, Megastar, and Always Miss Pie in the Sky woof!✨

      The two redhead champions Megastar & Purrkins defying the odds! Four glorious years for them both! Here is to many more! Cheers 🙏🏻🥂🍫🚂

      😺I knew you would see MEEE a superhero kitty w/o a silly cape! sheesh
      Mum does hold me back from my favorite lookout post the cupboards these days, but that does not stop me from trying, and I do sneak by her on rare occasions. 😼 Must be our red hair Meg it gives us a little extra something:)😻🦊

      The boys are pure gifts from above and loved beyond measure.
      I hope Meg had some tuna or liver cake to celebrate with us! Miss Pie snatched some tuna;)
      We love you three!

  6. We want to THANK everyone from the bottom of our hearts for celebrating with us!
    Our celebration would not be the same otherwise!

    We love every one of you & are eternally grateful to have you as friends and family. I hate to think about what this journey would be like w/o all the love and support!

    All of us brought together as one to save our beloved family members. This ugly world is a better place with tripawds members in it. 💞💖💝💞 Stay safe, and well, everyone!😷🙏🏻

  7. OMC!!! I JUST LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST!!! And the pictures are so priceless! Of course, considering the subjects, “priceless” is a forgone conclusion.

    And those tuna steaks and all the presents…perfect way to celebrate this incredible milestone!! And so nice of you to share with Saxton! It’s always so much fun catching up on Purrkins and Saxton too.

    Those two certainly kmow how to stop you from “communing” with your computer. Their cute antics cannot be denied.

    Purrkins, your Cape is purrfect! Obviously you felt any additional
    fashion adornment would detract from your natural beauty. “Purrkins don’t need no stinkjn’ Cape!!!”😎
    Shhhh…dont tell y7ojr mhoomans, but I was so glad to hear you still sneak up to the top of the cabinet. That will always be one of my favor pictures of you😎

    Purrkins, you and your hoomans took this community to a whole new level of expansion of our kitty knowledge. You have added fun, love, compassion, education, wisdom and support to all of us.
    So when Mark was “guided” to the Tripawds site four years ago, little did any of us know the limitless value you would add to this community of hope. Purrkins knew though. Purrkins knew he did bring you here “just” for guidance on his amp and recovery. Purrkins knew you were…and are….and always will be….partners in his mission.
    Yes, Purrkins is clearly part of uour Soul, as you are his💖 Destined to be together without question. Part of a Divine plan

    I really can’t put into words the impact you have made here. It is NOT an understatement to say the knowledge you have shared here has TRULY saved lives. It has TRULY given hope when there was none. You TRULY have shared tips and kitty wisdom that adds quality to kitty lives regardless of their days on a calendar.

    So Purrkjns, thank you for being you and for being true to uour purpose. We love you and your hoomans…and Saxton too💕💕

    Love and light
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Awe Dearest Sally,😷😘
      You know we LOVE you thanks for celebrating with us❣️ Tripawds would not be the same without your love, expertise, guidance, pure love! You throw that lifeline out, and we hang on for dear life, and I have told you this before, but that help, love, faith, and hope in humanity never leaves us! Don’t ever let the light of yours dim, and when it flickers, take a break, please.

      We have all said this before you are an angel in a human wardrobe those wings don’t go undetected lady. WE can see them!

      No denying the divine plan, & destiny we 100% agree we hate Purrkins had to lose his limb, but we have been blessed beyond measure, and he doesn’t give a rats arse either😁 We have been honored to hop on and assist and share our experiences. Happy Hannah was also part of that divine plan, Frankie, and Myrtle too! Thank you for being YOU for being here for ALL of us!. For love and laughter, you are priceless!🎁

      Please have some ice cream 🍨 share with the pups & some chocolate🍫 for you, of course!

      We are sending you blessings & loads of love and light.
      Love you

  8. Hoppy 4 year Ampuversary. Where has time gone. So glad that we are here to celebrate these years with you. Keep kicking butt Purrkins

    Michelle, Snickers, Jazz, Chief & Angels Sassy, Bosch & Baby Simba

    1. Thanks, Michelle, we hope you and the gang had a treat on us.
      Poof 🌬is where the time goes. We plan on keeping on god willing 🙏🏻
      Old age here, we slowly come.🤞🏻
      Thanks for celebrating with us!
      Spirit kiss to Sassy, Bosh and Baby Simba💔
      Hugs & loads, love!

