Purrkins Phantom Limb 18 months post amp!

Purrkins just started having phantom limb pain or what I call phantom limb episodes. Purrkins has always had a twitch in his no arm. I asked our Holistic Vet about it when we first started to see the twitch after his amp, what we are seeing is the pectoantebrachialis muscle twitching.

In short – The brain is still sending signals to the arm that is not there causing the twitching. With Purrkins it has never appeared to be painful, looks involuntary it looks like a jerking sensation. I took a short video so you can see what goes on. Just watch his amputated side.

Dr. Matt says it doesn’t seem to bother him the twitch isn’t concerning could go on his lifetime.  This last two months we started having more twitching and then episodes of phantom limb pain.  Purrkins was sleeping in his bed and out of the blue he woke startled and aggressively went after where his arm used to be. Licking fastidiously and scratching it. I felt terrible for him! It lasted about 2 minutes. I didn’t time it, I was trying to help him get thru it!  I have a homeopathic remedy we used after his amputation after his Gaba ran out called Boiron Hypericum Perforatum 30C, a (Homeopathic Medicine for Nerve Pain) During the episode I gave him two pellets tried to massage the area, he did not want my help at all he wanted to attend to it himself.  The other times it came on out of the blue, but he was awake with the same lightning bolt action and attacking & licking his no arm area.

We took Purrkins for his acupuncture and chiropractic he was out of whack in the in the three usual places atlas, thoracic 7 that number varies last time it was thoracic 10 and his pelvis needed to be adjusted these seem to be the consistent ones that Purrkins needs to be adjusted.

(red arrows showing you where)

Dr. Matt was surprised Purrkins was having phantom limb episodes this far out, but he said it could come about at any time. We do believe acupuncture will help it has always done wonders for Purrkins we will just have to get the how often dialed in better we were at every three months as a tune-up.  We discussed EMF’s Electro Magnetic Fields like a smart meter, wifi routers, laptop, cell phones, microwaves, etc. Post’s Jerry has done on the Farabloc go into further detail & a PODCAST: All About Electro Magnetic Frequencies and Tripawd Amputees  

We discussed this because the electric company installed a new smart meter on the house and this does correlate with when Purrkins started having these episodes. Purrkins will be a year and a half post amp next week, and the phantom limb episodes just started happening!  Very interesting discussion & a little geeky for some but I find all this very interesting! Dr. Matt does suspect the smart meter is the reason for this late onset and we discussed how dogs have high anxiety and behavioral problems the list went on! He suspects for the same reason too much EMF’S.  We can purchase a cage for the new smart reader to block any harmful emissions; we figured we could not block them all & bought a farabloc blanket for Purrkins instead.

When the blanket arrived we know more got it out of the envelope, and Purrkins was on it literally, and he stayed on it, on and off the entire night!

Right out of the envelope;)

The off was to eat and go potty then back on the blanket! I even moved the blanket around actually out of my own curiosity to see if he would follow it! I put it in the doorway where neither cats would typically lay, it’s too busy to lay there. Guess what? Yep, he followed it!

The blanket folded in half on this photo

Funny Saxton also gravitates to it?

I think I need one too Dad;)

Now if anyone has cats, they know cats are finicky about materials well at least ours are. They always pick the softest, cushiony materials this is anything but that. It is fabric and I was not sure Purrkins would be interested in it, but we did the research & wanted to try it if it can help him in any way money well spent! I move the blanket around to Purrkins regular sleep spots as you can see for yourself Purrkins loves it! Amputated arm always on the blanket!

Also folded in half in his window seat.
Mom why all the pictures again? SIGH Single layer full size we got the 20 X 20
Could not be more content sleeping so peacefully! Love this picture!

I have not seen him be this relaxed in months!  I have seen less twitching and will give the full review when we have more time to see what happens.  I am very interested in the technology and will watch and document how this goes & let you all know. What we can see in 4 days we are impressed!

Next week we will celebrate our One year & 6 months cancer free Ampuversary we will have to schedule that dreaded recheck once again.🤢   January or February we are shooting for ! Will let you know and ask for some prayers & pawsitive tripawd power before our appointment!

For now, I will leave you with our famous upside-down closing photo of Mr. Purrkins loving his new Farabloc blanket!

We want to wish you all a very Meowy Christmas and or a Hoppy Howlidays and a Hoppy Mew Year FULL of treasured memories, love & laughter!

