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Tripawd Cat – Life After amputation (Soft Tissue Sarcoma)


Purrkins going up his steps to his window seat

August 7th, 2016 · 6 Comments · Post Amputation


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  • Linda Ayers

    I have my own tripod, Sheba. She has adjusted well.

  • JohnnyC

    That is good to know and thank you for the little video. I must admit that I am terrified as my 10 year old cat, Mr Joshua (yes, that’s his name) goes in for surgery tomorrow to have his back left leg removed due to bone cancer.

    Like any pet owner that gets told this, I was in shock, took him for a second opinion and it seems that this is the only choice left for him.

    The poor boy was in pain and it was horrible to watch, but the pain meds that they have given him are amazing and he seems almost normal, making it so much worse for me to take him in.

    I am going to read through your other posts as I am one of those many owners struggling to deal with putting their pet through such an operation.

    Thanks again for the video.

    • Purrkins

      Hello and Welcome,
      Sorry, you have to join us but glad you found us and doing some research! That was our hope doing Purrkins blog to help other owners who have to join & go thru amputation.

      It is very shocking to hear those words & terrifying to make that decision! Look at it as a Mr.Joshua’s life or a limb.
      It comes down to that, and you are doing this to help Mr. Joshua, not to him!

      I think you would be surprised to know how well a cat hides pain, even if it appears the pain meds are cutting it bone cancer is excruciatingly painful. The bones can break easily you are doing what is best for Mr. Joshua. Please make sure to have at least the same pain management to come home with after surgery. Purrkins was on Buprenorphine 12 days and Gabapentin 14 days,

      Please do not hesitate to ask questions here or on the 3-legged cats forums

      We have a section broke down for Rear Leg Amputee Kitty Blogs if you want to check those out.

      Bone cancer in cats is different than in dogs we have a forum on Osteosarcoma in Cats have hope cancer goes with that leg, and you can resume a new normal. Either way, know you are giving Mr. Joshua a pain-free extended quality of life ok?

      I cant tell you enough how well Purrkins gets about If only I could give you my mind to ease your concerns. Mr. Joshua will hop on! Recovery doesn’t last furever and hold onto this is FOR Mr. Joshua ok.

      We wish you the best, and you know how to reach us ok?

      You have a community to help you guys get thru this.
      Hugs & scratches to Mr. Joshua!
      Holly & Purrkins❤️

      • JohnnyC

        Thank you for your quick reply, Holly, and of course, Purrkins.

        Mr Joshua is on Metacam, Buprenorphine, Gabapentin so I imagine the pain must be bad.

        Thank you also for the links as that just makes finding certain areas so much easier. I will spend some time researching on your site and on the forum.

        Mr Joshua is an outdoor cat that adopted me about 6 years ago and I have never seen him use a litter tray.

        I do have a rather big cage (meant for dogs) and I will keep him in there for a little while with a litter tray and obviously water, and let him go around the house when I can monitor him.

        I am sure most pet owners worry about this, but my big thing here is making sure that he does not fall into depression (though he probably won’t for a while due to the pain meds)

        Thanks again for your kind response and information. It does help ease things a little.

        Big hugs to you all for putting this out there for people like me.


        • Purrkins

          Trust me we understand where you are. Mr. Joshua has different cancer but all the same, we have to remove a limb! Not a light decision to make. We want Mr. Joshua hopping on, and he will be!

          Great you have the best pain meds already! I believe this is going to be a relief for Mr. Joshua!

          A lot of members use dog cages. We just closed ourselves in a spare room. Purrkins chose the closest to recover in. I would put a blanket over the cage to make him feel secure. As for the litter box ask your vet what they suggest my first instinct is to tell you to add a little soil to the box BUT he will be a rear leg, and in the box further, we don’t want soil on the incision. See what they suggest, and we will hope he adapts quickly to the litter. Clay would be my next suggestion. I would bring him in today and keep him inside & have a litter pan out for him get him used to the idea asap.

          I think we all have the same fears as far as depression. I can honestly say Purrkins was never depressed once he got home. We would have sailed thru recovery if we had the proper amount of the meds sent home. Purrkins is the same kitty on three if not happier! His life only changed by adding steps to his favorite places. Rear leg kitties will have a harder time jumping up then down where the front leggers are the opposite. Rest assured they figure it out!

          You are very welcome we are happy to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out that is what we are here for! You are never alone in this journey we have all been thru it and on the other side and so will you!

          Let us know when Mr. Joshua is thru surgery and home, please.
          You guys will get thru this, and Mr. Joshua will get rid of that painful leg!

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