A Merry Christmas And Hoppy New Year (for Sally:)

 Merry Meowy Christmas

Our greatest gifts the boys
A Meowy Christmas
I only need one paw to get my prizes
I ruv the tissue paper & bags the best
Our prizes
Da best Christmas & one of mom’s favorite pic she says;)

For Sally PURRPPUCCINO’s for Christmas

The boys say thank you for a new tradition, Sally! 

Purrkins going bonkers over his bag

Saxton & his prey Da Purr-Peller

I took over 50 pics this Christmas this was incredibly difficult for me to pick a few to share🙄

 Hoppy New Year from all of us at Purrkins Palace
May 2022 be filled with joy, peace, hope & loads of love!💝💝💝


Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

10 thoughts on “A Merry Christmas And Hoppy New Year (for Sally:)”

    Headed out and saw this and had to take a quick glance!!!! Coming back….ohhh yes indeedy, coming back!! Didn’t even click l to the videos yet cuz I can’t stop scrolling back up and down looking at these priceless pictures!!!
    Okay…..I’m running g late, but at least I’ll show up with a smile in my face. Cant wait to come back
    Sending you all the love in the world Hillu♥️

    1. My Mom needs to learn to get on this blog;) She wants to thank you, Sally, for your never-ending kindness & tell you what a special lady you are💎😇;)! We say big DITTO!

  2. FUN! Meowy Christmas to all of you as well. Yes indeed they are the best gifts ever! Saxton and Purrkins look so healthy and happy. I had so much fun watching their celebration and OMC the bag attack video is hilarious! If that doesn’t prove that a Trikitty can be hoppy on 3 I don’t know what can. PURE JOY!

    Lotsa love and hugs back at you and the boys! Let’s hear it for 2022, a year of pawsibilities that will be even better than this one (it has to be, right?!).


    1. Thanks, Rene😘
      They are the PRESENTS! It was FUN; the boys had a blast as we did watching! PURE JOY, YES! They played hard and napped hard;) Purrkins continues to show us Trikities have more fun! 🎁 Minus a limb? Don’t tell him:)
      Hear hear 2022 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for us all, yes!

      Loads of love 🫂🫂🫂😘😘😘

    2. Mom and Dad asked me to wish you and Jim a Merry Christmas and to say THANKS for always asking & sending pawsitive wishes their way.
      We are blessed to have good souls in our corner!

  3. Okay, I REALLY can’t stop smiling again!! 😁Honest to goodness, these videos were soooo much fun to watch!! And now after taking the time to look at each picture and “study” them, no two cats could ever be more adored and….dare I say….more spoiled!! And no cats could ever have as much fun as these two, Christmas Day and every day!!
    And they look stunning in all their colorful papers and beautiful ribbons adorning their cute selves.
    I love how Purrkins was reaching thru the bag so deft with that paw search for more gifts.
    And Saxton taking his “prey” to his house….laughing out loud on that one. 😁 So precious.
    And the presentstion of the PURRPUCINNO and the way they clearly were delighted with every lick…PRICELESS!!!!! Saxton did seem to laptop a little faster, whereas Purrkins seem to savor each delicious lap a bit slower. I shared this with Myrtle and Frankie and they were so pleased that their kitty cousins got to taste a bit of joy!!!
    And we want to see more pictures!! There is no way we could ever have enough of these two. And btw, beautiful eyes, both of them. A whole lot of joy and sparkle in those eyes!
    Holly, you have brought us so much joy with these pictumuch, and I mean it!! Thank you so much. We are soooo blessed, so very blessed to be privileged enough to be part of your family.
    May love and light surround you always💖
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. 😁😁😁 THANKS, SALLY!
      Yes, you may say SPOILED SPOILED ROTTEN. I went overboard this year, but how can I not?! Your spot on with what you see that is Saxton daily on eating he woofs his food down and wants more;) Purrkins savors his. Purrkins wants more prizes. Saxton lives for the tissue, bags, boxes, lol. They are littermate brothers, and just as they look, they are entirely different in most ways and alike in a few ways. (same eyes;) We adore them both for who they are and would not have it any other way. I will try to get a video of Saxton; he usually hollers with his prey as he drags the pole, and all around, it’s a riot!

      The boys, thank you again for the purrpuccinos. Thank Frankie and Myrtle, too❣️ A real treat cause we are always watching their dang weight!

      Thanks, Sally, for watching and seeing the boys for who they are 💝💝💝
      And we feel the same BLESSED to have you in our family !!!

      Loads and loads of love to you and the pack!

  4. Merry Christmas Holly and furmily! Watching the boys makes my heart smile, pawsome photos and Santa Paws was very good to all of you ❤❤❤
    I am so glad your family finally got some well deserved enjoyment and hoppiness 🤗
    Sending love, hugs, and ear scratches over the miles.
    Jackie and Huck❤

    1. Merry Christmas, Jackie, David, Huckleberry, Andy, Oscar, Phoebe & Bo!
      Thank you & Thanks for the 💌📬🎄. I hope you got yours!
      Hoppy New Year hope you had a LOVELY visit with your parents and home safe and sound! Here’s to a much different new year for us all!
      Love & hugs and scritches and smooches to the furmily, please! (Maybe some whipped cream too;)

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