Hoppy Howloween & Lessons Learned

Hoppy Howloween

Dr. Purrkins on call
Bat kitty Saxton

There is a story to follow with these photos! Dumb arse me decided to have a photo shoot for the calendar this year.

I grabbed yarn to catch Purrkins attention, and of course, it worked cats love yarn & yes I know the dangers of yarn, and I am right there with him &  within SECONDS Purrkins severed the yarn!

I nabbed that yarn
CHOMP (see that is yarn, not a tooth)

I tried to get the yarn out of Purrkins mouth, but he SWALLOWED IT!

I gave Purrkins some egg lecithin (good for hairballs) and some coconut oil also good for hairballs praying the yarn would pass without a hitch. LITERALLY, I was terrified it would get hung up inside somewhere. I had the visual of surgery my nightmare!

I called the Vet right away, and they told me to try not to worry if Purrkins is acting fine and not throwing up or puking. HA easier said than done because I grabbed the yarn to play with Purrkins. 🙄😞

The office said it should pass in 3 days or 3 bowel movements! I was on poop dissection duty. After 3 poops still no yarn? Called the Vet again and the Vet gave the same advice as long as Purrkins is acting normal, pooping, not throwing up and eating normally don’t worry it shall pass if anything changes obviously we head to Emergency. Over a month of dissecting poop, no yarn EVER showed up?!?!?! It was 100 % wool yarn so I thought that might have been a plus. Where did the yarn go? It was not in the poop trust me GAH!

Here are some things I learned from what could have been a disaster

#1. Don’t play with yarn! DUH

#2. A linear object such as yarn, string, tinsel, or grass is hanging out of your cat’s rear end – CUT IT NEVER PULL IT. I had no idea? I have pulled grass from Saxton’s rear end before. We can cause damage by pulling it out!

#3. Do not try to pull a linear object out of their mouth it can be stuck on the tongue and or throat and cause damage. (again I did not know this)

It was instinct for me to open Purrkins mouth and try to get it out.

Purrkins had loads of fun AND was over the photo shoot both!

It appears we are in the clear now!? Wanted to share some of the great photos from our photo shoot.

Kitty Boinks and a lazy Purrkins
NOT yarn that can be severed. One of Purrkins special cat toys! (Purrkins – see my core strength:)
It’s a birdie, and I got him, chomp
Loved this shot but you can’t tell Purrkins is a tripawd;)
Hunting the chipmunks outside ignoring Mom
Is this over yet Mom?
Exhausting all these pictures
So sweet and innocent;)
The picture we decide upon for the calendar this year

Saxton still needs to have his very own photo shoot & we will get that done in November! He was snoozing thru these shots. Purrkins will not play when Saxton is around that is one thing that has changed since the amp we have to play separately.

Other than the yarn deal we don’t have much to report. Purrkins went for his 2-month acupuncture/chiro treatment, and that seems to be a better fit for him he was slightly off this time rather than being all out of whack.

Purrkins has had a hand full of phantom limb episodes again each time these have happened were after he was playing and racing around like a crazy kitty on 3.  I wrapped him in his farabloc blanket, and the episodes do settle right down! Phew!

Classic upside down Mr. Purrkins;)
Hope everyone has a safe fun Howloween !

Love & Purrs to you all!