Love to everyone one of you and your fur & human family here & on the other side whom we always carry in our hearts❣



Author: Purrkins

Cat Diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma low grade 1 on his left front carpus at age six, now a cancer-free tripawd kitty.

24 thoughts on “Purrkins Phantom Limb 18 months post amp!”

  1. Very interesting read. I often wondered about that with electronics. I do have a fabroloc blanket. I probably should get that out and see if it would help bosch and his arthritis.

    Happy Ampuversary Purrkins. I know its a little early 😉

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    1. Thanks Michelle,
      It is interesting to learn about, glad I didn’t bore everyone 🤓
      I Absolutely would get it out for Bosch and I bet he goes right to it!
      Let us know please.

      Thank you and we celebrate anytime right;)

  2. That is great information! I guess I’m a geek lol, I love the detail and charts. Do you know what kind of material that blanket is made out of? It’s really amazing to see them drawn to it like a kitty magnet!
    I know Purrkins will do just great with his checkup, but you KNOW we will be sending you strong, loving, healthy vibes from Kentucky!
    Merry meowy Christmas and a happy hoppy healthy New Year to you, your fur babies, and your family.
    Many hugs and much love 💕💕💕
    Jackie, David, Huckleberry, Andy, Oscar, and Mitchell
    ❤ xoxoxoxo ❤

    1. Thanks Jackie,
      Yep I can be nerd too 🤓 thats not a bad thing! See what we learn! Farabloc consists of a series of ultra thin steel fibres woven into a nylon fabric. Yes is was surprising to see them gravitate to it like they have and Purrkins is on it more then off of it. Look forward to seeing all the benefits he gets from it! I think we all need one!😉

  3. You are SOOOOOOO fabulous Holly! I want to be your cat 😻 I just love the thoroughness with which you explore and assess the situation, and how clear-sighted and open-minded you are to all the different possibilities. To say Purrkins is lucky to have you for a Mum is an understatement to put it mildly. Am absolutely FASCINATED by the farabloc blanket, and now of course I want to try one for my two. How amazing. Purrkins is SUCH a special cat, communicating his needs so clearly and it is an amazing relationship you have.
    Meg had some minor twitching post amp (and very occasionally she still does), but this looks bigger, like a sort of jolt. As you say, no worries if it doesn’t bother him, but the phantom pain must have been distressing and to come so suddenly out of the blue. I’m so pleased you’ve sussed what’s causing it. Well done, you.
    Big hug and seasonal greetings and lots of love.
    You really are amazing.
    C ❤️

    1. Thanks Clare!!
      I feel we are the lucky ones to have Purrkins & Saxton! Yes we have had our share of health issues but we take the good and the bad right! The bad was never their fault dear souls ! I’m glad I posted the video wondering what everyone else twitch looks like in comparison. Thanks for letting me know this looks bigger then Megs. I know Dr Matt says no big deal since it doesn’t bother him, BUT I would hate that jerking on my body? I will show MSU when we go and see what they have to say? Yes the episodes were more then distressing I hope we never see them again. Will let you know but so far Purrkins couldn’t be more pleased with farabloc. Good for humans too ! Can’t tell you anything on that but will try stealing it when its not in use🤫 Which wont be easy 😉
      Right back at you❣️

  4. My Gongases Mr. Purrrrrkins!
    You and your brother Saxton are two of the luckiest kitties in the whole universe!
    And to boot, you’re bloomin gorgeous!
    That blanket is soooo you! I hope it helps you lovey, that twitching certainly didn’t look to be the most comfortable thing in the world, did it!
    I’m so very hoppy for you Mr. Purrrrkins, almost 1 1/2 years 💩 C free!!!! You are going to have the biggest cheerleading team evah!!!
    We will ring the bells for you my little darlin!

    Holly, you are amazing descriptive in your details and I know that even for myself, you keep it nice and simple. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but I understand all of what you describe without scratching my head going “huh?”!
    Even though Mr Purrrrkins is a 10th of the size of Stewie, I do believe I can relate it to Stewie. Miss Leslie works on the same areas as Purrrrrkins Dr. during Stewie’s Ortho-Bionomy session.
    Have you heard if by just draping the farabloc blanket, (for example, draping it over Stewie’s amp site?) if it will still have the same soothing effect?
    Absolutely love, love, love these pictures of your gorgeous fellas Holly! Thank you!

    Hoppy ‘Holly’days my darlin’ and wishing you and your family all the very best for the new year!

