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Tripawd Cat – Life After amputation (Soft Tissue Sarcoma)


No evidence of metastasis as of 2/2/18🎉🎊👏🏻

February 4th, 2018 · 20 Comments · Post Amputation

CANCER FREE ZIP, ZERO, NONE one year & 8 months! 2018!

We had our dreaded oncology checkup, restaging they insist on calling it appointment and as the title says we could not have asked for better news!! We had the exam, ultrasound, xrays ,bloodwork, urinalysis done!

  • Soft tissue sarcomas (2) near left carpus
    Completely excised via left forelimb amputation on 7/26/16
  • No evidence of metastasis as of 2/2/18
  • Grade II/VI right parasternal systolic heart murmur ausculted on 2/2/18
  • Persistent elevated ALT (mild) as of 2/2/18
  • Liver cyst – Not seen as of 7/7/17
  • Splenic myelolipoma on US – Not seen as of 2/2/18
  • Mineralized foci in each kidney on US – Not seen as of 2/2/18

All unremarkable! One slight elevation in the ALT 1 number off actually, nothing to be concerned with at this time and a heart murmur was noted today. This is new and it is not a concern at this time. Will follow up with Dr Matt and our Traditional Vet. I cant help but wonder if it’s not nerves and being sedated ?  Wishful thinking maybe?  Will see……Not a concern at this time is all we need at this time;). We will have Dr. Matt take a listen at our next appt. in 2 weeks for acupuncture/chiro that is the best place to have it rechecked as Purrkins loves Dr Matt and it is not like a Vet appt for him.

I do not like this place Mom

What will they do to me this time?

The Oncologist that we saw today was the original oncologist we saw for Purrkins Soft Tissue Sarcoma. We really liked him then & he wanted us to do the radiation route but he gave us all of our options. I did not think we would see him again since we took the leg and today was our day.  He could not be more pleased with Purrkins pawgress and all the tests results UNREMARKABLE! I find the great news even better when the Onco’s are grinning ear to ear.  I am sure we are not the common news for them and hope we can always be the uncommon!!

We had some little findings in our last ultrasound in the spleen likely a myelolipoma (noted can be associated with mast cell) which scared us and we wanted to see if it changed.  It changed IT LEFT?  Got me and I don’t care it is gone!

We are good for 6 months they would like to see Purrkins for blood work and exam and then go to yearly major rechecks FINALLY PHEW. Of course we will continue seeing Dr Matt for acupuncture and chiro, immune support etc.

Dr Vilar (onco) says no tumor is coming back! HA HA NOPE we threw it away, but they would still like to keep a eye on him. “Gold standard for oncology is every 6 months MAJOR recheck ” we are doing great because they are letting us go to one year on the major recheck!!  Whoo hooo!!

The students loved Purrkins he got all kinds of love and kisses, the one girl that came to get Purrkins knew Purrkins OH IT’S Purrkins ❣️I hope all that somehow makes it easier on him? I have to wonder if someone reads his blog because look they did not go clipper crazy on him like they did last time?!



Our last onco appt at MSU they were working on a FELINE Specific waiting area we saw the signs last time Purr-don our dust!

They have completed the Feline Only entrance at MSU!! Look at it!  It is beautiful and what a difference for Purrkins for us! We did not hear one dog bark, sorry pups nothing against the doggies I love all critters, I think this is a win win for both species!  The dogs are not getting excited at seeing the kitties and Purrkins wasn’t more afraid hearing or seeing the pups. Very different atmosphere! I hope everyone follows in their footsteps !

It is beautiful and quiet and purrfect for cats they have high and low tables in there so you can put your kitty where he/she would prefer and a fish tank for enjoyment ;). We were the only ones there when we took Purrkins and the only ones there when we went back to get him?

Purrkins biggest complaint was he had to STARVE for his appointment and brother Saxton also had to starve but not nearly as long. He came home and ate like he hasn’t eaten in weeks and he had the zoomies!  They sedated Purrkins for his exam and we have discussed this over and over Purrkins does not need sedated!  They will not budge on this!  We discussed this again prior to them taking him back and she made a note for less sedation. They actually used 2 different drugs this time and then reversed those drugs now 3 drugs.

