Day 5


Last night  Purrkins got out of his closet bed and into my makeshift floor bed!

He got under the covers and curled up with me. We both got to get some sleep! So happy to feel him tuck in with me again!

His incision looks great it is not oozed or bruised. I saw a lot of pictures before his surgery they looked scary.

This isn’t scary at all! Beautiful job Dr. Rubin!


He is insisting he gets out of this room. I took a couple of pictures you can see how excited he is.


And then mom says no. Not so happy


Tonight will be his last night of the Buprenorphine. He will still be on the Gabapentin for a bit.

I know he is feeling good he was up more today. I ran the vacuum, and he RAN ūüéČūüéäout of the closet and up to the bed! I could not believe what I just saw! It looked like Purrkins on all 4! It was a fantastic moment! ¬†We celebrate each thing he does!

I watched him before the surgery and wondered “how will he do that on¬†three?¬†I’m so happy to say he is showing us how!

His brother Saxton came into the room more today and stayed after checking on Purrkins. I am thinking we are making progress each day!




Day 4

We are doing great here we modified Purrkins litter box last night.

Heres the before and after we just cut out the entry more and it did the trick!

IMG_0749 (1)

IMG_0750 (1)

Purrkins didn’t¬†need his mom to help him go pee today he got in and out on his own no problem yeah!

He is getting his hop like walk down, and I’m impressed! ¬†Again Yeah Purrkins!

I am massaging and doing acupressure on him. I started that on them when they were kitties. They love it I am self-taught¬†with a Tallgrass ¬†Acupressure book and chart. I’m no expert just do the best I can, and they approve!

Purrkins hasn’t had a problem with appetite. He happily gulps his food down. He hasn’t been interested in his water until this morning. He drank this afternoon also.

Purrkins wants out of this room already. He protested at the door scratching away like he has both his front paws!

Sorry, buddy we are stuck in here for a bit.

I set up our old phone with the presence app.(Its a free iPhone app) It’s a motion-activated camera app we use it for the litter box usually. Saxton has IBD and constipation we have to keep a close eye on things. We get alerts when the camera detects motion and then it videos.

Yes, I get poop and pee alerts and videos sent to my phone lol. That’s a good thing for us!

We should have done that years ago. If you don’t know whats coming out of your kitties, it’s good to know! It will save you a trip to the ER! ¬†It can be insurance and life-saving! We keep a daily journal of who has done what.

Since Mark went back to work I set the camera up and on when Purrkins is sleeping soundly,  I can leave the room with no worries, I will get an alert when he moves, and I can be right back in.

We have one issue today he wants to scratch at his neck where it is shaved right above the incision. The onesie entirely covers the incision, but I worry he is still going to catch his incision with his claws.

I put a moist washcloth on it, and he still wants to itch the area. I put the soft cone on him today after he would listen to my no scratching. That seemed to make him understand the no itch again. I can’t see whats itchy other then its shaved there.

Pretty quiet day today he is most active in the early morning, he is up on and off thru the day.

Sleeping more than usual and that’s good! I want him to heal.


Day 3 Home




We are doing great here! Day 3 Purrkins is impressive!

He is up and going this morning, up onto the bed, tried a set of his new soft foam stairs up no problem.¬†Down well that’s entirely different he is not sure what to do so I decided to guide him. That helped. Then he stood on his back two legs proudly and scratched the door marking his territory. I have to say before this surgery, I watched him on four and said to myself now how will he do this do that? ¬†Well, he is showing me how and I’m helping show him how. lol

I am guiding and trying to teach him what to do and how to do everything. Stabilize him on his three legs. Let him stand, feel secure and then proceed. Assisting Purrkins (guiding him) is working for us. We also used an old tank top and used it like a sling they use for dogs which works he doesn’t mind it, and it also helps him figure things out without having to face plant.

All kitties are different, and everyone seems to do things a little different.

Purrkins was getting so frustrated flopping and not making progress. I felt it was best not to let him keep flopping and let’s get him going slowly with less frustration!

