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  1. These are so adorable and well crafted, Holly. I tried making this per your instructions — but my first try didn’t turn out as well. The side with the arm is tight on his arm and shoulder. I’m going to re-read your instructions and try again!

    – Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      The amputated side I cut behind the seam (leaving the original arm seam) & sewed it shut. Do you think you cut off too much or not enough? Which side is tight? I cut both arms out. I made several and some turned out better then others! If you need help troubleshooting or anything, I will give you my Email address if you want to send me a picture, I can send you more pictures! Will help you troubleshoot! Let me know!
      Glad to see Maceo was able to get his amp done!! I have been off site due to family health issues.
      Heal Well Maceo way to go buddy!

  2. Sorry to hear about the family stuff! I hope it resolves well and soon.

    I think my main issue was not making the sleeve hole big enough, so it is too tight on his remaining arm and shoulder. The amp side looks pretty good.

    I just made another version with a larger sleeve hole, and will try it on him after he wakes up from his current nap!

    I loved your creative tripawd style on the onesies. Not that Maceo would care, but I got a black one since he’s a black cat and am planning to put something celebratory on the front like you did.

    Luckily he’s harness trained, so he doesn’t really mind having the shirt on 😀

    1. Thank you Susan, We sure do too!

      Ok let me know if you need help, I bet that does the trick!

      I know the fun was for me & my family of course not for Purrkins! I did those while Purrkins was in surgery busy work to help the worry. I made more while he was resting in recovery. The black with celebratory something will be Purrfect!! He will look so handsome! Purrkins was harness trained too & He never minded the onesie/tshirt! I am sure it will help you and Maceo! So happy to hear you guys got to the amp.
      Give Maeco a chin & ear scratch for us!

  3. Hi Holly, speaking of the harness — does Purrkins still use his harness?

    We have one that makes a “Y” in front of the chest and is designed for kitties so it doesn’t strangle their neck. However, I’m confused about how we’ll make it work with the amputation and new shape.

    Did you modify his harness at all, or get a different one?

    Maceo is already itching to go for a walk outside (less than 24 hours after coming home, jeez!!), so I want to make sure we’re ready with the harness.

    Sending warm wishes to you and your family.

    1. Hi Susan,
      Yes we do use a holster on Purrkins;) We used a different type so I do not know on the Y harness?
      We used crazy K holster prior to the amp & still use the crazy K holster. You can buy it on Amazon if you start you search on tripawds it helps support the site.

      the Crazy K website –
      We actually had one made for Purrkins with his amp and we went back to the original one.
      The original one for whatever reason is more comfortable for him, so no need to spend extra for a custom holster.

      Bless Maeceo’s heart!! Itching to go outside already! I would not use a harness on him until you get the stitches out. But yes Harness will still be possible! It was one of my fears as well!

      I did take Purrkins out and carried him while he had his stitches in;) I let him get the fresh air and enjoy on my lap. We went back to normal activities and his harness after 14 days & the stitches were out.

      If you need anything in recovery please don’t hesitate to post on Purrkins blog ! I will get back to you! Maeco is going to show you he is going to do great on 3!!

  4. Hi Holly! I’d love to chat more about this idea! My kitty will have her rear leg amputated and I’m trying to figure out in my head how I could make it work. Let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions and I can give you my email!

    1. Hi Alissa
      I’m sorry you have to join us, and sorry i just see your comment; for some reason, this was in my spam mail!

      We have had many inquiries on rear leggers using onesies, but we never hear back on whether they work out or not. I can’t say one way or another.

      I am not sure the onesie will protect the incision enough for a rear leg. I don’t know how they would be able to use the facilities either? I don’t have a full onesie anymore to experiment with i don’t know where the snaps line up when on i never paid attention and was cutting those off.

      I cut the bottoms off of Purrkins since he was a front leg and sewed the one arm closed. For the t-shirts, i just sewed one arm close. I would see if the onesie fits ok and you could sew the rear leg opening shut. Leave the tail open and be on alert to use the potty.

      Please let us know how this works out for you guys, and you will see my email from this comment; if we can help further, just ask, ok.

      Holly & Purrkins💝💝💝

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