We thought all was fine Purrkins just had the zoomies and his pupils where huge and overly sensitive to any noise, the zoomies being wired has happened before when he had his biopsy surgery, then an hour or so after he was home he had some sort of reaction, he had some issue with his breathing he wanted to cough and couldn’t, multiple swallows trying to catch his breathe, it is hard to describe it looked like he was going to have a asthma attack. I was ready to do mouth-to-mouth and take him back to MSU!  It did end up resolving & working itself out. What seemed like furever was only minutes !  Scared the poop out of us & I was up most of the night ensuring Purrkins was still breathing!  I have noted the different meds that were used – DO NOT USE again on his yearly exam and on his charts everywhere!

Purrkins still had the Zoomies Saturday morning and finally late afternoon the zoomies expired !

Zoomies have expired finally

That is our big news and very happy to report we are still hopping on and we have left that piece of 💩disease behind.  It is our past and Purrkins does not mind that his arm is in the past ask him!  His arm or Me ? Purrkins says ME pretty easy decision!

Plus I use my Mom’s arm whenever a shoulder is needed!

Saxton 💭 Is it always about him?  No it’s really not!  Saxton needs his own blog the poor guy he has lots to say!  You can see Sexy Saxton has lost weight too!!

Thanks for all the good juju prayers and thoughts we got exactly what we asked for and could not be more grateful !

P.S. Purrkins is still using his farabloc everyday and we have seen a huge difference! He has not had any phantom limb episodes and the twitching has decreased ! I look forward to telling Dr. Matt about that as well, he was not familiar with the farabloc blanket but knew we were going to give it a try.

Enough pictures mom I’m trying to sleep here!

Until our next update…….
Much love to you all!
Hugs, Purrs & Scratches


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  • paws120

    (((Holly))) that is fantastic news!! Sending you ginormous hugs and chin scratches to your handsome boys. I’m so glad you got a clean, geez even BETTER than clean bill of health for Purrkins. You must be so relieved! Love the pictures, they are such handsome boys. Keep up the pawesome work, it’s your care that keeps your boys healthy!
    Sending tons of hugs and lots of love ❤️
    Jackie and Huckleberry ❤️❤️

    • Purrkins

      Thanks Jackie,

      FANTASTIC news the best we have had in a long time & relieved is a understatement❣️
      Better then clean bill we actually improved since our last onco appt. 🎉 Could not ask for more I take that back – I can ask for no reaction to sedatives. Purrkins recovered and that is what is most important & the Cancer FREE is the ultimate !

      Give the Prince & gang chin scratches and kisses from us

  • benny55


    I’m coming back later to write more, but just jad to auickly say CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FRIEND PURRKINS!! 🙂

    Chin scratches with love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Purrkins

      Thanks Sally!
      It is GRRREEEEEAT News!! I think we should have Purrkins name somewhere after all we helped pay for the wing I have no doubt💰 💸💵😒
      I know you will appreciate the NOT going clipper crazy too😉!
      Lots of love and give Frankie a kiss on that heart head;) & Nurse Myrtle kisses from us please.

  • Super Stu!

    Yay Purrrrrrrkins!!! 👏 Congratulations!!! We can not tell you how very hoppy we are for you!!! We are ringing the 🛎 for you here my lovey!!!! Absolutely thrilled for you and your Mum and Dad!🥇

    And let’s talk about those test results… there is absolutely nothing unremarkable about those results buddy!!! 😻I want to make lots of remarks on them… FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT, OVER THE MOON, LOVING THESE RESULTS!!!👏 And I could make so many more remarks!!! All paws are crossed for those heart murmurings to be completely unremarkable!!! I mean who wouldn’t be worried and a little nervous about going into that icky, smelly place?! Although it does look like a purrrfectly lovely place, if you purrrdon the pun! 😉 You can purr to your Dr. Matt and tell him all about your exciting weekend! Exhilarating and shocking all in one shot! I am so sorry to hear that you and your pawrents had such a scary time, those zoomies aren’t that much fun are they lovey!🙀

    You have beaten the Oncology Standard!!! Well done! Good Lad!!! We knew you could do it! Your Mum and Dad have done everything right! Please give them a pawz on the back for giving you everything you needed and then some! You are the poster kitty for success! 😽

    How can anybody not love Purrrrkins??? I mean look at that beautiful belly, Purrrrrrrfectly handsome nekked!!! Oh and you look so content and handsome on your Farabloc blanket!

