Sexy Saxton needing some pawsitivity, good juju, and prayers, please

All about our Sexy Saxton and our Unkown New Chapter

Sun puddling

Saxtons health history

Saxton has significant PTSD from all his past vet experiences; he needed Msu countless times at 8 weeks of age for IBD. We managed the IBD well. Then constipation started, we managed not easily, mind you, the poor guy had so many er visits and so many enemas he is traumatized to leave the house. And I don’t blame him! We have successfully managed constipation for years with Miralax and a motility drug called Cisapride . Very few home enemas, and Saxton has had a great qol. No more er trips needed! (KNOCK ON WOOD)

Getting anxious cats to the vets

Saxton’s anxiety has worsened over the last few years, taking him for his 6-month wellness exams. Since we moved to the cat clinic, our vet has worked with us to help Saxton get to his appts with less stress. We have trialed many drugs to help him, Xanax (which did the opposite effect and wired him), Gabapentin 50 mg, again wired him and was a great appetite stimulate. We tried Sileo; (off-label for cats) it worked excellent at home. The actual test, the car ride, vet visit failed miserably.

Latest Wellness Exam

For the latest wellness exam, we tried Buprenorphine and Cerenia. On the way to the vet, Saxton was silent unheard of. I turned around to check on him, and he was okay. I thought, phew, we found his mix! Well, I turned around again 5 minutes away from the clinic to check on him again, and he was panting, wild-eyed, and clearly distressed! I could not get to the clinic fast enough. Thankfully they got us right in, and I showed Dr. R. and said what is going on here?!?! Pointing to his breathing and she said it was stress. I’m going to kill poor Saxton, ensuring he gets his wellness exams!

I’m heading to my wellness exam & a bit whacked.

Our Exam and the UNEXPECTED

The exam went well until she listened to Saxton’s heart. I knew in her eyes something was not right. She said she heard a gallop and had never heard that before. She said it could be stress and med-related. I was sure she was correct because we had never seen Saxton like this.


Dr. R inquired how Saxton does at home when strangers come. I tell her he is usually nosey Joesy, our nickname for such times as Saxton’s middle name is Joe ( my gramps middle name ), and he watches them from his safe distance and observes. He does this with the neighbor as well;) Nothing, no one gets past Saxton in or around his home. I told her Purrkins would run and hide. The boys are the opposite in most ways and alike in few. She was inquiring about a HOME VISIT to rule out stress/meds and get an accurate read on his heart!. She is ONE OF A KIND, and we are truly blessed to have her!!

A little gift we made for Dr.R our Angel Vet. See the boys?

Saxton and Purrkins see the Vet at home.

The home visit happened, and Saxton did well. You could see in his eyes he knew who Dr. R was and was leary as if he said, ugh, what are YOU doing here? Sadly she heard the gallop once again. Mark and I are just sick!

She said this could be many things, such as high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, or the heart itself. She had us schedule an appt with a cardiologist in case we need one since they are booking so far out; our appt was booked for Oct 10 th (the boy’s gotcha day). In the meantime, we need to rule the others causes out. She came back the following week with a tech (another gem) for a home visit to get a blood pressure reading & draw some blood. Dr. R was happy with Saxton’s blood pressure and heart rate but still heard the gallop. She did labs on both the boys.

Bad News

She called me the following day with shocking news Saxtons probnp (heart test) is eight times higher than it should be, meaning this is the heart, and that’s showing damage to his little heart!!! (heart disease) Now we know we need the cardiologist, and sooner! Dr. R got the soonest available appt for the 26th of this month as the cardiologist is on vacation. So far, Saxton is doing well and stable; We have one thing we monitor Saxtons resting respiratory rate, and thank the lord, it has been good. We started a supplement immediately with her permission, and we have a drug on hand (Lasix); if Saxton’s resting respiratory increases, we will regroup with Dr. R and start it. If it is needed, it will help Saxton divert a crisis. We HOPE/PRAY we don’t need it, and we keep checking off our days uneventfully and get Saxton to his cardiologist appt.

uneventful days, I help mom with towels
I patrol for any intruders

More Drug Trials

We are experimenting on what is best and safest to get Saxton to his appointment without a cardiac event. We did a 100 mg trial with Gabapentin Saxton was wobbly on it, starved, and a little too aware we think once his Adrenaline kicks in, yes, it won’t be enough. So we will trial 100 mg on Tuesday Night and 100 mg on Wed plus Cerenia 3 hours before Dr r comes for another home visit.

