Purrkins New Cat Friendly Practice

28 January 2021 

Purrkins New Cat Hospital

CAT-Friendly Practice

Purrkins new vet is a  cat-friendly practice

A Gold level CAT ONLY hospital!

The links below will explain in detail why the experience is so different for cats.

Cat-Friendly Practice®

What to Expect at a Cat-Friendly Practice

The Top Ten Reasons to Choose a Cat-Friendly Practice

Click the links above for all the information, please these are just screenshots.

There is no comparison for CATS vs. A traditional practice!

ANYTIME one of the boys has/had to visit the vets (traditional practices), they do not recognize each other non-recognition aggression. 

One cat comes home; we have issues for days afterward. Hissing, growling, fights! We do the scent swapping techniques, a multi-cat diffuser plugged in, and we still have problems. We have taken both the boys to the vets even if only one has an appt. (this does help)!!! Not ideal, however;)

Not surprisingly, the boys come home smelling like who knows what and alcohol. I have not smelled any alcohol on Purrkins, and he has had bloodwork done 3 times at the kitty hospital.  I will have to inquire further on this one;) They have pheromones going in the clinic, a kitty/cat playroom where they let the cats relax to get an accurate bp, etc., and I’m not sure what else as we have not been in yet. (covid)

We have NOT had ANY  issues with Purrkins coming home from the kitty hospital! Saxton knows who Purrkins is and vice versa. It is like Purrkins never left home.

The NOTABLE differences are the Quality of Care

Time spent at appt, dealing with cat-specific issues and follow-ups!

Genuinely caring about your cat and want the best for them in the future. MASSIVE!

Pain Management 

We noticed a big difference right away – they understand what pain signals your cat is experiencing & they treat accordingly. There is no begging for medicine and made to feel like your drug-seeking.

I was not speaking a foreign language trying to explain what pain signals Purrkins was showing me! Never did I have to repeat or have the need to try to explain further!  I had a MASSIVE sense of relief on our first curbside appt just speaking to the new vet😇.  She ensured me Purrkins would be pain-free until our dental appt. (dental has been postponed for at least 6 months)

For example, The kitty vet- sent Purrkins home with 200 mg Gaba for tooth pain and said if this did not manage the pain, we would add another med vs. the traditional vet who sent home 1/4 capsule of Gabapentin for tooth pain.

When I phoned the traditional vet to tell him the 1/4 capsule of Gaba was not helping Purrkins discomfort, he was hesitant to send more home.


I am 95% positive we would still not have a diagnosis with the other clinic. Dr. R, the kitty vet, took this and ran with it. She was available to us when we needed her. This alone is massive and a huge blessing! I sent her several videos of Purrkins – what I was seeing and my concerns. She was right back to me EVERY time! She got neurology on the phone, sent videos of Purrkins to them & got them involved ASAP!  I heard back the following day.

She has faithfully checked on Purrkins, and I can contact her and know I will hear back!! She has said from day 1,” I am here for you” SHE HAS BEEN AND THAN SOME! 😇💎

The old clinic ?! Not one call to check in on us.🏃🏻‍♀️💨 I will be writing a letter 🤬(that’s another novel)


What? I just had a check-up!

Saxton will also be transferring over to the new clinic to see Dr. R in the spring/summer! It will be interesting to see what Saxton thinks and the difference it is for him.

Saxton is all “cat”; he is never happy to leave the house and protests, Hisses, growls, goes potty in the carrier (we don’t blame him either), he has grabbed for the vets ( bites) claws! (again, we don’t blame him:) Saxton has had nothing but trauma at the vets since he was a kitty; the poor guy has had health issues since he was 8 weeks old! Most of his life!  We do forewarn the vets that Saxton can be unpredictable! 😼

We anticipate a much different experience for Saxton. 🙏🏻 (I will let you know)  We hope so for Saxton’s sake.🤞🏻

The BEST decision we have made, and it was forced!

We cannot speak higher of our experience, the care, the time they spend, being a phone or email away and getting a response back on weekends, holiday!

This entire experience has been a nightmare, but switching vets curbside to the kitty hospital has been the biggest blessing! We got care asap and continue to get care vs. waiting months to book a traditional practice dental app. The boys not being in distress after a vet visit. The entire household is not stressed after a vet visit!

If anyone has a cat, find a cat-friendly hospital for your cat, for you, for the household. It is a gift and one we all NEED!

They have gone above and beyond for cats! THEY ARE ALL CAT LOVERS! Whoo-hoo, FOR CATS!!!

LOADS OF LOVE FROM all of us at Purrkins Palace 💝💝💝

And Yes we have a few more updates to follow & we will be up to date soon;)

Thanks, fur reading

Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

7 thoughts on “Purrkins New Cat Friendly Practice”

  1. I don’t have kitties but thank you so much for sharing this so others know. You are a great advocate for your boys

    Michelle, Jazz, Chief & Angels Sassy, Bosch, Baby Simba and Sweet Snickers

    1. Thank you, Dear Michelle!
      We know you don’t and appreciate you reading this. You are a sweetheart!
      That’s precisely why we share in hopes of helping another, Purrkins journey/ his blog has always been our hope anyway!
      Loads of love and ((((big hugs )))))feel them come thru!!

  2. Holly thank you for sharing, this is PRICELESS for kitty parents! I’m so happy that you found the best place for Purrkins and Saxton. Just knowing they speak your language is such a massive relief! I wish more clinics were cat-friendly certified but slowly, it’s changing. The American Animal Hospital Association has a new program that incentivizes its member clinics to become CFP certified, which is another reason why we love AAHA clinics so much.

    This is such an important blog post and I know it will help tons of kitty parents. Thanks again for taking time to share.

    1. Thanks, Rene,
      It is and has been a massive relief, switching clinics! Our pleasure to share!
      I hope all kitty parents hear us.

      Make the uncomfortable switch even curbside we highly suggest to do so. All our cats deserve this care!

      We were terrified, and look what a blessing it has been!
      Loads of love

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