How to Care for a Three-Legged Cat

No words that can truly explain how Proud & grateful we are !! Thank you Tripawds if it weren’t for the site for Jerry for You both we wouldn’t be saving lives Purrkins is a shining example of what a Tripawd kitty can do not what he cannot do!! What a QUALITY OF LIFE IT IS!!

I showed Purrkins & he is posing for the next CATSTER issue to arrive with PURRKINS & FETA IN IT! Will see on the print edition?

The article addresses the kitchen cupboards.

We tried blocking access and do when we are not home & at night!

When we are home, his steps come out!

With Purrkins if there is a will, there is a way and with three legs that does not change!  Yes, we would love that aspect to change but what we do is just provide a safer route, even if it means a not human-friendly route!

Would I have done this before NO LOL but yes as we all know this journey changes us!!  Saxton doesn’t climb up the cupboards & never has & still doesn’t with the steps? I think it is a per cat on what kitty does and what you have to do or should do to provide a safer way up and down!!

Purrkins isn’t counter surfing he is going to his favorite lookout spot to layabout;)! A royal pain to move in our little kitchen to open drawers the fridge the oven to use the micro you have to slide the steps out of the way !! This makes Purrkins happy, so Purrkins wins! We will be working on a human & Purrkins friendly route this winter!!

We Celebrated  Purrkins 1 year Ampuversary July 27th !!

We are way late posting I had this in my drafts but never got to post it! Life took a significant turn!  We did celebrate his big day!! We have been MIA for family health issues & more dreaded Cancer!

I know it is strange for some people to celebrate the day we have taken off a limb!! However, that is not exactly what we celebrated! We celebrated a year of Purrkins!!  A year our little man learned his new life on 3 or actually it is a year of Purrkins showing us what a Tripawd Kitty CAN do!! Not what he cannot do;)

I never thought I could love this little guy any more than I already did!! But I absolutely do!! I love him even more!! We got thru this past year together stronger and wiser!

Purrkins is still Purrkins with one less limb so what? Purrkins doesn’t mind he happily hops on like nothing ever happened!

We have lost 1 more lb a total loss of 3.55 lbs! YAAAAY unreal we have got the weight off!! WHOO HOO!
I do worry about the too skinny since we had cancer but we will do what the professionals think is best.

Doesn’t he look great! We think so;)

We will forever monitor his food intake & weigh him on a regular basis; there is no other way to ensure he stay’s at a healthy weight! The loss of weight has been amazing to see it has made a HUGE difference in how he is getting around !! To be clear Purrkins got around great anyway before the weight loss, but we knew going into the amp we had to get the weight off! We did notice before his weight loss his one remaining leg would quiver, too much weight on that front leg! He is so much more active it’s wonderful to see!!

I wish he did act like he had three limbs for our sanity purposes!

Purrkins is paying us back by racing around the house, jumping up on everything ZOOM ZOOM & ZOOM ZOOM which is great to see but also worrisome!! I have literally caught him 3 times from slipping off of the kitchen table! He needs suction cups on his feet! Or I have to carpet my kitchen table next?

He races around & does not let a missing leg slow him down, in fact, he is more active & more confident. I am just so thankful to have been right there and my instincts kicked in like they did and Grabbed him!!!! I know I am more reactive because of losing a cat to a fall!

Purrkins tummy hair is almost all grown back in already

Wouldn’t be great to be a cat for a day!?!?

Not a worry in the world!

We saw Dr. Matt for our tune-ups & not surprising Purrkins needed Chiro adjustment being Monkey on 3 does come with consequences. I suspected he was off he looked uncomfortable to me again & we actually had an incident that has not happened before Purrkins pooped outside of his litter box (normal poop noted)!! He peed in the box and pooped right outside of the box 2 X !! I knew something wasn’t right!!

His pelvis was out way out of whack further than it has ever been & his atlas. He had his acupuncture done, and Purrkins is back to being the same monkey & back to pooping in the box!