Me on gabapentin. Yes, I got to have my bed on the table so mom could watch me close.

Dr. R can better access Saxton that day and decide if we need more gabapentin to make the trip safely. She has used up to 300 mg for really anxious and aggressive cats. Saxton is not aggressive but anxious.

This situation is SO TOUGH as Saxton’s stress so bad & then yes, I stress, and it’s a terrible circle. I have no shield.

When we first got the horrible news, I thought, let’s treat this now! I did not want to stress Saxton taking him to a cardiologist, but yes, that’s not doable, I asked. We do not have enough information yet to treat.

Thankfully Saxton is doing well, and we are checking off each day without incidence, so I HOPE this continues!

Sexy Saxton

Saxton has shown us symptoms two times, once on the way to his wellness exam and once when I was playing with him with his favorite wand toy. He coughed and got winded, and yes, thats the heart, So we cannot play for now and have to keep him as calm as possible.

I need to have my dabird toys

The boys celebrated their 12th bday

On June 30th, we celebrated the boy’s bday! We are so blessed to get this far with all their health challenges. They are OUR daily GIFT!

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank the lord for these boys; they are our life, my heart & my soul.

I got presents in the mail
Thanks, Aunt P, for our mice

Do your wellness exams

Please do not skip your wellness exams; yearly or every six months as they age for cats.  Cats are masters of disguise, and none of us like having to take anxious furmily to the vet. We are a good example of going for a WELLNESS exam and finding a problem!

Hoping for early disease, treatable, and yes, time!

We can only hope/pray we have early disease as Dr. R  has not heard the gallop until now.  Saxton had his dental in December and did well.

I also encourage anyone scheduling a dental to have the probnp test added with labs for insurance and ensure the heart is good.

Thank Heavens for Insurance

Think about insurance for your furmily; we got Embrace AFTER Purrkins amputation knowing we had many exclusions, but yes, it has paid off for both the boys, and we are so thankful we have it. The cost of everything is sky high, and that is ONE less worry.

Our world revolves around these two boys.

Saxton does not get all the attention on a blog having four legs, make no mistake about it, both the boys are adored and treated the same. We have been BLESSED with 12 glorious years, have had our share of health challenges, and managed. We hope/pray for more qol years!

mice patrol
brothers sun puddling

This forever-long post is to ask for some Pawsitivity, and good jujus, prayers for Saxton’s cardiologist appt. We can get him the help he needs and don’t kill him by taking him; I choke typing that yes, it’s a real threat and terrifying.

my greatest helpers! Yes, a laptop is under there somewhere;)

We wanted to get this post out before Purrkin’s 6 YEAR ampuversary, and yes, it’s the day after the cardiologist appt, and depending, I might be early or late posting.

I want to thank my support team, family, and friends! My very special peeps have pulled me out of the middle of the sea already. YOU KNOW who you are!!!🫂🫂🫂😘😘😘

Thanks, fur reading and sending Sexy Saxton some pawsitive thoughts!


Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

25 thoughts on “Sexy Saxton needing some pawsitivity, good juju, and prayers, please”

  1. Holly, Mark, Purrkins, and Saxton – You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Sending all the pawsitive love and gobs of hugs your way. U/S will show a lot more detail as to whatever is exactly going on, and I pray it gives you relief and not more worry. I am here if you ever need/want to talk, you know how to reach me. You have been there so many times for me and my furmily…. you know I will be there for you.
    Sending so much love 💘
    Jackie, Huck, and furmily

    1. Thanks, Jackie. We all appreciate the hugs, thoughts, love, prayers, and pawsitivity, & the offer😘🫂
      Yes, we are hoping for the same! 🙏🏻 Fewer worries, not more. 🥹 That does not seem to be in our cards the last couple of years, but yes, we can HOPE and we are managing all thats been thrown at us, thats a gift❣️
      Love and hugs to you all!

