8 Months Hopping On

We have hopped into our 8th almost into our 9 months technically.

Purrkins has lost 1.56 lbs. 🎉👏🏻👏🏻So far we are looking at having him lose 1 1/2 lb more.

Purrkins is at 180 calories a day.

Saxton is down 1/2 lb. They have different metabolisms obviously poor Saxton had to be reduced in calories once again. Saxton is at 172 calories. 😾 

Purrkins & Saxton both went to see Dr. Matt for their Tune up’s acupuncture and if needed chiropractic. It has been three months since their last treatment.

Saxton goes for his IBS/Constipation issues a bad gut! I am a huge believer in Acupuncture and Chiropractic after seeing the results on both of our guys! It is miraculous to see the change in them after each session! 

We let Purrkins out of his carrier, and he is at home in Dr. Matt’s office, This is very rare for our kitties to be so relaxed and show their purrsonality.

I think we kitty owners usually are the only ones who really know and get to see who our kitties are. Purrkins is showing Dr. Matt precisely who he is!

Purrkins rubs up against Dr. Matt, he stood up on his back two and checked on his brother who was getting his treatment, he roams around the office, He was weaving in out of chairs up and over the stretcher of the chairs.

Dr. Matt smiles, “look he is doing an obstacle course look at him go” “Really great to see”!

It just warms my heart, we are always in awe of Purrkins but when Dr. Matt is smiling away in awe of him!😍

I think Purrkins is teaching Dr. Matt a few things:)

I continue to say this; it is worth repeating!

” We never could have imagined Purrkins to do this well on 3 legs!”  We would have been happy with Purrkins just hopping on.  He has surpassed anything we could have imagined!

He is an inspiration! We could not be more proud of this guy! 

In the last 2 weeks, I could see Purrkins hop looked off.  It is hard for me to explain what I mean, but I knew it was different.

His head was going lower to the ground as he hopped and his shoulder looked higher. His gait was off. He looked uncomfortable to me.

Purrkins was still playing and acting normally. In fact, the boy does not skip a beat. He goes like he has four legs! Precisely why things would get misaligned.

Dr. Matt checked Purrkins, and he was out of alignment in 4 areas.

  • Atlas- 1st vertebra of the neck, carries the head)
  • Cervical 7
  • Right Pelvis
  • Thoracic 10

These are all typical of being a Tripawd.




Purrkins loves his sessions with Dr. Matt he lays and lets Dr. Matt do whatever to him.  

As Dr. Matt adjusted him we could see Purrkins wince each time, then a release in his little eyes, he never complains. My heart skips a beat with each wince, but I do follow his lead!

We will follow up in 2 months now instead of 3.

Here is Mr. Purrkins playing with kitty boinks, I made a slow motion too. How neat is that to see?

We made the video below to share our journey. Hopefully, this will help future Tri-kitties and their humans!

Purrkins Amputation Journey

Until our next update, we are happily hopping on into our 9 month 😸

Hugs, Purrs & Scratches

Love to all XOXO


Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

5 thoughts on “8 Months Hopping On”

  1. Awwwwww! Super duper big CONGRATS Purrkins & Holly, what a milestone. You two are the role models for kitties on three legs. You are so in tune with his mental and physical needs, it’s so pawesome to see and learn from you both.

    Purrkins, you are one very special cat too. I don’t know of any who are so tolerant of situations like being at the vet. You are one unique kitty who clearly has a purpose in this world, to show everyone that a kitty’s life can be a blast on three legs. Thank you for all you do to carry out your work.


    1. Thank You! Purrkins is a a unique little gem! Totally agree he clearly has a purpose in this world! He acutally has a several I believe😉

    1. Thank you he really is! He has surpassed anything I could of hoped for him!
      Rusty will amaze you too just wait !!

      I do not know about it being a common thing for all pets. It is being used more often and being more recognized for its benefits Yes! With Tripawds especially it’s helpful because their gait is off anyway, things will get out of whack. Purrkins started acupuncture after his amp actually 12 days after his amp to help get off his pain meds and heal! Purrkins needed his first Chiro adjustment at 6 months post amp. Holistic Vet always checks Purrkins alignment before his acupuncture treatments. We see this vet now every 3- 4 months what he calls tune up’s for acupuncture and if needed chiropractic .

      Purrkins in his one year of being a tripawd has needed adjusted 3 times. That’s really not bad considering he is missing a front leg;) Purrkins is really active on 3 legs!! We are grateful we can take him if you can afford to go I would highly recommend going! The difference it makes in their wellbeing and health is miraculous to see. You truly have to witness it to believe it.
      Give Rusty a chin scratch from us I’m thinking one more day he is free guy!

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