Success -2.58 lbs

We are so proud we have been successful in our weight loss!!
Purrkins has lost -2.58lbs YAAAAAAAAY !! 🎉🎊👏🏻❣
That is a huge accomplishment here! Saxton is still a work in progress.  We will get there.

Pathetic cries and meows continue, and we continue to make progress with the weight loss. We are almost to our goal weight! Then the next challenge will be maintaining his weight.

Purrkins looks like a kitty to me again. Of course, we think he is Purrfect anyway!

Purrkins always sits with his one leg wrapped around the front of him like in the pictures below, must be the way to balance himself out without the shoulder and arm.

Purrkins loves to interfere with anything I am doing if it has anything to with not paying attention to him!

Helping with the dishes;) More like stopping Mom from putting the dishes away!

The laptop is underneath Purrkins I have to close it when he comes, or he will lay on top of it open!

Which means anything can happen all of which are not good. 😉
Not very helpful to Mom.

Who can resist that upside down mug?

He is my assistant in everything and anything I do. He is a good assistant in making sure I take a break!

Can you see how skinny he is? An excellent skinny;) So handsome!
Purrkins likes Mom’s Back brace! Mom well not so much!

We got a new core exercise tool;). J/Fit Disc It’s huge 26″!

Purrkins was Leary at first, but when I got the Bonito flakes out he did exercises and did not even know it;)

Saxton is always included and does the exercises too because core strength is good for him also, but more importantly, Bonito flakes are being passed out! 😸

Bonito Flakes? I will get those! Ha, that simple!

I was thrilled it took no effort, and they were both on the disc, little did they know!

When people think cats don’t or cannot do??? There is your proof;)

Until our next update, we are hopping into our 11-month post amp…

Hugs & Purrs!

Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

5 thoughts on “Success -2.58 lbs”

  1. Awww well done! I know it must not be easy for any of you. It’s those pathetic cries which make me cave! its so hard to say no, and they know just how to make your heart melt. JJ tries cute and when that doesn’t work it’s a cry that gets louder and louder until it’s a shout!

    Keep up the excellent work and well done again.

    1. Thank you! No it is definitely not easy listening to the cries & meows Purrkins does the same he gets louder and follows me around as if I don’t hear him LOL! They do become less in time. Its still takes a lot of will & patience;) We divert the food cries with attention, play time or a food puzzle with treats. JJ & Pixel would like a food puzzle if you need to divert the wails;) JJ looks Perfect to me!
      So glad to see JJ has turned the bend! He will continue getting better & You will be amazed!

  2. And the fans go CRAZY!

    We are so hoppy at this fantastic weight loss update. You all worked long and hard at helping Purrkins drop the weight and you SUCCEEDED!

    The bonito flakes are something I think we’ll try with Wyatt. He’ll go after any kind of food. Bonito could be just what he needs for shiner fur. Looks like a trip down the cat supply aisle at the pet store!

    Thank you Purrkins, Holly and you too Saxton for showing us all that is possible when it comes to kitty fitness and diet…and how to keep humans smiling and enjoying life. What a pawesome team!

    Hope you guys are still having fun with the disc. Let’s see some video!

    1. Thank you! Yes after all the complaining it sure is rewarding to see it finally pay off!! Now the challenge is to keep it off;)

      I will be curious to see if you find them in the store? We order them from Amazon or Chewy’s. Hope Wyatt loves Bonitos too:)

      We will work on a video of the guys on the disc😉


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