    Now my lovely Sexxxxy Saxton, you are absolutely stunning in your style!😻 You need your own Catwalk, never mind your own Blog! Oh soooo Sexxxxy!!! Well done in achieving your weight loss, it can’t have been an enjoyable experience! Good brave lad!

    We are all celebrating this excellent news with you Holly! Keep up the good work with your boys, you should all be very proud of yourselves! Yeah, pretty easy decision to put that icky arm into the past! 😉

    Hugs and many chin rubs being sent your way!

    All our very best to you Petra, Paul, Stewie 🐾Spike, Chester, Miss Lily and Ted >^..^< ❤️❤️❤️

    • Purrkins

      We rang our bells here too 🔔 THANK YOU!! We love ringing our bells let’s keep up the trend going !!

      I will let you know what Dr. Matt finds, I know my heart skips beats and races at these appts so have to wonder? Will get it to the bottom of it and see. Thanks for all the support love and prayers they worked!

      Purrkins here – I liked the zoomies at first, I was zooming all over the house, as fast as my 3 legs could carry me and I think I flew a few times too! 🚀 I didn’t like them so much when something took my breathe away but all is good now! Mom, Dad & Saxton were glad when they expired! Mom and I could sleep for days !!

      Saxton here – Thank you Petra for acknowledging me and commenting on my new body, Mom and Dad insists this starving thing is best for Purrkins and I! We most certainly do not agree and protest daily. Mom wont budge so as you can see I’m wasting away.🙀😹 Mom started calling me Sexy Saxton and told me it was you whom admired me.😻 Will have to push Mom more I agree I need my own catwalk & blog all this talk about Purrkins 😾what about me?🗯 I get a little corner piece ugh!😿

      Thank you we could not be more grateful for this news! We will keep on hopping on and leave the piece of 💩 where it belongs!! We will keep ringing our bells 🛎and cerebrating!!🎉🎊

      Give love and cuddles to the gang please! We should be celebrating another ampuversary soon on Mr Stewie I believe. More bells to ring🔔🛎

  • benny55

    It had to be so hard dealing with the sedation drug reactio s!! OMC!!! So scary!! Glad the Vet has his file duly noted now!! I have to say though, if circumstances were different, it would be fun to see Purrkins do zoomies! 🙂

    I’m just so thrilled all tests were good! I’ve had dogs vefore who have fone in fir a check-up and the Vet thinks he has a murmur. Then, next visit, no murmur. Then mext visit, hearing a murmur….Then not. You get the point! Wouldn’t be too worried about that at all!

    And glad we got to see handsome and fit Saxton too! Such a good lookie fella’:-)

    AND YAY FOR no obsessed clipper happy shaving on Purrkins p! That adorable tummy is for rubbing, not shaving!

    Onward and upward Purrkins! You are such an inspiration to anyone starting this journey! A d the knowledge your Mom shares with us has completely tra sformed the Tripawds site for kitties…..for all of us!! 🙂

    Lots of love

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS. Frankie’s “heart” was just kissed on yiur behalf! 🙂

    • Purrkins

      Thanks again Sally – Petra had the same experience with a dog as well, very much appreciated to know such info!!
      That’s 2 people having the experience and my gut says this is the case in Purrkins too. They were not concerned at his time so will just keep an eye on it and have Dr Matt and the Traditional guy take a listen and see what they hear. Everything so far that MSU picks up one visit seems to disappear by the next! 🤞🏻that trend continues!

      Onward and upward indeed PHEW less looking is even better too! Finally !!

