Purrkins TWO YEAR Ampuversary

We celebrated Purrkins


Cancer Survivor Two years & hopping on!

I can still go back to that day very easily I am sure all tripawd parents can relate it is a day we will never forget most of this journey are days we will always remember! When we dropped Purrkins off at MSU knowing we would be picking him up minus a limb and having the faith to do it, terrifying as you all know. Did we think we would be celebrating two years on three legs? Honestly, I stay HOPEFUL until the rug is pulled out from under me.  If we don’t believe and have HOPE what IS the point of life? We hope and pray and do the best we can do, and no matter how much time we get it is a gift. Two years has been such a treasured gift I am emotional & teared up typing it. We plan on hopping on many, many, many more years, and my hope & prayer is Purrkins lives a normal trikitty life. God forbid this piece of 💩would ever come back we will NEVER regret our choice. Never. This cancer journey is a curse that comes with some blessings when we slow down and enjoy. We could not be more thankful EVERY day is a gift and each day after today will be. None of us are immortal!  We all need to live this way with everyone in our lives. We never know what each day brings every day we get up and breathe is a gift.

I made a video to celebrate Purrkins 2 years on three a glimpse into those two years. Did I think Purrkins would do this well on 3?  NOPE, he has surpassed anything we could have hoped for & then some!  If you are new to this journey no matter what brings you here dreaded disease, injury, deformity you have to have hold on to what you believe is best for your furmily & hop on!

When life is a bitter pill to swallow

You gotta hold on to what you believe

Believe that the sun will shine tomorrow

Make the dreaded decision and plow forward. Leap and have faith, hope & believe! Enjoy every day, no one knows how many calendar days we have tripawds, quads, bipawds, unipawds or humans. Make each day count! We won’t have regrets that way.

If you are new here, I  included our first eight months video. It will give you a better picture of Purrkins journey.

We could not be more proud of Purrkins he is our tripawd hero!

We had a pawty for Purrkins a turkey fish cake (PetCakes) they make one for CATS I was so excited but skeptical as well because it was a microwave cake. Save your money! I should have listened to my instincts;) oh well how do you know unless you try right. I did have a backup plan just in case the PetCakes did not work, yep instincts we made MegaWheels Rockin Rollin Liver Cake minus the garlic the boys thank Auntie Clare & Meg they ROVE it! They were both licking the bowl. We froze some Whiskas cat milk for the occasion in cat ice cube trays too;)

Liver cakes they loved the petcakes I tossed!
Megastars liver cake YUM! Thanks, Clare and Meg😘
Whiskas cat cubes (sorta icecream)
Mom and her hats! I would not look at the camera but I wore it cause I was a king for the day. 2 years really;)

We had never seen a three-legged animal until a year before Purrkins was diagnosed with cancer.  We had deer show up she was likely hit by a car. We were not sure she would make it.  We put food & water out for her every day to help her. One day she showed up with her fawn. Here she was pregnant the entire time. .

She did good on three, and the leg never took her.  She was like clockwork the day she didn’t show up I looked all over the property for her no Momma deer. Then her fawn showed up alone we knew she was gone. Hunting season – someone took an easy shot. NOT on our property, we don’t allow hunting.  Momma deer was a preview of life on three legs. Come to find out a year later.

This year we had a Mom Raccoon come up on the deck on three legs. I was sick what could have happened? She has babies if she dies the babies will die. Most rehabilitators don’t take raccoons & if they did, she would likely have been put down.  Her best shot was here with her babies and possibly she might recover? If not I figured she would have chosen to stay here either way. I gave her the best chance I could. Food and water every day she would not have to go hunting for food hoping she could rest that leg some. I documented it to watch her progress. She was also like clock-work came every day 2 X a day for a meal I gave her human foods, cat foods, and bird seed. Guess what 17 days she is back on four legs with her cubs in tow. The moral of the story is ALL animals get around on however many legs they have. They keep going and hop on!

She did great, and just like our tripawds when they run on three, you would have never known anything was wrong with her  Amazing to see all species hop on.

We have not had anymore phantom limb episodes since the last update we go back to Dr.Matt for our acupuncture tune-up and chiro in a couple of weeks.

Purrkins on his farabloc
Oh Mom please not the camera again I’m busy here
Back to. my catnap >^..^<

We go for a recheck in Aug bloodwork and chest x-ray no sedation we are doing this one with our regular Vet and it will be sent to MSU.  Will see you again for our next update. We are going to keep hopping on!

Lots of love and gratitude to you all! We are furever grateful and here is to many more ampuversary pawties!!


