Purrkins going up and down log stairs.


Purrkins uses the 4 step stairs to reach that window seat. The larger one has 6 steps he can reach the counters, and up the cupboards, it’s also the right height for our bed. We just move them as he does for now.

We have 3 sets of stairs for Purrkins. All of which are different heights. Just wanted to share these.

They are lightweight very easy to move, I put rubber shelf liner under the steps, and they don’t move at all.

Purrkins uses all of his stairs! We ordered one more set, and hopefully, we can cover all of his areas now. Total will be 4 sets. This helps him get up and down without such a strain on his 3 legs. It also helps his Mom and Dad worry less!😉

Going up basement stairs. 14 days post amp.

We live in a log home the stairs are not typical. We were very concerned how Purrkins would manage these stairs on 3 legs.  We put carpet on them before his surgery.  We thought it would help him get up and down with some traction.

Going up the log stairs

Going down our log steps.  He completely avoided the carpet on the way down? As you’ll see. 17 days post amp.

This is the 3rd pair of steps.

Just posting this info on what we have done to help accommodate Purrkins to his new life on 3! We want him to be himself and do what he wants and do it safely!

Hope this may help others on the same journey some day.

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Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

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