Make a Keepsake Paw Print for your Furmily Members

Make a keepsake  

I bought these kits after Super Stu earned his wing & Miss Petra was heartbroken when she found out they no longer do clays prints, and she received paper prints of Stu’s paws. I intended to get these done and put them away or display these WELL before they were NEEDED.

We hope you will all do the same they are a treasure and something we will all cherish furever. 

Ultimate Dog or Cat Pet Pawprint Keepsake Kit & Picture Frame – Premium Wooden Photo Frame, Clay Mold for Paw Print & Free Bonus Stencil. Makes a Personalized Gift for Pet Lovers and Memorials

frame to display the paw print and photos
all included

In this kit, the clay is different and much more robust, it takes a little longer to dry, so when you are done, place it somewhere out of the way and do not move until it is set.


The results

Saxtons on top, Purrkins below. I did Saxton second & you can see I got his smoother
Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit (Makes 2) – Paw Print Christmas Ornament w/ Bonus Personalization Tool & Display Stands! For Dogs, Cats & Pets. Non-toxic. Clay Air-Dries Soft, Light & Uncrackable.
Kit makes 2
Everything included

In this kit, the clay is friendly and easy to work, you get enough for two prints; plus little easels to dispaly the finished pieces. It dries well & it is a lighter-weight clay.

If the first go around is not to your liking, no worries! You can redo it. One tip I learned with the stencils is don’t press them in all the way, or you will have a little square impression with the letter. If you look below at the results in Saxton’s piece, you can see the impression of the stencil. 

I used my regular size rolling pin rather than the one that is included (it is small and hard to roll smoothly)

Follow the instructions

Knead the clay. Don’t skip that part! 

Super Duper important ( yes, super duper stu)

Our results

Saxton’s 2 front paws, prints on bottom you can see the imprint of stencil (yes I’m fussy)
Purrkins 3 paw and one front paw

 If for any reason you are not happy with either of the above kits contact the seller on Amazon. They are fantastic, and you will get a response. 

Both are excellent. I had the boys walk on both sets of clay and did not press their little paws into the clay. They did not mind; it did not leave any clay on their paws. I was not too fond of the idea of pressing their little paws in the clay 😉 The dogs are a heavier weight, so I’m sure it would be easier for the pups.

We tried this kit too. This is not one of my preferences, the price was lovely, and it is nice as you do not get ink on their pads. It’s a paper keepsake.

Pearhead Pet Paw Print Clean-Touch Ink Pad and Imprint Cards, Cats or Dogs, Pet Owner, Black



You place the paw on the clear paper-covered ink pad above and place the paper included underneath and have your furmily step on it or place their paw and press down.

Back and it has a nice warning.

For the price, it is worth a shot, and for a dog, I think you would have better luck, but I prefer the two kits above; you can see the difference. The clay is furever. Paper can be framed, of course, but yes, I like furever.



 We wanted to share all this & thought everyone here might love to make a keepsake for their furmily member before it is needed. (we receive no kickbacks for anything shared on this blog)

I will update you on our Sexy Saxtons cardiologist appt. another day, but I think you all will understand by this post we did not get good news, far from it.

My medical folder/I don’t care what that says!

To add to the horror, We had to run a probnp (blood test of the heart) on Purrkin’s Friday and will have the results on Monday. So we likely will be taking both the boys to Saxton’s cardiologist recheck next. I will update you when I am up to it and can type it all out.💔

Over and out

Forgive me if I’m mia and not up to answering questions or comments. 

Love to you all, and please send us some more pawsitive thoughts and prayers; we can all use them.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻⛽️⛽️⛽️🚂🚂🚂

Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

9 thoughts on “Make a Keepsake Paw Print for your Furmily Members”

  1. What a neat kit, thank you for letting us know about it Holly! I’m so glad the boys cooperated and you were able to get it done. I’m going to have to give it a try with Nellie.

    Write when you’re able. The pawsitivity train is full steam ahead. We love you guys.