He used the litter box, I put him in the box and held him steady as not to tip over and he peed.  He gets tired; he lays his head on the edge of the box. I helped him out. He had pee all over his fur he looked disgusted his pride is out the window! I wiped him off, and he was back to himself.

He ate great almost the entire small can of chicken and herring for breakfast.  He also ate his bonitos flakes inhaled them!

He had a busy morning and is now resting.

We could not be prouder of Purrkins he has just amazed us, and I know he will continue to do so!

I will try to get video of the walk/ hop when able. The picture was all I could do since I’m still leary and being a protective mom staying right behind him!

He seems very comfortable with Gabapentin every 8 hours and Buprenorphine at every 10 to 11 hours. Arnica montana 30c two pellets three times a day.

Incision looks great! I forgot to take pictures when I changed his onesie. Will add one later.

We covered our floor with foam exercise mats in the recovery. You can get them at Amazon or Walmart.  We got some that looked like wood and used some others we already had to cover the hard floor for Purrkins to come home.

Thank you Tripawds family for being there for this surgery and now! The amputation was one of the hardest decisions we had to make!

The pathology report will be back on Purrkins leg in ¬†3- 5 ¬†days! ūüôŹ ¬†We are very hopeful and praying cancer left with his leg!

Day 2 Home

Purrkins in his clean onesie. He needs them! He tried licking right away yesterday!  We have to watch his back claws from scratching! He has one of us watching him 24-7. We took a short shift in sleeping.

After Care Instructionsnote (The hospital iced the incision for three days while Purrkins was in ICU)

The incision should be kept dry & free of debris until it is fully healed. You may put a t-shirt on him to prevent exposure and discourage licking. Please, Monitor Purrkins incision daily for any sign of infection which includes redness, increased temperature or any white or yellow discharge. If any of these signs are seen, please have him rechecked.

Wound Care Instructions –¬†

Please apply a warm compress to Purrkins incision 2-3 times a day for the next 3-5 days or until seroma resolves.

Heat a moistened clean washcloth in the microwave. Place in a sealed ziplock bag & apply to Purrkins incision for 10 minutes at a time. 

Purrkins loves his warm compress

Purrkins resting comfortably we rigged a bed in the closet for him!

IMG_0681 (1)

Incision looks great!


Purrkins Is HOME

Purrkins went in a day before surgery July 26, 2016, to MSU surgery would be the morning the 27th. Purrkins ended up staying at MSU three nights four days.

I did get to visit Purrkins in the hospital, and I was not sure that was a great idea after reading on the site that it’s not always recommended. ¬†I talked to the Vet about that, and he said in his experience when an animal is not acting themselves it helps to have the owner come. I listened to his advice and went to see Purrkins, and that was rough!

I was escorted back thru the surgical area, NOT what I needed to see and then tucked back in there was the ICU unit, I scanned for Purrkins and did not see him, they had the cage covered trying to help Purrkins get thru all the scary sounds. All the animals crying were enough for me to cringe, I cannot imagine that is good for the animals in recovery.  It was unsettling for me to hear.

Purrkins was heavily sedated he never tried to move in the hospital and was just peeing where he laid! It broke my heart, and I asked the Vet Student then are you sure we did the right thing? I felt terrible that was not my Purrkins in the cage. He opened the cage and slid Purrkins closer so I could reach him. Purrkins scooched back to where he was right away. My heart just sank. I noticed Purrkins had a tic (tremor) and said has anyone seen this? No, they had not. It was from the Fentanyl he was on, the student said that is something the parents notice more then they do. (always speak up!) They tweaked his meds.

I talked to Purrkins, I took all his favorite foods, and he would only lick one taste of baby food.  The Vet wanted to keep Purrkins yet another day, and he would try to get Purrkins up onto his 3 feet before he came home. They never did get him up on 3.

Purrkins in the hospital

When they told me Purrkins was ready to come home, I was so relieved and ready but also nervous since he has not been on three yet! I talked to the Surgeon and the Vet student, and they gave me all my instructions for aftercare, incision care, meds he was on and when I needed to provide the next dose.  Limited activity РHe wants him restricted for two weeks no steps, no jumping up and down from the bed. He said I could pick him up and put him down, allow him to eat & use the litter box.  But no doing on his own.

