No evidence of metastasis as of 2/2/18🎉🎊👏🏻

CANCER FREE ZIP, ZERO, NONE one year & 8 months! 2018!

We had our dreaded oncology check-up, restaging appointment they insist on calling it and as the title says we could not have asked for better news!! We had the exam, ultrasound, x-rays, blood work, urinalysis done!

  • Soft tissue sarcomas (2) near left carpus
    Completely excised via left forelimb amputation on 7/26/16
  • No evidence of metastasis as of 2/2/18
  • Grade II/VI right parasternal systolic heart murmur ausculted on 2/2/18
  • Persistent elevated ALT (mild) as of 2/2/18
  • Liver cyst – Not seen as of 7/7/17
  • Splenic myelolipoma on the US – Not seen as of 2/2/18
  • Mineralized foci in each kidney on the US – Not seen as of 2/2/18

All unremarkable! One slight elevation in the ALT one number off actually, nothing to be concerned with at this time and a heart murmur was noted today. The heart murmur is new it is not a concern at this time. Will follow up with Dr. Matt and our Traditional Vet. I can’t help but wonder if it’s not from nerves and being sedated?  Wishful thinking? Maybe?  Will see……Not a concern at this time is all we need at this time;). We will have Dr. Matt take a listen at our next appt in 2 weeks for acupuncture/chiro that is the best place to have it rechecked as Purrkins loves Dr. Matt and it is not like a Vet appt for him.

I do not like this place Mom
What will they do to me this time?

The Oncologist that we saw today was the original oncologist we saw for Purrkins Soft Tissue Sarcoma. We liked him then & he wanted us to do the radiation route, but he gave us all of our options. I did not think we would see him again since we took the leg and today was our day.  He could not be more pleased with Purrkins pawgress and all the test results UNREMARKABLE! I find the news even better when the Onco’s are grinning ear to ear.  I am sure we are not the typical news for them and hope we can always be uncommon!!

We had some little findings in our last ultrasound in the spleen likely a myelolipoma (noted can be associated with mast cell) which scared us, and we wanted to see if it changed.  Did it change? YES, IT LEFT?  Got me and I don’t care it is gone!

We are good for six months they would like to see Purrkins for blood work and exam and then go to yearly major rechecks FINALLY PHEW. Of course, we will continue seeing Dr. Matt for acupuncture and chiro, immune support, etc.

Dr. Vilar (onco) says no tumor is coming back! HAHA NOPE, we threw it away, but they would still like to keep an eye on him. “Gold standard for oncology is every six months MAJOR recheck ” we are doing great because they are letting us go to one year on the major recheck!!  Whoo Hooo!!

The students loved Purrkins he got all kinds of love and kisses, the one girl that came to get Purrkins knew Purrkins OH IT’S PURRKINS ❣I hope all that somehow that makes it easier on him? I have to wonder if someone reads his blog because they did not go clipper crazy on him like they did last time?!


Our last Onco appt at MSU they were working on a FELINE specific waiting area we saw the signs last time Purr-don our dust!

They have completed the Feline Only entrance at MSU!! Look at it!  It is beautiful and what a difference for Purrkins and us! We did not hear one dog bark, sorry pups nothing against the doggies I love all critters; I think this is a win-win for both species!  The dogs are not getting excited at seeing the kitties, and Purrkins wasn’t more afraid hearing or seeing the pups. It was a very different atmosphere! I hope everyone follows in their footsteps!

It is beautiful and quiet and purrfect for cats they have high and low tables in there so you can put your kitty where he/she would prefer and a fish tank for enjoyment ;). We were the only ones there when we took Purrkins and the only ones there when we went back to get him?

Purrkins biggest complaint was he had to STARVE for his appointment, and brother Saxton also had to starve but not nearly as long. He came home and ate like he hasn’t eaten in weeks, he had the zoomies!  They sedated Purrkins for this exam we have discussed this over and over Purrkins does not need to be sedated!  They will not budge on this!  We discussed this again prior to them taking him back, and she made a note for less sedation. They used two different drugs this time and then reversed one of those drugs – now three drugs.

We thought all was fine Purrkins just had the zoomies, and his pupils were huge and overly sensitive to any noise.  The zoomies and being wired has happened in the past, with his biopsy surgery. An hour or so after he was home he had some reaction with his breathing, he wanted to cough and couldn’t, multiple swallows, trying to catch his breath, it is hard to describe it looked like he was going to have an asthma attack. I was ready to do mouth-to-mouth and take him back to MSU!  It did end up resolving & working itself out. What seemed like furever was only minutes!  Scared the poop out of us & I was up most of the night ensuring Purrkins was still breathing!  I have noted the different meds that were used – DO NOT USE again on his yearly exam and in his charts everywhere!

Purrkins still had the Zoomies Saturday morning, and finally late afternoon the zoomies expired!

Zoomies have expired finally

That is our big news and very happy to report we are still hopping on and we have left that piece of 💩disease behind.  It is our past, and Purrkins does not mind that his arm is in the past Ask him? His arm or Me? Purrkins says ME pretty easy decision!

Plus I use my Mom’s arm whenever a shoulder is needed!

Saxton 💭 Is it always about him?  No, it’s really not!  Saxton needs his own blog the poor guy he has lots to say!  You can see Sexy Saxton has lost weight too!!

Thanks for all the good juju prayers and thoughts we got exactly what we asked for and could not be more grateful!

P.S. Purrkins is still using his farabloc every day, and we have seen a huge difference! He has not had any phantom limb episodes, and the twitching has decreased! I look forward to telling Dr. Matt about that as well, he was not familiar with the farabloc blanket but knew we were going to give it a try.

Enough pictures mom I’m trying to sleep here!

Until our next update…….
Much love to you all!
Hugs, Purrs & Scratches