Happy Hoppy Eighth Birthday

We celebrated the boys eighth birthday on June 30th. We are still in the Mature category be clear;) 

Happy Birthday to me
New treat puzzle, not plastic cause I get chin acne from plastic
See how I hold the yeowww banana
I’m laying on it. It’s mine
Hats again Mom?
I got this thing figured out
Enough of this hat I am backing out of it.

We had planned on having both the boys dental’s done in May had blood work done, and Saxton ’s comes back as a no go. We would retest in another month to see if things changed his blood work was great six months ago? Purrkins blood work came back good. We had his dental done. The Vet was accommodating with us and gets cats! We talked about all this before the dental on cage time what meds they would send us home with how they would sedate him etc. He made special arrangements for Purrkins to NOT come in early in the morning and wait in a cage for his turn. The office called us right before they were ready for Purrkins for us to bring him in. LOVED THAT they also let us pick up Purrkins as soon as the procedure was over. For any cat & cat owner HUGE! Less stress on all pawties! 

Two teeth had lesions and needed to be removed. Purrkins came home with three days of Buprenorphine so anyone who thinks three days of meds is ok on amputation IT’S NOT & it is cruel plus Amoxicillin for five days.

We were not prepared for two teeth coming out and Purrkins coming home seeing pink elephants! Purrkins did great on Buprenorphine and Gabapentin in recovery well lesson learned with no Gaba means a drunk ABLED  Purrkins with the Zoomies! Gaba made him sleepy just Buprenorphine does not! NOTED

Purrkins was to remain calm no jumping or stairs, and Purrkins did not get that memo. We got the recovery room ready and pulled the mattress off the frame and into the spare room we went for three days. Uneventful in the room. Purrkins did great.

Pink elephants?

Phew I’m tired of those pink elephants

We were able to start brushing teeth again after 14 days. I do brush their teeth yes, I don’t do the most excellent job, but I get it done I was not sure it was enough, and it still paid off, everything was mild tartar, etc.  We added a dental chew in Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Cats they love them and come running when they hear the bag. The boys  have a preferred taste to the CET Poultry Toothpaste  that is the only one that is like a treat to them, and we use this tiny little brush CET Toothbrush for Cats 

Some info on dental health in cats if you have a cat, please read. Everything You Need to Know About Your Cat’s Dental Health

Below is a screenshot, not the entire article click the link above, please.

Saxton has since got blood work redone and YAAAAY it has improved, and now he can have his dental done. We will continue blood work every six months to make sure things stay stable. We Mark and I  decided we will not do Saxton’s dental until the next 6-month blood work Saxton needs a vet break, and we all need a break in all aspects. Nothing is urgent dental wise, and we are doing these to prevent problems with their health in the future well that is our hope! I have no idea what we were thinking about doing them both at one time anyway?!?!? 

My parents came to stay with us we had a wonderful time, time went entirely too fast!

Yep, that’s our Grandpa, and we love him!

Grandma said no to the photo of them both and I had to delete it which I understand! I get that from my Mom!


Purrkins uses his farabloc every day, and we continue to go to acupuncture and chiropractic we went May 30th. I move the blanket to his two favorite layabout places, and we have not had one episode until June 23rd. Purrkins was in his cat tree, and I forgot to move his blanket! The cat tree has been the commonplace Purrkins has had his phantom limb episodes? Might be all of the EMF’s are circulating in that area? 

He bolted out of his tree and down the tree to attack, bite, lick & scratch his no arm! Mark said he is having an episode again. I saw he did not have his blanket I forget to move it one time and crap! I grabbed the blanket and wrapped him in it. The episode stopped immediately~! No poop it was over just like that!

Farabloc WORKS anyone has a doubt try it because it has been a huge relief for Purrkins and this was the first episode we have had since it came in Dec. Worth the cost? YES! Was it just because I did not move the blanket for him? That is what I suspect. Time will tell. I can tell you I will never forget to move that blanket again! 🙁

We have ordered a faraday cage for the smart meter, and the wifi router will see what changes and if we have another break thru episode in between tune-ups? We have talked about seeing a pain specialist who is 1 1/2 away. Dr. Matt is an hour plus away so not a big difference, and Purrkins does not mind car rides he never makes a peep and enjoys the ride? Maybe the pain specialist will have some answers? Will keep you posted on what happens and what we decide to do from here.

Purrkins, two-year ampuversary, is the 27th, and

Super Stewie’s one-year ampuversary is the 10th!

We have more celebrating to do!!

More Pawties?

Saxton trying to help write Purrkins blog or not;)

Until then hope everyone furry and human alike are doing well and enjoying their summer!  

Love & Purrs to all!