Hazy Daze 23 January 2021

23 January 2021 – 12:23 am

Hazy Daze

The hazy daze are on the way out – WHOO HOO!

Purrkins slept most of the day today, but we see Mr. P’s sparkle coming back. You can see Purrkins in his eyes today! 

I’m on my way back, peeps!

Purrkins is stepping back in aware and alert when he is up.

Repeated syringing the broth and water today& Purrkins ate on his own from his bowl;)

I wrote Purrkins kitty vet with an update on Purrkins. Her response below.

From Dr.R –

“I know you are doing a great job keeping an eye on Purrkins! If his improvements don’t continue, let me or Dogwood know!

Take care and give Purrkins a nice rub from me!”

Dr. R will see Purrkins on Tuesday 26th, for his plasma levels.

Things look clearer to me. Colored elephants are leaving 👋🏻.
Marks on shift to watch Mr.P 😉

We try to do shifts. BUT as you can see from the above picture, these do not always work in my favor;)  Mark was on shift above;) Snoozing on the job!

Hopefully, we find our newest normal again soon. Purrkins adapts to the meds, no spells,(seizures), etc.🙏🏻 And as megstamum
stated, “PLEASE, Sexy Saxton, do not get any ideas here.”

This has been more terrifying than the amputation!

We ALL need some time to regroup and catch up on sleep & everyday things!

We also look forward to having some heat again, burr!

Loads of love and again much appreciation from all of us at the chilly Purrkins Palace🥶




Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

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