  9. Grinning from ear to ear over here! Hoppy Birthday and ampuversary Purrkins! nicely done and it looks like it was one heck of a party.
    I think you and Isa are darn close to sharing an ampuversary. Her’s was July 2016 too!
    (and you must know by now mom will never stop worrying!)

    Enjoy your tuna steaks and your sunshine – looks like you’re living your best life!
    love and hugs
    Teri, Angel Isa and the Roxinator

    1. Thanks, Terri😘

      Mom won’t stop worrying about me. I tell her every day there is no need, but you know how that goes. Something about having had c and three legs. I have one more leg than she does! sheesh 😸

      Spirit kisses to Isa, Belly rubs to Roxi & scratches to Wallee, please.
      Loads of love and hugs!

  10. Could you please tell me what the lumps felt like. It looks so similar to what my Musti has. It’s a pandemic, so everything is more challenging, but depending on your description I am going to have it removed asap, and then have it biopsies. Fewer traumas the better. Must I’m are not hard or mushy, they seem like small lumps under the skin, not painful, no fur loss, he doesn’t seem bothered by it. I’ve checked him head to toe, and will continue to do so daily until I get a hold of my vet. However, your description of what it felt like might help. (I worked at vet clinics for a little over 10 years, however I left the field to be a math teacher.). Thanks!

    1. Hello and Welcome,
      I’m sorry you are here searching on soft tissue sarcomas! This is tough anytime, but i understand 100% in the pandemic and curbside service, etc.

      Purrkins was not hard (bone like) it was firm and squishy, like gristle on meat when it was most prominent. No hair loss, and it did not feel attached to the bone but separate. I hope that makes sense? It was not painful to touch or to palpitate. Purrkins seemed to increase in size with activity and then go down to where it looked like nothing at all. That was our observations. I don’t know if that is across the board on all sts? But that’s the best i can describe Purrkins. I’m guessing you saw the soft-tissue post?

      Soft Tissue Sarcoma – what it looked like and how it changes

      A great paper on sts -SOFT TISSUE SARCOMAS: YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED http://downloads.tripawds.com/files/2018/03/Soft-Tissue-Sarcomas-Ehrhart.pdf

      As you know, working in a clinic with any lump the sooner, you determine what is, the better! A needle biopsy is usually the first step if that comes back inconclusive like ours did don’t allow a wait and see approach. Do a surgical biopsy asap. We are hoping for B-9 do let us know how you make out, please, and if we can help in any way. Ok

      Best of luck to you and Musti.
      Hugs, Holly & Purrkins💝

  11. Thank you so much for sharing. My orange tabby, Milo, was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma in his right bicep in December. I asked the vet that day to amputate (since they were already removing the tumor) and he thought I was crazy so I went to the oncologist today who recommended it. How did Purrkins do recovering in the closet? Milo did terribly with the cone after his tumor was removed and I am dreading having him in the main house with the dogs following this surgery. Did you move food, water, and litter box into the closet? Did that help keep him still? I love the onesies idea, I am going to try that since he did not like the cone at all. Thank you so much for sharing his story!

    1. Hi Jennifer, Welcome to you and Milo!
      So sorry, you have to join us. Yes, we agree to cut cancer off at the source ASAP. You have an excellent attitude, and that goes far in this journey!!

      We had a spare room set up for Purrkins recovery gutted, meaning all that was in there was the mattress on the floor. Purrkins chose the closet to recover in his choice. I rigged a little bed in there for him.

      I had the litter box right outside of the closet and brought him his food and water until he was up and moving on his own. We understand on the cone! Purrkins was the same way, I refused to put one on him for this surgery, and thankfully, the surgeon permitted us to use the onesie. It worked great for us. Please run it by the surgeon to be safe and get the ok. We don’t have dogs right now, so i am of no help. I would do the same as I did with Purrkins brother and keep them separated initially let Milo recover at his own pace. The last thing he would want is anyone approaching him and smelling him.

      The meds kept Purrkins mostly still 🙂 he rested, and what you want Milo to do very little and keep him in a contained area.

      Ensure you get adequate pain meds ok 3 days is not enough meds Purrkins was on Gabapentin for 14 days and Buprenorphine for 12 days. I would ask if you can start the Gabapentin before the surgery. We did not and what i would do differently today.

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I will get back to you!

      We wish you and Milo a successful, uneventful surgery!
      Holly & Purrkins💝💝💝

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