  2. Awwwwww Holly! I’m so glad you decided to share Saxton’s situation with everyone. We love him as much as Purrkins and your wish is our command, we are sending every ounce of love & pawsitivity from the Tripawds Nation!!

    The details you are sharing about how you and Dr. R (love that gift!!!) are currently treating his condition, caring for him, and preparing for the cardiac visit, is super helpful for folks to know about if their kitty or dog is ever facing a similar condition. No doubt people will find this on the web with all the great resources you linked to here.

    Thanks for being here to share. The power of this community is coming to you from across the globe! Stay strong and know we are supporting you and the boys with all we’ve got. Keep us posted.

      Yes, I needed to share what was going on. I could finally put the words together without it being a jumble;)

      Purrkins & Saxton are one; we go thru all this as one. THANK YOU & The Tripawd Nation!

      I’m going to quote part of what you wrote, for
      Tripawd Tuesday: A Purrfect Trikitty Ampuversary Celebration!
      “Purrkins lost a leg but gained a furmily, and we are better because of you”
      Those words still speak volumes to us, and we say the same RIGHT BACK TO YOU! We are furever grateful for our tripawd family.

      I always hope this blog helps another. It has always been the soul’s purpose.


  3. Okay, first of all, those pictures are priceless!!! And then we I scrolled down to the one where Purrkins and Saxton were nose to nose….sooooo cute!!!!!
    Thank you for mtaking the time mto share the details of everything you have been experiencing with Saxton. No,matter what is going in, you always find a way to enlighten us with information. You’ll prob never know how many peip you have helped by sharing your experience and lessons learned.
    Of course you are anxious about the Vet trip and everything involved in the Cardio exam. We all would be!!!
    To have a Vet like the one you jhave who will come to the house and who will monitor him to see how hipe reacts to being ju a tad bit “whacked” is truly priceless. Yes, it says a lot about her, but it also says a lot about the respec she has for you and Mark and your devotion to Saxton and Purrkins.
    FWIW, there are so many things that can be done to successfully manage any heart issue a cat can have. You already have the Lasix. There is another med that starts with an “E” (I know, pretty vague)that really helps keep things stable. Absolutely we are sending pawsitive. thoughts, prayers, energy and lots of good juju!!! I think the massive amount of juju we send is what really makes the difference!😎
    Holly, Saxton is one tuff kitty. Remember that! And that grit goes a long way in keeping him healthy and happy! And besides, he’s got Purrkins as his Nurse and nuttin’ could be better than that!!!
    ((((((((((Hugs and love)))))))))))
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Thanks, Sally (SS:) I love that pic too adorable!
      If any of our crappy cards can help another soul, yes, I’m happy to share and hope no one needs of course.

      Anxious YES and Beyond that, but we are taking one day at a time; with Saxton doing well, it is much easier to do.Dr. R is the BIGGEST BLESSING. She is ONE OF a KIND. I TELL HER THAT ALL THE TIME! I wish we all had a Dr.R; I TRULY do! Thanks for the kind words, Sally. She works extremely close with us, and yes, she can see & appreciates all we try to do for the boys. Most times, it makes her job a little easier. We are a team, and we are so THANKFUL for her.

      I’m hoping to manage at the very least, yes, and will see what info we find out and get a plan in place if needed. I suspect one will be, but none of us KNOW until the echocardiogram.

      Your RIGHT Sally Saxton is a tough kitty; he has overcome so much in his life and defied the odds so far! I’m going to stay pawsitive with all of your help❣️❣️❣️💝 I’m going to repeat what Rene keeps saying WE GOT THIS & HOPE🙏🏻

      We have first-hand experience with the magical power of the tripawd nation. YES, it is the BEST and MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.


