Day 7 Road trip for Pain meds

Purrkins had a better night last night. He helped me write his blog as you can see😉


We both got to sleep on the bed last night. What a treat!

He tucked in under the covers!


We went to get his pain medication this morning. Purrkins has always been a great rider in the car never makes a peep!

He just isn’t the Atypical kitty! I thought after this surgery he would protest. He amazed me once again.

I told him we were going to MSU for his meds and that no one was touching him today.  I have always told him what the plan is even for this surgery.  You never know he might understand, If nothing else he is a good listener!

He rode along just like usual enjoyed the scenery. We went in, got his meds and left. Not even a  quiver which always happens at the vets.


This is the greatest of carriers by the way! The top, bottom, and door come all come off! NO fighting to get them inside or out of the carrier.  They are secured with a seat belt. MSU even let him stay in it, in the cage until his surgery!  We got it on AmazonSmile K&H mod.  Saxton sleeps in his and uses it as his thunderstorm safe place!

He is back to being comfortable again today!  What a relief that was awful to see him in pain!

That was one of the many fears  I had going into this surgery!

Our Holistic Vet mentioned acupuncture would be great for Purrkins after this surgery. Purrkins has an appointment on Monday.  I will keep you posted on what benefits we see!

We had trouble finding the best height for Purrkins to eat comfortably since the amputation.

His Grandma and Grandpa sent him a prize he got it today its perfect!


Thank you, Grandma, and Grandpa your the best! We sure miss you!

Saxton loves the boxes and of course Grandma and Grandpas smell!



Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

4 thoughts on “Day 7 Road trip for Pain meds”

    1. Your so Welcome Happy to share anything ! We are all in this together. You and Tia will love it,so will your Vet! We just unzip the top to put him in(not all the way) you’ll understand more when you get it. At the Vet we unzip the bottom and there he is no issues. They are so much more comfortable in it ! They feel secure! Its not the dreaded carrier anymore.

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