We strive for UNREMARKABLE on this journey!


We went for our recheck bloodwork, x-ray, and urinalysis.

Mr. Purrkins is unremarkable ALL CLEAR. To refresh Oncology felt we could do our next six month follow up with our regular vet and we did! Purrkins did NOT get sedated for his x-rays when there is a will there is a way. We got our way;) Our Vet had no problem with our request he did Purrkins x-rays on his leg initially and commented then how great Purrkins did if only all animals would be like him;)  He knows Purrkins. 

The tech said she didn’t even need to be in the room “lay this way” he laid that way the purrfect patient! She rolled her eyes at sedating Purrkins Dr. Matt does the same an uncalled for risk with Purrkins. I am not saying all cats will do the same I don’t know. It should be based on each animal. Purrkins is unique in many ways, and WE KNEW he would be fine and just lay he is unlike any kitty I have met.  If you believe your animal should not be sedated, please speak up and see if someone will listen and work with you. We have at MSU, and they will not budge. Purrkins will not be sedated again for an x-ray!

The vet took us back to show us the x-rays I expected to see Purrkins lungs not most of Purrkins! We were in awe!  The traditional vet said the chest x-rays at MSU are chest x-rays our vet at a private practice ” we try to fit the most cat we can get in one.”

Since we got the all clear, we can appreciate the x-rays and all of Purrkins. WE DO know how fortunate we are! 

We have never seen any of Purrkins x-rays at MSU.  

Here are the x-rays it was helpful for our minds to see what was and what is now as far as the amputation goes. It was explained to us, but until you see it visually, it was a WOW.

I thought you guys might be interested in seeing them.

This picture shows you Purrkins no arm/no scapula which you can’t really see the scapula in this shot, but you will see that next. It looks as if Purrkins has always been this way or born that way neat. 

This picture shows you how large the scapula is and was. I had no idea until seeing these. We never had a choice anyway but helpful to see now!

My arrows, not theirs;)

lungs & organs my arrows are showing you the remaining scapula
lungs and organs and a ton of poop

This picture shows you TMI full of poop lol see the poop there? This is only funny because Purrkins never has an issue with pooping unlike his brother so we must have interrupted his schedule.  As you can see, I point to all the things we were not looking at! Of Course, this was after he pointed out the lungs were clear! The vet did say IF we were to see metastasis of the lungs it would have a fluffy white appearance on the x-rays.

The vet went thru the entire x-ray each organ etc. it was an incredibly informative visit, he is excellent to take so much time with us! He said all looks great and sends off to a radiologist to confirm. We got the official news UNREMARKABLE.


The heart murmur is NOT heard since Purrkins had his dental and two teeth removed. It is pawsible it won’t be heard again.

Since we got so much of Purrkins in the X-ray, we won’t go back for eight months, and we will see MSU Oncology for that recheck. Our vet said in his experience this tumor and grade when the leg goes you don’t see it again! MSU is watching for any cancer that can sometimes come back in different forms. It may never too! 🙏

We will continue seeing Dr. Matt for our tune-ups. This appointment was so much easier on Purrkins than MSU.  Purrkins was more worried about getting the alcohol off of him from the blood draw than anything else. We were there maybe an hour, and that was most of the time with Purrkins in my arms!  We DID NOT have issues when we came home like we do when we go to MSU. Saxton had no problem with Purrkins smell and vice versa. Pleasant all around.

We saw Dr. Matt for our tune-ups and Purrkins was way off again. Mark and I could both see we were overdue to see Dr. Matt by Purrkins hop and I have a hard time describing what we see when he is on three. If you know your animals, hop you will know when it looks different. Dr. Matt suspects he jumped and landed wrong.  We have eight pairs of steps in this house, and we still have landed wrong. UGH, constant worry to keep Purrkins leg and body safe. 

This area has never been off before diagram below for anyone interested. The atlas is always out whack this is the first time in 2 years the lumbar 1 was off.