      “Purrkins lost a leg but gained a furmily, and we are better because of you.”


  4. God morning my Sexy Saxton,

    My darling boy we never want to see this kind of post about our fur friends, but you need all the JuJu and strength in prayers that you can get!!!

    You are surrounded by the BEST TEAM evah! Between your Mum & Dad taking care of you, Whisperrring Purrrkins at your side and the most INCREDIBLE vet team in the world, plus all of your Tripawdian Furmily…. You are surrounded lovey, both in prayer and in love!!!

    And you are a most excellent hunter! All those mices and dabirds’!!! Gongases it’s no wonder you stay so slim with all chasing you must do! You look maaaaarrrrrrvellous my boy!!!

    We will all be holding your paw tight on the 26th darling Saxton and praying like mad that you have an uneventful drive to and from the cardiologist and pray that your disease is caught in time to CURE!!! 🙏 🙏 🙏

    Such beautiful pictures of you and your brother, ALWAYS THERE FUR EACH OTHER AND SURROUNDED BY THE BEST PAWRENTS EVAH!!!

    Please know that the train has got extra, extra fuel added and the prayers are going strong. Love to you my very special boys and love to Mum and Dad too!

    1. Hi Aunt P
      I know my Mum doesn’t like writing these sorts of posts either💔 I tell her i feel fine, so what is the worries. I want to play and be myself, and now she tells me no dabirds untils our next appt.. Whatever that means, I don’t like the sound of it. I look furward to our regular routines you know us we need all the normals we can get.

      I am the great hunter, and good thing im indoors cause even indoors, I catch things, you know. 🐧

      Thank you for seeing my sexy as always; yes, Mum has been starving us for years, and now she and the doctor say I can have MORE FOOD, Not Mr.P. Don’t tell him, k! He is still on rations.😼

      I thank you for all the compliments, prayers, love and extra fuel we can always use those!!!

      LOVE YOU, Aunt Petra, and I will need you to hold my paw on my big day. I’ll see you in the car 👁

      LOADS of Love, Hugs, Purrs and sandpaper kisses to you all!

  5. Holly,
    I am so so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this and once again struck by just how blessed the boys are to have you and Mark looking after them. I know you will say you are blessed to have them, which is of course also true but my goodness you really do move mountains to get them the very best care imaginable. And speaking of mountains, I Can’t help thinking about that saying that if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain then the mountain must come to Mohammed, which is indeed what has happened with the home visits. Just brilliant. What a fabulous vet who clearly recognises what a very special boy Saxton is and what a special family he belongs to.
    We all know my much you love Saxton and Purrkins and cherish their very different and individual natures. Your photos of the two of them together are just WONDERFUL, and really capture their relationship and the way they complement each other.
    I think it’s a week tomorrow that you go for the appointment and I am sure that must seem like forever but it sounds as though you are doing great monitoring Saxton and keeping him calm. He really could not have more thoughtful and expert care. We are thinking of you and obviously hoping the best possible news, that his condition can be treated and managed easily. My Mum had rheumatic fever when she was a child and was left with a permanent heart murmur but it doesn’t cause her any issues at all and she is 84, fit and healthy. She also has this thing where her heart rhythm changes and starts racing, which can be alarming at the time but again she has been thoroughly tested and there is no cause for concern. Am just mentioning because the heart is so fundamental and any problems concerning it are inevitably scary but sometimes it turns out much less serious than we fear. We hope with everything we have that this is the case for Mr S.
    Sending love and hugs to you all from me and Meg and a shower of kisses from the Pie in the Sky xxx

    1. Thanks, Clare & once again, I say IT IS GOOD TO SEE YOU 🫂🫂🫂

      Your ears must have been ringing. Mum asked about you today and asked how you and Meg were and if I had heard from you lately 😉 She also wondered what you thought of the pm leaving, and I said she likely applauded;)

      I choked up reading your comment, and yes, if I could move a mountain for those I love, you know I would! LOOK out, mountains!
      I have said this before, but yes, I’m going to repeat you are truly gifted in your written word Clare!