  2. Oh Holly! In the midst of everything going on, here you are making yet another huge contribution to the Tripawds community. You spent a lot of time outlining everything one needs to know to make these treasured momentos. And we all appreciate it so much!!!
    Pawprints can be made to celebrate many milestones while here in their earth clothes. Pawprints when”they” are kittens or puppies. Then at birthdays or Christmas and can be used as ornaments for each year.
    The pawprints for Saxton and Prrjins are precious. Love the single pawprint for Prrkins, That’s a very strong paw!
    And make no mistake about it…the Tripawd Pawsitive energy is flowing non stop!!!
    Surrounding you, Mark, Saxton and Purrki s with our safe bubble of protection 💖
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Precisely on the pawprints, and the 2nd kit came with everything to make it as an ornament. I chose not to poke holes in ours as I was not going to hang. The lovely thing with both the kits is you can do as you wish on size and creativity. We had fun making them, too. The boys were not adverse at all & rewarded for their time;) I wish we would have done this sooner, as you say, kittens and such.
      I’m thankful to have these. Yes, on Purrkins power paw;) happy to share I think we ALL should make them;)


      1. Another wish, and hopefully others will do the DIY version, is to do the print before we lose that limb. I think oncology/surgeons should offer this to us; we have so much going on in our brains when we have to take a limb, we don’t think of these things.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these kits with us.
    Sending all the prayers and hugs for all of you.


  4. Good morning Miss Holly, Mr Mark, My Sexy Saxton Joe and always My Whisperrring Purrrkins,

    How lovely of you to share this special prize 💝 Super Duper Stu Ruvs it!!! He says that he really Ruvs his paper paw prints, but your right his massive paws in clay would have been even more purrrfect!

    Mr P & Sexy Saxton were purrrfect models for their paw prints, they will have to pass on their trade secrets to Chessie and Teddy, telling them how they placed their paws just purrrfectly for their Furever Prints! I especially Ruv how Mr P got his little skip and hop in there, Purrrfect Mr P! 👏

    Hehe and the Super (Duper) Important Tips are obviously very important, or they wouldn’t have added the Duper right! Super Stu is making is loud and clear that he with us at all times my friend, whether it be in making little keepsakes for our boyzz or whether we are outside tending to gardens or watching clouds, he is with us both showing up as a beautiful dragon fly for you and the wildest faces in the clouds for me, he is ALWAYS with us!!!

    I pray that these little treasures can be tucked away for many years to come. They are another beautiful fun memory showing how both boys will do ANYTHING for their Mum, even going so far as to sticking their super duper 😉 clean paws into some sticky clay stuff! But they did it ‘cause they Ruv you so much and are pretty proud of their work 🐾 😁!

    There is a TON of LOVE, PRAYERS AND STRENGTH coming your way my friends. We are holding your hands and paws and letting you know that we are here for you all! ALWAYS!

    Please give those boys a massive cuddle and a nose kiss from us all here at the Allen Ranch, we ruv them very much and are praying like mad for you all!

    Massive HedgeHugs from Petra, Paul, Chief Chesterfield and Tender Talkative Ted.

    1. Super Duper Stu’s paper paw prints are a treasure, and we thank him for letting us know not everyone does clay prints these days.

      The clay isn’t sticky on the fur; the boys had no residue on their paws, NONE with any of the kits.

      The first time around, I did not knead for the recommended time, and it was not as smooth. I followed the SUPER DUPER instructions the second time and got my full-size rolling pin out. 🙄😁 Much easier.

      Follow the instructions to a TEE and KNOW you can roll it right back up if you are not happy with how the prints turn out. I started over several times; the boys were so patient with me and did not mind!

      I had the clay on the plastic included all rolled out and ready and laid it on the floor, placing them right on the clay, and they walked across, or I scooped them up.

      Depending on how many paws you want in print – if you wish 2 paws, pick them up and place the front two pads on the clay and let them walk across you have time to grab the clay before the 2 back paws get there. Or you can pick them back up, and grab the clay.

      For one four paws, I did the same, picked them up and placed them on the prepared clay, stood full weight on the clay and scooped them back up and set them down beside the clay. Then I grabbed the clay

      The first kit comes with more clay to do the four paws.
      the 2 nd kit makes two small prints or one large. So you could use the 2nd kit for one family member with all 4 paws or do 2 smaller prints and only 2 paws.

      Doing the 3 or 4 paws was trickier, and be prepared to redo 😉 Purrkins hopped and skidded out of his several times. Saxton was a purrrfect one-time shot. I picked him up, put him down on the clay, and picked him back up & it was done;)

      The key was to let them stand total weight on the clay to get a good impression. I was going to do as they suggested, place the paw on the clay and press, but I did not like that idea i felt it was mean to do their little feet are so delicate – so we did our way;)
      I’ll coach you the day you decide to do no worries.

      THANK YOU!
      Scritches and smooches to the boys!


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