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Tripawd Cat – Life After amputation (Soft Tissue Sarcoma)


Acupuncture appointment

August 9th, 2016 · No Comments · Post Amputation

Purrkins went for his acupuncture appointment today. He was not happy with the needle acupuncture he squirmed all around. I took a bag full of bonito flakes thinking that would help. Nope not today.

Dr. Matt said this isn’t helping him and decided to try the laser acupuncture .

Purrkins didn’t mind that in fact he started to Purr.

In the photos he still has some needles in. Most he squirmed right off. Lots of bonito flakes everywhere . ūüėČ

IMG_0987 IMG_0985

Dr. Matt would like him to have 2-4 sessions . We go again next week and will keep you posted on how this goes and what improvement we see.

Purrkins pain medication and gabapentin will be done tomorrow. Hoping this will help him be off the meds without any pain.

He came home and ate supper and is now sleeping soundly.

Thank you Dr. Matt!


Getting stronger by the hour!

August 7th, 2016 · 4 Comments · Post Amputation



Purrkins is back in his window seat and is thrilled. We are so happy he is doing great! Each day is better and each day he is wanting to do more.

We just set up his window seat and the stairs on Saturday. We thought it was time for him to start doing some more things. We stripped this room down to next to nothing for Purrkins to come home to.

We took the bed off the box springs and just put the mattress on the floor. No way for him to get under the bed. We needed to have access to him for his meds. Also don’t think under the bed was safe if he would bump his incision.

We took out all the tables too. The room only had the mattress, litter box, sleeping bag cushion for me and all cushioned floor exercise mats down for his learning process. We didn’t want him to hurt him self if he had some mishaps learning.

We will continue to bring more things back into the room this week. Our Purrkins is getting stronger everyday and making this Tripawd living look easy!


Purrkins going down the steps

August 7th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Post Amputation


Purrkins going up his steps to his window seat:)

August 7th, 2016 · No Comments · Post Amputation


Purrkins doing his rehab

August 7th, 2016 · No Comments · Post Amputation



August 5th, 2016 · 2 Comments · Supplements

Purrkins Daily Supplements

Standard Process Immune Support – 1 AM AND 1 PM
Nutramax Dasuquin for Cats Sprinkle Capsules Р1 AM AND 1 PM
Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotics 1/2 scoop AM
Dr. Mercola Curcumin 1 scoop AM
Vitality Science -Blessed Relief 1 capsule AM AND 1 PM

We use a mortar and pestle
Open Capsules put in Pestle ,
Pellets & tablet Crush In Pestle

Mix All together & Mix with Organic Turkey and Gravy Baby Food. Serve;)

Purrkins Diet- Primal Raw Freeze Dried Hydrated -Turkey, Pork, Venison, Beef & Salmon


Day 7 Road trip for Pain meds

August 4th, 2016 · 4 Comments · Post Amputation

Purrkins had a better night last night. He helped me write his blog as you can seeūüėČ


We both got to sleep on the bed last night. What a treat!

He tucked in under the covers!


We went to get his pain medication this morning. Purrkins has always been a great rider in the car never makes a peep!

He just isn’t the Atypical kitty! I thought after this surgery he would protest. He amazed me once again .

I told him we were going to MSU for his meds and that no one was touching him today.  I have always told him what the plan is even for this surgery .You never know he might understand !If nothing else he is good listener!

He rode along just like normal enjoyed the scenery. We went in, got his meds and left. Not even a  quiver which always happens at the vets.


This is the greatest of carriers by the way! The top , bottom and door come all come off! NO fighting to get them inside or out of the carrier.  They are secured with a seat belt . MSU even let him stay in it , in the cage until his surgery! We got it on AmazonSmile . K&H mod . Saxton sleeps in his and uses it as his thunderstorm safe place!

He is back to being comfortable again today ! What a relief that was awful to see him in pain!

That was one of  the many fears  I had going into this surgery!

Our Holistic Vet had mentioned accupuncture would be great for Purrkins  after this surgery, he has a appointment on Monday. I will keep you posted on what benefits we see!

We had trouble finding the best height for Purrkins to eat comfortably since the amputation.

His Grandma and Grandpa sent him a prize he got it today its perfect!


Thank you Grandma and Grandpa your the best! We sure miss you!

Saxton loves the boxes and of course Grandma and Granmdpas smell!




Purrkins Day 6/Cancer Survivor :)

August 3rd, 2016 · No Comments · Post Amputation

I have several things to share today! We were doing great on the pain meds (Buprenorphine )every 10.5 -11 hours.

We were coming to the end of the pain meds so I took Purrkins to every 12 hours yesterday. Purrkins was in pain! He meowed, I went to him ,he growled and hissed at me and would not let me near him! ALL HUGE SIGNS of PAIN!

I only know this because Purrkins was in pain from a vaccine once and he acted the same way! We ended up on a short course of Prednisolone for the vaccine reaction!

