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Tripawd Cat – Life After Amputation (Soft Tissue Sarcoma)


Hoppy Tripawds Awareness Day 3/3/19

March 3rd, 2019 · 6 Comments · Post Amputation

Hoppy Tripawds Awareness Day!

We made this fun video attached below Tripawd Purrkins- Footloose to show you how Purrkins plays on three legs;) For those that do not know Purrkins does go for acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments every two months now or sooner if needed and has since his amputation the duration depends on how Purrkins is doing. We wholeheartedly believe without our Dr. Matt chiro, acupuncture, immune support, supplements, and core strength, etc. Purrkins WOULD NOT thrive as he does. It is not cheap nor easy to do, but we make it happen.

We can without a doubt tell when he gets out of whack, and it’s no wonder. He still goes as if he has four legs when he plays and what choice do we have. We do our best to curtail his play but as you will see he is a crazy man on three on his own. This is Purrkins. We could never take away his play time with cats it’s not always easy to get them moving but get a wand toy, butterfly toy, kitty bonks or his favorite organic Q-tip’s ZOOM/ZOOM! 

We do take all safety measures in the house he has traction (rugs) thru the house, and you will see in the video he hops to each rug! He does not jump off of the furniture he uses all of his steps. We don’t do long stretches of playtime.  Purrkins gives it his all and takes a break. This video below is of MANY play sessions!

We still do our core strength exercises. We do up/up’s others call it the meerkat pose, balance pad, disc, food puzzles & stretches.

Yum! (freeze-dried chicken) Balance Pad

Mom says Up/Up’s and I stand

For treats I workout

I massage Purrkins after each play session. He is still using his farabloc and knows when and where to find it! Every bit helps on top of seeing our Dr. Matt. As you will see Purrkins uses his core a lot during play! He is on two legs a lot of the time.  We slowed some clips down to see Purrkins in action because he is so fast & AMAZING!

I hope this brings anyone watching a smile!  He lights our world up every day!

Tripawd Purrkins – Footloose

Thanks, fur watching

NEVER leave a q-tip unattended with your cat! It’s not a safe toy! Purrkins loves them because it flies like prey and easy for him to toss! I never leave his side we play and throw the q-tip’s away afterward:)

Purrkins has been on three legs for two years and seven months. He is more active on three than his brother is on 4;) Tripawds do have more fun! We don’t endorse crazy this can take a toll & has. We do our best to balance things.

All that footwork is exhausting

Much slower paced FUN! Such a ham! He has no problem grabbing his toys with one arm:)

Huge thanks to a particular viewer for the prize!😘

Purrkins inspires us every day we are furever grateful we took that dang leg! He thrives on three! Disabled? Ha, NO WAY! DIFFERENTLY ABLED!

PURRFECT for Tripawds Awareness Day LOVE IT!

A comic with a TRIPAWD CAT! 😁

Attaching the link if anyone wants to read more:)

Special Report: Shelter Cats

Nothing Wrong with Me!

Sexy Saxton would be the Tuxedo cat on someones face;)if they said such things:) He is the best brother to Purrkins! We are blessed every day from these 2 special needs cats!

Until our next update, we will be hopping & zooming along, visiting three vets Traditional, Onco checkup (MSU) & Dr. Matt. We will be enjoying “living in the now” behind the scenes & celebrating our 3-year Ampuversary July 27th!

Prayers and lots of hope we keep on hopping on and never see the likes of you know what AGAIN!

The End;)

Much love to you all!
Hugs, Purrs & Scratches



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  • jerry

    Wheeeeee! Hoppy Tripawd Awareness Day to you too! I love love love watching Purrkins (and you too Saxton!) go wild over the q-tips! OMC the grace and strength in which those acrobatics are performed is AMAAAAAZING!

    You are doing such a great job keeping Purrkins in good shape, and making sure that crazy fun doesn’t do things that will harm him years down the road. I wish everyone did that for their own Tripawd, it’s a message we work hard to get out so THANK YOU!

    What a great way to kick off Tripawd Awareness Day 2019! Thanks for the fun 🙂 Give the boys scritches and smooches from all of us.

    • Purrkins

      Thanks, Rene,
      Glad you enjoyed he is boundless, amazes us every single day! We were shocked when we slowed some of those clips down. We won’t be throwing the q -tips so high.

      He knows zero limits what missing leg he says? Our superhero on three!

      Smooches and scritches have been given.
      Please do the same to Wyatt and hug Jim for us 😉

  • Super Stu!

    Mr Purrrkins,
    Happy/Hoppy Belated TriPawd Awareness day to you my friend!!
    I am sooooo sorry for not getting to your wonderful blog sooner than this!! I have wanted to, but it has been crazy daze around here!
    I RUV your videos!! You are one amazing little kitten to be able to fly around on 3 and those double twists…. boys da boys, if you were in a competition, you would be getting scores of 10+ buddy! I absolutely love when your Mum slows down the action shots and the applause 👏👏👏!!!! Brilliant!!! And you sure know how to get the most fun out of your Yeooooowwww toy don’t you! Ha! Brilliant!
    Miss Holly your Very Special, Special Needs Catsss are amazing!! Sexy Saxton would definitely be all over anyone who doesn’t treat his brother right! He is one very smart Tuxedo Kitty!
    Thank you for giving us some wonderful smiles! Paul and i really did enjoy watching your videos! Purrrkins is truly an amazing kitty to watch and you keep his spirit alive by letting him play to the fullest Miss Holly, but your right, knowing when to stop is the key to keeping your TriPawd healthy as well as Hoppy!
    Lots and lots of love is being sent to your Little Big Fellas from all of the Allen Gang!
    Petra, Paul, Super Stu, Spitfire Spikey, Chester McDuff, Pretty Miss Lily and Always Hungry Ted.

    • Purrkins

      Thanks, Petra glad you guys enjoyed!
      Happy/Hoppy Tri-day to Super Stu!
      You are NEVER late here we are all hopping on and do the best we can! We can’t get more time can we;) We appreciate the support!!😘

      I’m glad Purrkins could bring you both smiles he is a super kitty and deserves a trikitty medal! Our special needs cats are the biggest blessing, and we are thankful they picked us to be their humans.

      Purrkins knows zero limits but smart enough to use all his steps and such we are the ones who have to limit his activity yep! His q-tip plays are a highlight for him and a special occasion we picked the best of the best for tri day! He is an inspawration!

      We caught the love! Right back to you all! Scratches & smooches to the gang, please!!
      Loads of love

  • megstamum

    OMC I LOOOOOOVE this! What an amazing video. He is so agile! It’s really quite incredible to see it in slow motion and that great leap near the end. You can totally see how Mr P is related to the King of the Jungle. He truly knows no limits. I do so admire the rich and stimulating lives you give to him and brother Saxton. They are the luckiest boys and they know it – and the handsomest too. Those pics are just gorgeous. Sending lots of love to you all, Meg, Clare and Angel Pie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Purrkins

      Thanks, Clare!
      Happy Tri-day Megastar!!
      THREE on THREE an excellent year for our red heads!!
      Glad you enjoyed it was fun & enlightening to slow the clips down the one terrifying to us, but that’s a rarity. Purrkins is the king of the jungle for sure his ancestors would be proud to see him go on three:) He inspires every day!

      Loads of love to you three we always include Miss Pie! I hear her talking now. Give a smooch to Meg, please!

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