    Rots Of Ruvin’ From Stewie and his Prideful Pack, Spitfire Spikey, Chester McFiend, Miss Prissy Lily and our newest addition, Teddy Bear!

    1. Thank You Petra!
      We are the luckiest hoomans to have them;) I should of posted this twitching awhile ago to hear what everyone twitch is like. I’ve heard so many people say their animals also have a twitch but interesting to see how they differ! Does Stewie have a twitch?

      “Have you heard if by just draping the farabloc blanket, (for example, draping it over Stewie’s amp site?) if it will still have the same soothing effect? “

      I got this info form the Farabloc site, to answer your question yes!

      Cover or wrap the painful area with a single or double layer of the Farabloc fabric. For the greatest pain relief, a double layer is recommended. Satisfied users find that Farabloc creates a warming effect.

      Check out the links and I think Leslie should as well they make a stump sock too. It has many benefits for humans not just for amputees. I have not got the chance to try it yet 😉 Purrkins has it in constant use!

      I almost missed that Petra ALMOST
      Hoppy ‘Holly’days & lots of ruvin to you and the growing gang! 😻😺😺😺 Stewie your getting outnumbered buddy🙀 & we need some dog emoticons☹️

      1. Miss Holly
        Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, we shouldn’t expect any less from you my darling should we?!
        How very interesting that the blanket can be used as a drape too, I am definitely going to have to look into this… who knows, maybe it could help a shoulder or two heh?! 😉
        I am also going to tell Leslie about the socks. I don’t think she knows about the Farabloc. Thank you!
        Wishing you and your family peace and serenity during these ‘Holly’day times, but most of all wishing for a lovely holiday with your Gram!
        Love to all. xxx

        1. By the way, I don’t get to see Stewie twitch, so much as seeing a sudden jump at his amp site and to start licking. That’s not to say that there is no twitch, I just don’t get to see it.
          Purrrrrkins has more of a stump (sorry Mr. Purrrkins, I meant to say your ‘no arm’!) so I wonder if that makes a difference in sensations for him?
          Luv ya!

        2. Hey Petra,
          Purrkins does not have a stump thats ok he doesn’t mind what we call it 😽that is all skin that looks like a stump, they took the entire leg and scapula ! That’s why I say he needs a bra sorta speak! Why I call it a beep;) A middle aged beep😁

          I often wondered if that is the issue all the skin hanging? I have seen some kitties with the same sack and some not? Not sure why that is that is how the surgeon did it, left all that skin? I thought it would reabsorb and it never did? It got smaller when he lost his weight but still hangs! I’m going to see if I can speak to the surgeon when we go for his checkup. If not will make appt. to speak with him. We also had the episodes like Stewie, this twitch is not related to those the twitch is more often and it doesn’t lead into the episodes of the lightening bolt strike,jumping licking etc. It’s always been a separate thing?

          Yes it could help a shoulder and back😉! I have not tried it yet! As I was telling Kerren I think we could be wearing some suits made of the fabric these days🙄🤕🤭

          If you guys decide purchase the blanket get it on Tripawds it’s the same price and it helps keep Tripawds online. PayPal also lets you make payments no interest! 🤑
          Love to all!!

  5. Wow I am so happy Purrkins has a sleuth like you for such things. The geek aspect is fascinating and I am pleased the blanket is helping. Everything is absolutely crossed for purrkins check-up. No reason not to be optimistic so try not to worry. Three paw wascancer free for six years after her first amp and when cancer cane it was a different thing altogether. I have every faith your kitty is healed and you know my beloved angel is guarding purrkins from above ..much love Joanna

    1. Joanna,
      It is so lovely to see you! Wishing you all the very best and I am sending hugs to you and spirit kisses to your beautiful Three Paw Malek!

      Petra and her gang of thieves… (heart stealers!)

  6. Wow I am so happy Purrkins has a sleuth like you for such things. The geek aspect is fascinating and I am pleased the blanket is helping. Everything is absolutely crossed for purrkins check-up. No reason not to be optimistic so try not to worry. Three paw wascancer free for six years after her first amp and when cancer cane it was a different thing altogether. I have every faith your kitty is healed and you know my beloved angel is guarding purrkins from above ..much love Joanna

    1. Thank you Joanna,
      We appreciate all crossed for Purrkins check up! We are optimistic but it is hard not to worry those appointments are nerve wracking ! I give it my all!

