Day 4

Tri harder

Day 3
Resting on my Moms pillow

Litter Box needed Modified

We are doing great here we modified Purrkins litter box last night.

Here’s the before and after we just cut out the entry more and it did the trick!

IMG_0749 (1)
Litter box before
IMG_0750 (1)
Litter box modified

No face planting in the modified litter box

Purrkins didn’t need his mom to help him go pee today he got in and out on his own no problem yeah!

He is getting his hop-like walk down, and I’m impressed!  Again Yeah Purrkins!

I am massaging and doing acupressure on him. I started that on them when they were kitties. They love it I am self-taught with a Tallgrass  Acupressure book and chart. I’m no expert just do the best I can, and they approve!

Purrkins hasn’t had a problem with appetite. He happily gulps his food down. Not interested in his water but that’s ok since he is eating wet food we don’t have to worry about hydration he is getting it from his food.

Purrkins wants out of this room already. He protested at the door scratching away like he has both his front paws! Sorry, buddy we are stuck in here for a bit.

Set up a camera to monitor

Since Mark went back to work I set a camera up so when Purrkins is sleeping   I can leave the room with no worries. I will get an alert when he moves, and I can be right back in. We use our old phone with the presence app. (It’s a free iPhone app) It’s a motion-activated camera app we normally use for the litter box because brother Saxton has IBD and constipation we have to keep a close eye on things. We get alerts when the camera detects motion. Yes, I get poop and pee alerts and videos sent to my phone lol. If you don’t know what’s coming out of your kitties, it’s good to know! It will save you a trip to the ER!  It can be insurance and life-saving! We keep a daily journal of who has done what.

Itchy today

We have one issue today he wants to scratch at his neck where it is shaved right above the incision. The onesie entirely covers the incision, but I worry he is still going to catch his incision with his claws.I put a moist washcloth on it, and he still wants to itch the area. I put the soft cone on him today after he would listen to my no scratching. That seemed to make him understand the no-itch again. I can’t see what is itchy other than it’s shaved there.

Pretty quiet day today he is most active in the early morning, he is up on and off throughout the day.

Sleeping more than usual and that’s good! I want him to heal.

I’m drugged and feeling groovy. Look at my pupils


Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

2 thoughts on “Day 4”

  1. Sounds like he is doing so very, very well!

    And I have had a very good laugh at poop and pee alerts on your phone!

    Hope each day is better and better for handsome puss, Purrkins.

    1. We think he is and each day he amazes us with something new. We can keep looking forward now.
      So glad that decision and that dreaded day is passed and we move on!
      Lol yes on poop and pee alerts. Not everyone wants to see whats on my phone.😉

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