      The zoomies are fun to watch to a point;) If we had the house all padded it would be really fun to watch the boy will never understand he is missing a leg that’s good and bad! The next zoomie session 🚀 I will record for you!
      Lots of love right back at ya! Don’t forget Miss Myrtle too please😘

  • mom2shelby

    YAY!!!! Such a great report! I don’t come here as much anymore (that pesky job thing) but I am glad I popped by today. So happy to hear this news.

    And those photos!!! Always love bonus photos!!!

    CONGRATS and here’s to many more wonderful reports!
    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart (and little Jasper too)

    • Purrkins

      Thanks Alison,
      Glad you popped in today too!
      We can ALL celebrate GREAT News and Wonderful reports!
      Yes darn those pesky jobs they can do that sometimes😉
      Hope you are doing well, give Jasper kisses from us!

  • linda8115

    So so happy for both you and of course beautiful Purrkins! Love getting such great Monday reports to celebrate! Scary though on the sedation reactions! Glad too that all resolved itself! ❤️❤️

    • Purrkins

      Thanks Linda,
      Looks like all the crew is stopping by on Monday to celebrate 😁
      We will keep the celebration going! We cant get better news! The reaction was terrifying but it worked out and we are hoping for NO next times! UGH


  • tinsch

    Holly, that’s fantastic news! I am so happy you got the all clear!! Go Purrrrrrrrrkins!!
    Is it the usual that they insist on sedating kitties? As in: everywhere? I know nothing about cats and vets but I know Manni didn’t have to be sedated for neither x-rays nor ultrasound and I was always very adamant about that. Why do it as a precaution if it’s really unnecessary.
    Still, the vet sounds like a great place. The extra entrance is fantastic!!
    Hugs, I hope you’re ok

    • Purrkins

      Thanks Tina,
      Yep it was the BEST NEWS & needed NEWS!
      Usual at MSU for all animals and they will not budge on this we have tried every visit we try!
      This visit was to be LESS SEDATION GRRR Makes me so furious ! 🤬

      Purrkins did not need sedated for his leg X-ray at the regular traditional vet.

      It is MSU policy. I even asked if I could go back and NO! NO WIGGLE ROOM!

      Purrkins will allow you or them to do anything to him, it is very frustrating a teaching hospital not willing to learn! I could not agree more with you!! This has been a ongoing battle I cannot win there! It is completely unnecessary on Purrkins. It’s the University and the only Oncologist in our area. We have talked about going to the Detroit area 1 1/2 – 2 hour drive and seeing Oncology there that might be what we will have to do?

      We can have the traditional Vet do lung x-rays and ultrasound and then we have to take the chance on them being as skilled? I cant see any difference for the Xray but I can on ultrasound the tech makes the difference. We will figure a way around this sedation it’s crazy!

      Hugs right back to you & our Angel Manni because he is in your heart! All of our hearts❣️ I’m sending some of Purrkins Purrs & rubs to you 😘

  • krun15

    In almost any other circumstances it is not a word we would want associated with us. But when you hop down the cancer path it is one of the best words ever!!!
    So happy for all the good stuff from the checkup- NOTHING to worry about… how cool is that?
    Karen and the Spirit Pug Girls

    • Purrkins

      Thanks Karen
      Isn’t that the truth! 😁 We will take UNREMARKABLE everyday!
      Nothing to worry about is really cool if I could do it! One I have to work on 😉!!!
      A huge weight has been lifted again & we could not be more grateful!

  • Jet

    Great news! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • jerry

    FINALLY had a chance to read the details about your pawesome check up, but you have all been on my mind regardless. I’m SO hoppy you got past this big hurdle! What a relief to know that it’s a long time before you need to go back (and advocate for no sedation! good for you!). We send all our love to the pride for many, many hoppy times in the coming year and way beyond. Holly, you prove that being such a conscientious pet parent pays off big time!

    • Purrkins

      We are planning on many hoppy years & years to come;)
      Thanks that means a lot! We do everything we can to give them both the best life we can. They have it better then we do & thats not a complaint;)
      NO SEDATION – our traditional Vet said he would do them without sedating Purrkins. He has a lot of MSU oncology patients with the same complaints & go around them. Thats what we will do.
      Thanks Rene, Jim & Wyatt

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