We strive for UNREMARKABLE on this journey!


We went for our recheck bloodwork, x-ray, and urinalysis.

Mr. Purrkins is unremarkable ALL CLEAR. To refresh Oncology felt we could do our next six month follow up with our regular vet and we did! Purrkins did NOT get sedated for his x-rays when there is a will there is a way. We got our way;) Our Vet had no problem with our request he did Purrkins x-rays on his leg initially and commented then how great Purrkins did if only all animals would be like him;)  He knows Purrkins. 

The tech said she didn’t even need to be in the room “lay this way” he laid that way the purrfect patient! She rolled her eyes at sedating Purrkins Dr. Matt does the same an uncalled for risk with Purrkins. I am not saying all cats will do the same I don’t know. It should be based on each animal. Purrkins is unique in many ways, and WE KNEW he would be fine and just lay he is unlike any kitty I have met.  If you believe your animal should not be sedated, please speak up and see if someone will listen and work with you. We have at MSU, and they will not budge. Purrkins will not be sedated again for an x-ray!

The vet took us back to show us the x-rays I expected to see Purrkins lungs not most of Purrkins! We were in awe!  The traditional vet said the chest x-rays at MSU are chest x-rays our vet at a private practice ” we try to fit the most cat we can get in one.”

Since we got the all clear, we can appreciate the x-rays and all of Purrkins. WE DO know how fortunate we are! 

We have never seen any of Purrkins x-rays at MSU.  

Here are the x-rays it was helpful for our minds to see what was and what is now as far as the amputation goes. It was explained to us, but until you see it visually, it was a WOW.

I thought you guys might be interested in seeing them.

This picture shows you Purrkins no arm/no scapula which you can’t really see the scapula in this shot, but you will see that next. It looks as if Purrkins has always been this way or born that way neat. 

This picture shows you how large the scapula is and was. I had no idea until seeing these. We never had a choice anyway but helpful to see now!

My arrows, not theirs;)

lungs & organs my arrows are showing you the remaining scapula
lungs and organs and a ton of poop

This picture shows you TMI full of poop lol see the poop there? This is only funny because Purrkins never has an issue with pooping unlike his brother so we must have interrupted his schedule.  As you can see, I point to all the things we were not looking at! Of Course, this was after he pointed out the lungs were clear! The vet did say IF we were to see metastasis of the lungs it would have a fluffy white appearance on the x-rays.

The vet went thru the entire x-ray each organ etc. it was an incredibly informative visit, he is excellent to take so much time with us! He said all looks great and sends off to a radiologist to confirm. We got the official news UNREMARKABLE.


The heart murmur is NOT heard since Purrkins had his dental and two teeth removed. It is pawsible it won’t be heard again.

Since we got so much of Purrkins in the X-ray, we won’t go back for eight months, and we will see MSU Oncology for that recheck. Our vet said in his experience this tumor and grade when the leg goes you don’t see it again! MSU is watching for any cancer that can sometimes come back in different forms. It may never too! 🙏

We will continue seeing Dr. Matt for our tune-ups. This appointment was so much easier on Purrkins than MSU.  Purrkins was more worried about getting the alcohol off of him from the blood draw than anything else. We were there maybe an hour, and that was most of the time with Purrkins in my arms!  We DID NOT have issues when we came home like we do when we go to MSU. Saxton had no problem with Purrkins smell and vice versa. Pleasant all around.

We saw Dr. Matt for our tune-ups and Purrkins was way off again. Mark and I could both see we were overdue to see Dr. Matt by Purrkins hop and I have a hard time describing what we see when he is on three. If you know your animals, hop you will know when it looks different. Dr. Matt suspects he jumped and landed wrong.  We have eight pairs of steps in this house, and we still have landed wrong. UGH, constant worry to keep Purrkins leg and body safe. 

This area has never been off before diagram below for anyone interested. The atlas is always out whack this is the first time in 2 years the lumbar 1 was off.

Purrkins let out a growl when Dr. Matt manipulated him and found what was painful there was no mistaking what the issue was. Dr. Matt followed with acupuncture Purrkins bounced back in a few days. We are so grateful to have Dr.Matt

Things get out of whack missing a leg we know Purrkins would not do as well without Dr. Matt. We go back in 2 months to see how things look instead of 3 months. 

Purrkins favorite window seat had a malfunction we emailed customer service, and they sent replacement parts out right away he was not happy for a week. He sulked just like that! Pathetic

Mom where is my window seat?;(
My place is back!
Phew that was a bad dream

The big scoop is out on the NEW Trikitty book Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats The Tripawds Feline Amputation Recovery and Care Handbook we were honored to be a part of such a huge project.

It is terrible when we have to join and lose a limb regardless of the cause but rest assured life goes on with three legs!  The handbook hops you thru everything you need to know and more. I am pawsitive this book will help many new trikitties and their humans. Thanks to Jim and Rene, Spirit Jerry, WyattRay and all trikitty members for making this happen to allow us kitties to join! Fang and his Mom who started the first kitty blog Fang lives on thru all of us he will never be forgotten.

We would all be lost without Tripawds all the resources, the information the support and love!

We are furever grateful! 

Reading the Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats
Saxton is over all this talk of Purrkins;)

Until our next update think about howloween, we are;)

Love and Purrs to you all!