Purrkins let out a growl when Dr. Matt manipulated him and found what was painful there was no mistaking what the issue was. Dr. Matt followed with acupuncture Purrkins bounced back in a few days. We are so grateful to have Dr.Matt

Things get out of whack missing a leg we know Purrkins would not do as well without Dr. Matt. We go back in 2 months to see how things look instead of 3 months. 

Purrkins favorite window seat had a malfunction we emailed customer service, and they sent replacement parts out right away he was not happy for a week. He sulked just like that! Pathetic

Mom where is my window seat?;(
My place is back!
Phew that was a bad dream

The big scoop is out on the NEW Trikitty book Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats The Tripawds Feline Amputation Recovery and Care Handbook

We were honored to be a part of such a huge project.

It is terrible when we have to join and lose a limb regardless of the cause but rest assured life goes on with three legs!  The handbook hops you thru everything you need to know and more. I am pawsitive this book will help many new trikitties and their humans. Thanks to Jim and Rene, Spirit Jerry, WyattRay and all trikitty members for making this happen to allow us kitties to join! Fang and his Mom who started the first kitty blog Fang lives on thru all of us he will never be forgotten.

We would all be lost without Tripawds all the resources, the information the support and love!

We are furever grateful! 

Reading the Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats
Saxton is over all this talk of Purrkins;)

Until our next update think about howloween, we are;)

Love and Purrs to you all!

Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

14 thoughts on “2 Year Recheck UNREMARKABLE”

  1. Hooray for Purrkins for being so remarkably unremarkable. This is golden news. I am so delighted for you. Love love love Joanna

    1. Thank you Joanna GOLDEN indeed!
      “Golden Remarkably Unremarkable” Love it!!😻
      Big hugs and love to you & Spirit Kisses to our Warrior ThreePaw Melek

  2. Yay Purrkins!! That is the best news! So glad you were able to be brave for your visit 😚
    That definitely deserves special treats and a celebration ❤️
    So happy for you Holly, you have worked so hard at keeping your boys hoppy and healthy 💖💖
    Great pictures of the x-rays, that detail is just pawesome. I’m glad things are going well, your story is so inspawrational for others fighting cancer.
    Much love to you and your family ❤️❤️
    Jackie and Huckster ❤️

    1. Thanks, Jackie
      The x-rays were super cool to see!
      Purrkins did get a special treat for being such a trooper brother Saxton did too just for being such a good brother! Not a journey any of us chose we are blessed beyond measure and hope we never see the likes of the C word again!

  3. Um . . . excuse me doctor, but I find unremarkable X-rays highly remarkable!

    Congratulations . . . you can exhale now.

  4. Yay for unremarkable! Doing the hoppy dance at our house for you. I know how stressful it is to wait for X-ray results (which is why I only got them one time for Nitro when I didnt have a choice). Here’s to many more years of being “boring”!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

    1. Thanks, Paula we would do the exact same if we had osteo & not look unless we had to.

      We are following the onco’s recommendation. Our thinking is if something else crops up we can help Purrkins. Every six-month recheck at the regular vet is normal for mature kitties. Once a year onco recheck we can live with for now anyway;)

      We look forward to many many years of boring & unremarkable/remarkable;)
      Spirit kisses to Nitro

  5. My Whispering Purrrkins, you are anything but unremarkable!!! We remark about you All the time!!
    You know the drill don’t you my darling… lay still and be good, gets lots of love and attention!!! You are wise my Little Big Fella, very wise!!!

    Your X-rays are so cool to look at! I had no idea that the scapula took up that much room!!
    And “No evidence of Pulminary Metastatic Disease”!!! 😁 👏 😁 But lots of evidence that you were not starving, going to your appointment… all that 💩!! Mum and Dad really did interrupt your schedule didn’t they!!

    Love this news, love the ebook and love that Mr Purrrkins got his throne fixed!! None of us really want to be here, but you sure do know how to make it fun and interesting Miss Holly!! Excellent update on our Purrrfect Purrrkins!!
    My Sexy Saxton is never far from mind or heart… massive kisses and hugs to you all!!!

