CANCER FREE & Hopping on!


We wanted to update Purrkins blog for anyone who does not do the forums and for family and friends.  If you saw the forum news disregard our blog update;)

Purrkins had his 1-year restaging check-up at MSU
We are in the clear!! YAAAY Purrkins is STILL CANCER FREE !!

We are hopping into our 1-year ampuversay!
YAAAAAAY no cancer showing up ZIP! YAAAAAAY🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎆

X-rays & ultrasound unremarkable, bloodwork was good, but we have one ALT off, it’s only off by three numbers, but it has doubled since his last recheck, Oncologist wants to recheck it in one month to see if it changes one way or another.  I emailed our Dr. Matt his reply

 “The ALT  is one of the leakest of liver enzymes and can fluctuate.  I absolutely would not be alarmed by this and would say let’s just recheck it in a few months and monitor a trend.”

So that’s the plan:) Dr. Matt is the best & don’t be alarmed;) You think he knows us?;)

Purrkins has mild tartar on his teeth so we will need to get those cleaned! We can tie in the CBC with his teeth cleaning!

MSU Oncology would like to check Purrkins every six months for blood work and x-rays, we will now go to a yearly ultrasound! YAAAY & YAAAY & YAAAY!


We stopped at Starbucks for a Purrpuccino to celebrate on our way home! We did bring one home for Saxton too:)

Purrkins has the naked belly again!

Clipper crazy ugh yeah!

The appointment at MSU takes a toll on this household! Both the boys and both the humans! I do not know if there is a be more dog or cat in these scenario’s because that does not apply to these appointments?!?  It is stressful for all!

We have the stalking behavior and hissing and swatting when only one goes to the Vet! One kitty, in this case, Purrkins comes home smelling not like Purrkins! See Saxton stalking him? UGH, Cats & their senses!! That does not smell like my brother?!?!

We usually avoid that entire mess by taking them both! Our mistake we left Saxton at home!

We are so happy to be spacing these appointments out further and further!

I do have to say we treat Purrkins & Saxton as we would human children!  There is NO way we feel we can not recheck him!?! He had cancer (low-grade sts) we took it off!  If something else goes wrong or shows up, we will catch it and hopefully be able to help him! If he were a human child, we would do the same thing, and none of us would like it,  this is the same scenario in our book!

Purrkins sleeping this was him the entire day after the appointment! What I’m not showing you is we looked about the same way;) It takes its toll!

This journey is not easy by any means! It comes with a lot of worries and believe it or not it comes with a lot of great life lessons! Slow down and enjoy do not take anyone for granted! Life is too short for all of us! Be grateful for every single day! We sure are!

Purrkins is hopping into his one year ampuversary the 27th!? One year already ?!?!?

A lot lighter too:) See the difference?

We will keep this PAWTY going!! Even upside down;)

THANK YOU ALL for the pawsitive thoughts and prayers! For cheering us on & going with us!  Tripawds & the members! Well, it just does not get any better, the support, understanding & love!  

It means the world to us!

Love, Gratitude & Hugs to ALL





Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

13 thoughts on “CANCER FREE & Hopping on!”

  1. Woo Hoo! That is fantastic news Purrkins, we are so happy for you and your family. Those visits are so nerve wracking but this one was definitely worth the headache (and the stalking – even though you got him a treat and everything!) I’m loving the shaved belly it’s a good look for summer.
    You are right, these trials do help us slow down and try to live in the moment and appreciate the good things that are happening each day!
    I’m just so happy for you. Thanks for the update.
    ❤️Amy & Rusty

    1. Thank you Amy & Rusty!!
      Yes nerve wracking for us all!!! As you guys know!
      We all have a lot to appreciate!! Every single day is a gift! I’m glad to see we are all learning these life lessons!

  2. You kicked in in the tail!!! Congrats Purrkins and family! What a sweet kitty. Sighs of relief all around. This experience has made us more grateful and appreciative. We are just beginning this journey, but know with the love and support surrounding us, we will embrace all the wonderful things life has to offer. We are so very happy for you and your sweet furry family. I’m pretty sure my human kids think we spoil our furry kids more!!!
    Thank you for sharing your story,
    Yoshi & Susie

    1. Thank you Yoshie & Susie!!
      Yes, big sighs, Purrkins kicked it in the Tail yep 🎉😸
      It is not a easy journey but we do learn a lot of important,life long lessons!!
      We only have the fur children;)
      I have to find Yoshi now:)

  3. OMG upside down Purrkins is even more adorable! I know I said it earlier but a SUPER BIG CONGRATS to you guys for being the best pawrents a kitty could ever ask for. You are setting the bar for pet parenthood and showing the world that animals are totally worth our devotion and time. They pay us back a million times over with so many lessons and love that apply to our own crazy human lives. What a gift!

    Big applawse to all of you, it don’t get no better than this! 😉

    1. Thank you!!
      They are totally worth our devotion and time❣️ We 100% agree they pay us back in countless ways!!
      We are blessed to be their PawParents;) they are gifts with any amount of paws! I know we pay more attention on this journey & that is when the magic happens;) !!!
      It really doesn’t get better then this😍👏🏻
      XOXO ❤️

  4. Awww geez Holly! I am so sorry I missed this awesome news. But its never to late to celebrate, right? I did look at your forum thread as well, because I wasn’t sure if I had not commented there (braindead!). What a scare you had but I am so glad that it was nothing in the end. Sorry you had to go through that though–who needs it!!! Give that cancer-free Purrkins Ray a big sloppy kiss from Travis and the rest of the OP, OK?

    Martha, Travis Ray, and the OP

    1. Thanks Martha!
      Nope it is never too late to celebrate;) We sure don’t need anymore scares! None of us need these scares!
      I gave Purrkins Ray a big kiss from you and the OP! SOOOO glad to hear TR is doing so good! Hoping for no more “RAY” scares!! Or pack scares!


  5. I posted in the forum but not sure how I missed this on the blogs. Great news keep kicking butt Purrkins.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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