      We are truly blessed to have Dr. R no words but much gratitude! They do not usually do house calls; this was new for us. She is a 💎!

      It makes this a little less scary, but I’m still terrified of the unknowns. My wish is the cardiologist did home visits😁 Since thats out, my prayers are to get Saxton there safely; we are also hoping for the best news possible. He finds nothing or nothing terrifying! My HOPE FOR the Worst case is we can manage this, and Saxton gets to live a normal kitty life with some more tasty meds. It is a week away tomorrow, and it seems like furever and close enough to be a nerve-wrack both. I THINK, like most things, not knowing is the worst? That may change. We will see. Right now, Saxton is acting like himself, and thats ALL that matters!

      I’m so happy to hear your Mum is doing well! All that sounds scary, yes! Anything heart is, but we will HOPE!

      My Dad had to have three stents and a pacemaker put in all this in the last year so yea our nerves.. Thankfully Dad is doing well.

      Yes, we “cherish their very different and individual natures.” purrfectly said! We would not have it any other way!

      We can’t thank everyone enough for the love, prayers, and support it means to the world to us.

      Kisses to Meg and spirit kisses to Miss Pie 💫


  6. My Mom has read all of these lovely comments !

    She is genuinely touched by all of the love & support, as are we!!!

    We are blessed to have you all in our lives!

    Thank you tripawd nation!

  7. Wow Holly, that boy has had some challenges. Sounds like he has the best caretakers he can have, though. Tell him his tuxie brother and sister send good vibes! And hugs and prayers to you and Mark that everything works out 🙂

    1. Thanks Brad, we appreciate it!!
      I told Saxton you, Jet & Jery (tuxie sibs) are sending good vibes and gave him a smooch!
      Scritches to both the kitties, please!
      (((HUGS))) & love to you three!

  8. Okay, let us know how the trial run goes tonight and then the follow up tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll be pleasantly “relaxed” while you and Mark stay up all night watching him😉

    1. ONLY Holly stays up all night:) ill let you know later today. I’m giving the 2nd 100 mg here soon ugh.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

      Dr. R came and did Purrkins pheno recheck and checked spacey Saxton out. He was resting when she came in. She liked what she saw, but yes, he is at home and no stressors (other than doctors making house calls). Add the actual stress of getting in the car & going. We were both not sure it would be enough.

      SO DR R said get the carrier. Let’s do a test drive!!!! WHO DOES THAT?!!? ANGEL DR R DOES!
      So thats what we did. We got Saxton packed up and in the car. Dr.R and I went up the road and back. Dr. R watched Saxton as I drove. Saxton did okay, but his respiratory rate did increase, so we now know he needs MORE GABA!

      We will do 100 mg the night before his appt & 200 mg the day of the appt with Cerenia.
      Saxton is still doped up but not wobbly. He should be back to himself by 9, I figure.

      Purrkins was not pleased to see Dr. R and the tech he tried to hunker down. They said oh, we can’t get anything past Mr. Purrkins, can we? NOPE, he dove for cover. I scooped him up, and we got the labs down.

      Purrkins does much better seeing Dr. R in her office than her coming into his safe place. He is still hunkered down as a matter of fact. Maybe in an hour or so, he will hop back out and feel safe again., UGH,

      Saxton, no big deal, and out and about. I say again they are differnt in most way and alike in few & god bless them both!

      So we are breathing ALOT easier and HOPE Saxton can safely get to the cardiologist app. We did ask what we would do if Saxton would have an issue on the way there, and she told us. So we call the cardiologist first, and he will guide us if we come there or next door to an emergency clinic. We plan for the worst and hope for the best. Hopefully, having the plan means it won’t happen!

      LOVE YOU

      1. Dearest Saxton, Purrrkins, Miss Holly and Mr Mark

        Sexy Saxton, you are such a brave boy for Dr R! My gongases, it’s a good thing you guys didn’t let Mum know that you were going to take her for a test car ride! Hehe, she would have been beside herself if she had known ahead of time right!!! You did a great job buddy and when you go with Dad, be sure to ask him for an extra blanket so you can hide yourself from that outside scary world! Believe me sweetheart, if I could hide under a blanket when i went out to town, i would do it in a second too! Hehe!