    Tons of cuddles coming from Super Stu, Spitfire Spikey, Chester McCool, Prissy Miss Lilly and Stationary Ted 😉
    And of course a gazillion kisses from Aunt Petra and Paul
    ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

    1. Thanks, Petra!!😁😁😁
      Pretty cool to see what we can only envision! Imagine Stewies holy cow!
      Purrkins is something else if only the other place would have listened to us before.😑🤐

      Stomach was empty Aunt Petra just full of poop;) Purrkins came home and ate and got rid of all that hehe;)TMI I know!

      None of us want to be here or join that is for sure! Glad we added some fun and interest to the monotony😜. Sexy Saxton knows you have a soft spot for him;) He so appreciates the extra love and being Sexy Thanks Aunt Petra😻

      Loads of love to every one of you! & thanks for the stationary Ted hehe;)
      Yes I notice😉😁

  6. Oh my gosh we are smiling ear to ear and doing the hoppy dance at Tripawds HQ!


    I love the level of detail you shared about his check-up, even all the way down to the poop in his colon! Hahaha I’ll bet he’s so embarrassed about that one! But hey let him know that everyone poops, there’s no need to be coy.

    You have so much to teach people about advocating, and choosing the right vet. How true that every situation is different. My crazy dog needs sedation when he gets x-rays, but not every dog does! I wish more clinics would evaluate on a case-by-case basis the way yours does. When they do, it shows a real forward-thinking way of approaching veterinary medicine, how fortunate that you have a team like that for Purrkins and Saxton! Your lives are all so much easier because of it.

    When you are able, write a letter to MSU’s practice manager and let them know your thoughts. That’s the only way things will change around there. I know they are a great clinic but every situation can use improvements right?

    So happy that Purrkins got his perch back! I hope when it malfunctioned it wasn’t when he was on it. Yikes!

    As for Saxton, he’s like “Mom when are you going to start a blog that’s all about ME?!”

    Love the update Holly, and an extra hug for sharing news about the book, we can’t even begin to tell you the thousand and one ways we are grateful for your huge assistance with the project. YOU made this happen, thank you!!!

    1. Thanks, Rene
      The BEST MEWS!!
      Totally agree per animal, per case it is not a one size fits all we all know that is not the case in any species!

      I have my email drafted for MSU THANK YOU I did not want to make it all about that, but YES I could have so easily:) I will let you know if we hear back. I can only hope they will read and think about it and LEARN possibly change some things. They would have a lot more patients to learn from! Our Vet did say he hears the same complaints all the time, do wonder if anyone speaks up. We are super fortunate our vet listens, and he has cats knows kitties that makes a big difference!

      I should have stated that on here OMC no Purrkins was not on is window seat when it malfunctioned. The best part about that window seat is only one suction cup goes at a time so he would not go flying off or we wouldn’t own it! Thank you for asking!

      Poor Sexy Saxton needs a blog too we have loads to share on him as well!

      It was our honor to help out and a heartfelt thanks for asking us! No not me WE TEAM made this happen;) Thanks for being here for every one of us and raising the bar to help kitties become citizens!!
      Whoo Hoo we are Furever grateful!!

  7. The most remarkable outcome is always unremarkable!! Yay, Holly! I am so happy for you!
    Manni never needed sedation for xrays nor for ultrasound and I was lucky enough to always have vets that acknowledged that. I was even allowed to be present for ultrasounds and even for the chemo admins and I am absolutely certain that my presence helped Manni.
    Anyways: celebrations are in order!! and as usual when that is the case…COUNT ME IN!! 🙂
    and thilo

    1. Thanks, Tina,
      We are relieved and elated after each recheck!

      I would not have pushed if I didn’t think Purrkins would do well. One of those things we know about our animals. We knew he would be a loaf! What a difference that appointment was! I think USA vets need to follow in many footsteps. It makes sense they will do better with us with them. I don’t get the thinking here? Not in our animal’s best interest that’s for sure.

      You are always included in these celebrations even when you are not on k!

      Big hugs and Smooches to Thilo and Spirit kisses to Manfred!!

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