We went for our CBC recheck to the traditional Vet & to check his teeth! He scraped the tartar off his teeth and bought us six months before we need to do the cleaning !!

The Vet wanted to wait on his CBC for a couple of weeks to a month! Since we did our Dr. Matt appt on Friday and went to see him on Saturday, he said we would likely get a false reading from the stress!! He is right; we didn’t think of that we were trying to get to these appointments with the time we had! We can return in a couple of weeks to a month and run in for a blood draw and head right back home !! This vet is just 10 minutes away!

Here is to many many many more years of hopping on!!!

Much love & appreciation !!





Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

14 thoughts on “Purrkins is in CATSTER MAGAZINE”

  1. Wow another Kitty star. Jill the Tripawd kitty was in a photo shoot for a book. I have a copy and will have to dig it out to find the name of it but amazing. Way to go Purrkins.

    I love the pictures of the things we do for our furbabies 🙂

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    1. Michelle
      Wow I did not know that, let me know what it’s called when you have time to dig it out please.
      Yep nothing we wont do for them to be happy ,healthy & safe on 3 or 4 😉
      Thank you❤️

  2. That’s so cool! You’re even more famous than you were before Purrkins! I love it!
    Your stairs are fabulous, too!
    <3 Donna

  3. Way to go Purrkins and Feta! You’ll be super Trikitties!
    So many things to celebrate… Hoppy Ampuversary Purrkinks and my kitties LOVE those stairs! That is fantastic! 😂
    Sloppy kisses from Stewie👅🐾
    & all the very best from his adoring pack,
    Petra, Paul, & his feline siblings, Mr. Spike, Chester Molester & Miss Lily 🐾🐾🐾❤️.

    1. I bet your kitties would love the steps, Saxton our quad uses Purrkins other steps, he doesn’t do the cupboards only Purrkins with 3 is the high rise (risk) kitty, No stopping him! Will get to Stewie’s blog!

  4. Tom (& Jerry) step aside! Purrkins (and Feta) finally get the recognition they so deserve! I love his spunky-ness!! Us dog owners have rugs everywhere, apparently cat people have little stairs! 😊 I love it!!
    I hope you, Holly, feature in the article as well, you deserve it!! If I could have another live I would come back as your cat.

    1. Tina ,
      I love it too he just hops on it is double sworded for me!! He needs to realize there are things that he shouldn’t do on 3 legs! But nope , my job to make those things safe & he still makes my heart skip a beat on a daily basis! We have the rugs too 😉 Dogs are not climbing the kitchen cupboards!!

  5. Purrkins, you are a SUPERSTAR!!! A full on SUPERDUPERSTAR!!!! And my goodness, don’t you wear it well! You were born to strut your stuff, on top of the world on the kitchen cupboards, and watching your Mum and Dad scramble around trying to fix your tea, well that only adds to your pleasure. Things are just as they should be at PURRKINS PALACE! Congratulations, we love you Purrkins, and your crazy devoted Mum ❤️ And congratulations to Feta too, we are so proud to have the pair of you – Feline Ambassadors extraordinaire for the Tripawd Nation ❤️❤️

    1. Purrkins & his crazy devoted Mom thanks you!!
      Purrkins Palace it is😻 He rules the roost;) King of the cupboards!🙄👑
      I would be taking my cupboards down if that was doable! Miss Meg & the Shed 🏠!!

  6. Holly you have the most adorable photos EVER! I am just cracking up at the many faces of Purrkins, he always turns on the charm in front of the camera.

    I love that you have seen the results of your hard work. Congratulations on your one year, may there be at least one hundred more ampuversaries!


    1. Hehe! He is such a ham isn’t he? He is one of a kind & I believe they broke the mold on Purrkins;) We got them halloween costumes wait till Oct;)

      I love it too, I just wish he would slow down or I am going to have to wrap him in bubble wrap for my sanity!!
      Thank you we are planning on twenty or so more😻


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