        Dr R is a true angel, a treasure through and through. I know that we are all truly grateful for the care that she gives you and Mr Purrrkins. Please let her know that she has a whole bunch of JuJu surrounding her too!!! 🫂

        I’m sorry you weren’t hoppy with Dr R’s visit my Whisperrring Purrrkins, it wasn’t very nice of her to sneak up on you was it! NOPE, NOTHING gets past our Mr P!!! Well done on getting your labs done, despite the inconsiderate visit to your home. You tell Mum you prefer going to Dr R’s house (clinic ;), the road trips are exciting right! Just like when you go to see Dr Matt. All the fun things you get to see along the way like Lions and garden centres…. Oh so much fun! Don’t be too mad at Mum, you know these house visits are much better for our Sensitive Saxton!

        Miss Holly, you are doing a superb job of keeping it all together, you and Mark are a great team! He is your pillar of strength and you are his foundation! Know that we are all holding your hand and your paws and adding fuel to the JuJu train every day! 💪🏻 🙏 ➕ ⛽️ 🚂 🙏

        Sending you all a ton of love and hugs
        Petra, Paul, ChessNut, SleepyTed and no need to tell you that Super Duper Stu is surrounding you with love too 😉

        1. MR S – Thanks, Aunt P I was so drugged I’m not sure I was brave? The lady doctor keeps coming to see me in my home, and then mum pulled me out of my bunker bed and into my carrier to terrorize me. I expressed my displeasure, but it did not matter. It was strange the lady doctor was in our car too & watching me?! I did not have to go far, so I’m confused what that was about.

          I feel like my sexy self today, though! Mum says to tell you she agrees good thing the car ride was sprung on her! Mum wants to protect me, not hurt me.

          MR P – Hi aunt P, no, i was not happy at all. I tried to take cover and then hop away, but Dad was blocking me one way. So I chose a different route and took shelter in a closet. I heard the doctor say let’s get Purrkins and Mum grabbed me up. I did ok they are lovely ladies, and I did not protest anymore; it’s no point. The doctor did take advantage of me and held me long after they got my blood. She said something about orange kitties and wished I loved her as much as she does me. I do like my doctor but at her house, not mine! I want mum singing to me on the road its much better. I know brother Saxton needs the visits but not me.

          MISS HOLLY 😉 – Thanks, my friend, and yes, Mark and I are a team. He is my PILLAR of STRENGTH and CALM! He is and will always be my wingman.

          Thank you, and the same prayer train your way!
          LOVE YOU ALL

  9. Thanks for the update and, overall, it’s good!!! I’m sure Purrkins is a little ticked that Dr R would so easily invade his safe haven though. And funny how Saxton was more chill about it.
    Your Vet is absolutely a RockStar of Generosity and Kindness!!!
    Okay Mark, it’s your turn to stay up🤪

    1. ROCKSTAR, yes, and BEYOND! Yes, She continues to amaze us, and I cannot express our gratitude enough to her!

      Purrkins felt it was safe to venture out 2 HOURS later, the poor boy. Saxton was drugged & looked pathetic; we felt so bad for him. UGH He was 100% back to himself this a.m.

      I HAVE TO GIVE MARK CREDIT in my quick reply above; On me doing NIGHT shifts. I should have stated further!

      Mark always HELPS with both the boys, just not the evening shifts. He is great to take over and let me go lay down in the a.m.! Mark has learned everything kitty since retiring and can even medicate both boys! We are a team; he is my wingman!

      WE GOT EXCELLENT NEWS Purrkins pheno range is great now. PHEW recheck in a month.

  10. Sending a sh*t ton of OP strength and secret special sauce lucky 13 juju to Saxton. All paws crossed for the best possible outcome!

    1. Thanks, Martha.
      That is some extra special sauce and strength. We need all the good jujus we can get.
      XOXO 💝💝💝

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