He assured me once again we did the right thing and he was sure I had what it took to get Purrkins thru this! ~ ‚ÄúYou got this‚ÄĚ he was more convinced then I was!

I told him about Tripawds, and he was relieved we had support at home. He said, ‚Äúthey do not get to see what happens after they leave.‚ÄĚ ¬†I could not have hand picked anyone better to get us thru this! He called me several times a day with an update on Purrkins he always took the time to answer any questions.

We are heading HOME! 

I got Purrkins home sat the carrier down opened the door, and he flopped out, face plant, up again and another face plant!  He was in a panic mode! It was his first attempt on three legs!! Excited to be home and scared and drugged! I was a wreck!! I did not expect that, and it ripped my guts out!

He flopped and flopped all over! Like a fish out of water! He was frantically flopping, and I was frantic watching. I had told myself over and over to stay calm and be strong, well that went out the window the first few minutes of the flopping! I wanted to cry!

My heart breaks for him, and I am questioning did we do the right thing?

I do not think anyone can truly prepare you for that first day the first hours home? It was heartbreaking and scary for me.

I put wee-wee pads all over the bed laid him on the bed, and nope that wasn’t good he wanted to go somewhere else.


Incision leg & scapula removed

Then he jumped into the window sill before I could even react. I supported his one side as he watched out the window, hoping he sees awe, yes, I am home (remember our instructions no jumping, etc.)


Next, I placed him on a chair in front of the window he laid there for a bit. Then he decided no let’s go somewhere else. I helped him to the floor then let him go to wherever he was trying to go. Not far under the chair. He rested there for a while then up again.


He went to the litter box, and I watched him try to use his missing limb,  he was frustrated nothing seems to be working he surrenders in the litter box!

I helped him out of the litter, and he hobbled over to the open closet. That was the final resting spot.  I made a comfy makeshift bed in the closet for him.


He just wasn’t sure what to do or where he wanted to go. I wasn’t sure what to do. I read so many blogs before this surgery, all the advice I read was to let them figure it out on their own. I cheered Purrkins every move even if it was a flop (while my heart is sinking) Then I see Purrkins third eyelid starts to show? I called MSU they told me not to be concerned right now if by 4:00 pm the third eyelid is still showing to call back. I decided to post on the forums too.

 My post to Tripawds forum

Help any suggestions please,

Got Purrkins home and is it ok for his 3rd eyelid to be showing both of his eyes. I know he is drugged and passed tired.

He’s on Gabapentin and Buprenorphine they gave him the dose before coming home.

We called the vet student and isn’t concerned yet. If still happening by 4 he said to call back.

He isn’t getting around good at all hopping frantically. He managed to jump in the window. Unreal he did that no problem. I helped him down I was frantic.¬†I’m not doing as well as I would like for him I’m a wreck trying to calm myself to stop transferring it.

Am I supposed to let him figure this out on his own? I mean the getting around in the room?

He keeps flopping tearing my guts out. I am telling him he is doing great glad he is attempting. He ate some baby food for me. Few licks.

He is finally tucked in the closet, so I have a minute to type. I will post pictures when I can.

I am home

The good news is after Purrkins tucked in the closet and I posted we both settled down, his third eyelid did go back in, and I did not need to call MSU back. Purrkins knew he was home and he rolled on his back and started to purr. I knew then all was fine no matter what was to come we had this. Purrkins was in there, and he was so glad to be home, away from all of those scary sounds, even if he was minus a limb.

Purrkins was pee soaked from laying in his pee at the hospital. I just used a warm washcloth everywhere expect his incision, surprisingly that was all it took to get rid of the pungent cat pee odor. He was appreciative!

I believe Purrkins was kept too long even if he was in excellent care, at one point I think it caused more harm staying, he would have been better off at home. Doesn’t matter he is home now!

Our Discharge Instructions