      I did not know that Three paw was cancer free for 6 years!! You should share all those details that indeed gives us all even more hope!! She is still working behind the scenes ! I hope you see that;)

      Thank you for your faith and teary eyed heart felt Thanks for ThreePaw Melek watching over Purrkins I absolutely believe that! She had a strong & spirit she shines thru!
      Sending love & big hugs across the ocean!!

  7. When such extraordinary “reply posts” are made, sometimes o e can do is say DITTO!!

    Although, I don’t think anyone mentioned CUTENESS ALERT!!! Purrkins always take the most adorsble photos! And yes Saxton, you do too!!

    While none of us wish you and Purrkins never had to be here, make no mistake about it, you and Purrkins have added value on so many levels!!! This kitty picked you to help carry out his mission of sharing INVALUABLE knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and HOPE!!

    I never envisioned myself coming back as a cat. But if it meant coming back as your cat, sign me up! 🙂

    Lots of love

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. Thank you Sally !!
      I know none of us wish to be here but I absolutely agree Purrkins was meant to be they both were! No denying that & I do see we had missions to carry out 😉 My Mom always says “that sweet boy was chosen for a reason “ and we hate that he was but if we can help anyone thru this journey by sharing ours that makes our journey better our hearts lighter all for the greater good! He brings love and laughter to us everyday we are blessed to be his chosen humans !!

      Same thing with your Happy Hannah & Frankie (this surgery) you know that?! I’m sure you do! We are all chosen for reasons & many!
      Lots of love and healing wishes to Frankie!

  8. Great info Holly! Mona’s problem areas identified by the chiropractor are her pelvis and a muscle at neck on the amputation side.

    Mona hasn’t had any twitches but I had bought the Farobloc for my hip and of course Mona would go on it leaving her long, fine, sticky fur. They are kitty magnets! I found that it would really heat me up and I couldn’t use it in the summer.

    You might have to write a testimonial with the cute photos of Purrkins for the Farobloc website. Much more entertaining than the people testimonials.

    Happy anniversary Purrkins. You are cancer free, you are cancer free…

    Kerren and Kitty Mona

    1. Thanks Kerren,
      Interesting no twitches, thank you for letting me know that! 🤔
      Those areas are always whacked with Purrkins, I think Mona being lower to the ground is a benefit and she is tiny which also helps! But I do think all tripawds can benefit with chiro.

      I have not borrowed the farabloc for myself yet , but I will give it a try I think I could use a suit these days made out of the fabric. Hope it helps your hip! I read about the warming factor interesting!

      I will write a review I can see already Purrkins is benefiting from it. Look forward to seeing in weeks what all changes! He is glued to it! Purrkins is Cancer Free & staying Cancer Free YES thank you!! Thats the MANTRA ! We are following Mona’s lead😻
      Have a great holiday give Mona & Eli a chin scratch!

  9. WOW, Holly, this is fabulous news. I was so aggravated that the blanket took so long to arrive but am very happy to know that it seems to be doing its job with Purrkins. What a fantastic, detailed description of how it’s going. I know the Farabloc folks will love to see this, since they don’t currently have any testimonials for its use on kitties, just horses, dogs and people. THANK YOU for writing all the details.

    And a VERY hoppy pre-ampuversary to Pawtastic Purrkins! Can’t believe it’s been a year already. You’ve done so much to expand our knowledge and share his Journey with us, we are furever grateful.

    Merry Christmas kitties & kiddos, hope you and your family have a lovely, peaceful pawliday together. We are adding extra twinkly lights on the tree just for you! xoxoxo

    1. Thank YOU !
      It is FABULOUS we have seen a big difference in Purrkins and if your looking for Purrkins he is on the Farabloc!! Best Christmas gift for us to see him get relief ! Happy to report it works for CATS too ! 😽 Thanks for the pre-ampuversary wishes yep a year and half? Hard for us to believe too!

      We are grateful for everyday we hop on & furever grateful for Tripawds & for ALL that you guys do! THANK YOU!!
      Hope you guys have a Wonderful Chirstmas & safe travels!😘

  10. Just wonderful, peace to all of you. Thank you for being you. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, stay safe and thank goodness you all know how to be more dog (meow too) that means you Holly! You’ve all taught me so much.
    Hoppy ampuversary Purrkins, you rawk ( love you buddy, your mama rawks too) yeah I’m home…got that N. E. accent’s back it doesn’t take much 😂 I’m ready to ring bells, name the date.

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