Then again this morning he did the exact same thing. I put him back to 10 hours and called MSU . I had to leave a message for Dr. Rubin. I waited all day for him to call in a panic (we only have one dose left.) I couldn’t stand to think Purrkins was going to have to go without the pain meds.

Mark got home and recalled MSU and Dr Rubin was in surgery all day but he would get back to us.

Dr Rubin called  back at 4:48 and agrees we need more pain medication and I can pick it up tomorrow a.m.

Unfortunately Purrkins will have to go on a road trip with me to get his medicine.ūüė¨ I can’t leave him so he will go with.

The best news we could of ever got we got today! Dr Rubin got the pathology report back on his leg.

Soft tissue sarcoma low grade and we now have CLEAN MARGINS! ¬†ūüéČūüéä Our prayers have been answered.

Also I got Purrkins some 0-3 months t-shirts , the onesies were moving around too much on him, the t-shirt seems to be better fit and staying put. I will let you know if that changes.



TMI disregard the next paragraph if don’t want to know about Purrkins BMS ūüí©

Purrkins finally went #2 today 8 days with no BM. I gave him 1/16th tsp Miralax on the 6th day and 1/8 tsp on the 7th day. We got BM day 8ūüí© Purrkins stands on his back two leg to go #2 and he still does the same stance ,only difference now, he holds himself ¬†up on the ledge of the box with one leg not two. He started covering his BM before I could get up to take care of it. I did end up helping so he didnt tire out so much.

We want to thank everyone !

The Tripawds family , Our family all of the prayers that have been said and have been answered.

We couldn’t of done this without all of your support ! We could not be more greatful. We love you all!

We look forward to growing old with Purrkins and Saxton!


Day 5

August 3rd, 2016 · No Comments · Post Amputation


Last night  Purrkins got out of his closet bed and into my make shift floor bed!

He got under the covers and curled up with me. We both got to get some sleep! So happy to feel him tuck in with me again !

His incision looks great its not oozed or bruised. I saw a lot of pictures before his surgery and they looked scary.

This isn’t scary at all! Beautiful job Dr. Rubin!


He is insisting he gets out of this room. I took a couple pictures you can see how excited he is .


and then mom says no. Not so happy


Tonight will be his last night of the Buprenorphine. He will still be on the Gabapentin for a bit.

I know he is feeling good he was up more today. I ran the vacuum and he RAN ūüéČūüéäout of the closet and up to the bed! I couldn’t believe what I just saw! Looked like Purrkins on all 4 ! It was a fantastic moment! ¬† We celebrate each thing he does!

I watched ¬†him before the surgery and ¬†wondered “how will he do that on 3 ?¬†Im so happy to say he is showing us how!

His brother Saxton came in the room more today and stayed after checking on him. I am thinking we are making progress each day!





Day 4

August 1st, 2016 · 2 Comments · Post Amputation

We are doing great here we modified Purrkins litter box last night.


Heres the before and after we just cut out the entry more and it did the trick!

IMG_0749 (1)

IMG_0750 (1)

Purrkins didn’t¬†need his mom to help him go pee today he got ¬†in and out on his own no problem yeah!

I tried posting a video and I haven’t figured that out yet its too big. Will figure that out another day.

He is getting his hop like walk down and Im impressed!  Again Yeah Purrkins!

I am massaging and doing acupressure on him. I started that on them when they were kitties. They love it I am self taught ¬†with a Tallgrass ¬†Acupressure book and chart. I’m no expert just do the best I can and they approve!

Purrkins hasn’t had a problem with appetite . He happily gulps his food down. He hasn’t been interested in his water until this morning. He drank this afternoon also.

He wants out of this room already, he protested at the door scratching away like he has both his front paws!

Sorry buddy we are stuck in here for a bit.

I set up our old phone with the presence app.(Its a free iPhone app) Its a motion activated camera app we use it for the litter box normally. Saxon has IBD and constipation we have to keep a close eye on things. We get alerts when the camera detects motion and then it videos .

Yes I get poop and pee alerts and videos sent to my phone  lol. Thats a good thing for us!

We should of done ¬†that years ago. If you don’t know whats coming out of your kitties its good to know will save you a trip to er!

It can be insurance and life saving! We keep a daily journal of who has done what.

Since Mark went back to work I set  the camera up and on when Purrkins is sleeping soundly,  I can leave the room with no worries, I will get a alert when he moves and I can be right back in.

We have one issue today he wants to scratch at his neck where it is shaved right above the incision . The incision is covered by his onsie but I worry he’s going to still catch his incision with his claws.

I put a moist wash cloth on it and he still wants to itch the area. I put the soft cone on him today after he would not listen to my no scratching. That seemed to make him understand the no itch again. I can’t see whats itchy other then its shaved there.

Pretty quiet day today he is most active in the early morning, he is up on and off thru the day.

Sleeping more then normal and thats good! I want him to heal.