Day 5

Making more progress day 5

Last night  Purrkins got out of his closet bed and into my makeshift floor bed!


He got under the covers and curled up with me. We both got to get some sleep! So happy to feel him tuck in with me again!

His incision looks great it is not oozed or bruised.

Incision healing beautifully

I saw a lot of pictures before his surgery they looked scary. This isn’t scary at all! Beautiful job Dr. Rubin!

Purrkins wants out of his recovery suite!

He is insisting he gets out of this room. I took a couple of pictures you can see how excited he is.

I want out of this room Mom

And then mom says no. Not so happy

Oh, come on Mom really?

Tonight will be his last dose of Buprenorphine he will remain on the gabapentin.

Purrkins is feeling good he was up more today. I ran the vacuum, and he RAN 🎉🎊out of the closet and up to the bed! I could not believe what I saw It looked like Purrkins on all 4! It was a fantastic moment!  We celebrate each thing he does!

Saxton checking on Purrkins

checking on my brother

His brother Saxton came into the room more today and stayed after checking on Purrkins.

We are making progress each day!

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Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

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